Dabbler vs Entrepreneur Plan

I’ve been asked to elaborate on the differences between the Dabbler and Entrepreneur Plan.

I’ll elaborate on the content of our Features Guide (Start Here!)


Entrepreneur has the Marm-Meter. It’s the next level in our quest to help you get found on Etsy. It’s a right-brain friendly green, yellow, and red system of measuring three important criteria of keywords.

Those criteria are Engagement, Competition, and Category Page.

Game changer? We’ll let you be the judge of that 😉

Read more on it here https://wp.me/p69J5y-88

Dabbler plan does not 🙁

Limit to 42, 100, 500 Results

Entrepreneur plan can limit the listings analyzed to the top 42 (1st page of results), 100, or 500 (12 pages of results). The benefit here is to see what’s working at different levels of relevancy. For example, I would choose 42 if I want to drill into what is working specifically for being on the first page. I would choose 500 if I want to cast a wide net and analyze a large set of listings for that search.

Dabbler plan only has the option of 100 listings.


Entrepreneur plan can filter on Shop, Material, and Category of the listings. Shop filtering allows you to filter out all results except for your shop’s listings, filter out your shops listings, or see both your shop and others. You would filter out your shop to analyze listings without yours skewing the numbers. You would filter out other shops to see analysis of only your listings (including an easy way to check your listings’ ranking).

Dabbler can filter on Material and Category only.

Other Ideas

Entrepreneur plan benefits from keyword suggestions from Bing search engine. When you perform a search in Marmalead, you’ll see a column to the right full of search suggestions from Bing. These are keywords being actively searched by potential buyers around the world. This is a great source of inspiration.

Dabbler plan does not have this benefit.

Listings and Tag Rank

Entrepreneur plan has the powerful benefit of seeing the Etsy search ranking and page for each listing, and the average ranking of each tag used. This is essential for fully optimizing your listings to rank on top. This is also the fastest way to check up on the relevancy of your listings.

Dabbler plan does not have this benefit.

Keyword Comparison

Entrepreneur plan has the Keyword Comparison tool that compares up to four keywords side-by-side. You won’t have to remember key metrics for each search run individually, you can compare them at the same time. I recommend using this comparison to identify a handful of keywords that you’ll drill down on using the full search screen.

Dabbler plan does not have this benefit.

Keyword Tracking

Entrepreneur plan has the Keyword Tracking tool that tracks keyword performance over time. For example, track “Silver Starfish Necklace” to watch its key metrics and make sure you’re staying ahead of the trend whether it’s becoming more or less viable of a market for you. Keyword Tracking allows you to see a rolling year of trending.

Dabbler plan does not have this benefit.

Trending Tags

Entrepreneur plan has the trending tags page, which displays the most popular tags from Etsy’s Trending Items. As potential buyers see the Trending Items, they’ll naturally search for more like them. Make sure your listings have a chance to be found too.

Dabbler plan does not have this benefit.


Above all it’s a serious tool for serious sellers. While there are many more reasons to choose the Entrepreneur plan, I hope that this provides more clarity. If you haven’t yet, I suggest you Upgrade and see what Entrepreneur can do for your business.