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5 Keys to Removing the Risk From Selling on Etsy

Over the years, Etsy has become a leading platform for selling vintage and handcrafted products of all types. Whether you’re thinking about joining the platform as a new seller, or you already have an established seller account, the more steps you can take to remove risk from selling on the platform, the higher your chances for the overall success of your shop.

To help you establish yourself as a leading Etsy shop, here are five essential tips to help you manage a profitable and successful Etsy storefront.

Avoid Distractions

By default most of the Internet is a distraction. When working on your Etsy shop, do your best to manage your time wisely. Focus on completing the essential tasks that improve your product, your listings, and improve overall customer satisfaction. Be aware of the time that you spend using social media. Especially if you are using it for purposes other than building your brand or promoting your products. By avoiding unnecessary distractions, you can utilize your time more wisely, so you are more successful online.

Don’t Overspend

Before spending a substantial amount of money buying materials or vintage items, do your research to ensure there is a robust market. Make sure there is sufficient demand, for the inventory you’re about to purchase. You’ll also want to be sure that you’re able to fulfill the orders in a timely fashion to help maintain top seller rankings on the platform.

As a seller, it is solely your responsibility to ensure that the inventory you buy doesn’t end up becoming a loss for your business venture.

When planning your budget, don’t forget to add the costs of keeping your Etsy shop online. Listing and listing renewal fees are pretty affordable for low-volume or smaller shops with fewer individual listings. You also have the option of investing in an upgraded seller account. The monthly price you pay will include features such as a number of free new listings, advertising credits, and a custom website that points to your private URL website.

Don’t Under-spend

As the old saying tells us, it takes money to make money. You must be willing to put some amount of cash into launching and maintaining your Etsy business. Investing in helpful tools such as Marmalead provides beneficial insights that help you to select keyword phrases and that are relevant to your niche product.

Running Promoted listings helps to ensure that your products get exposed to people searching for related tags. Awesome images and product mock-ups help to sell the sizzle and not just the steak. Colorful descriptions help to persuade buyers that your product is the very best option out of all the competing listings.

A listing that stands out because of excellent marketing is more likely to sell than a languishing listing.

Plan Ahead

Just like any other type of business people open, having a plan helps lay a blueprint for your approach. Before opening your Etsy shop, ask yourself what the three reasons are why it failed. Was the work more time-consuming than you expected? Did you not know how to price your items? Did you have trouble sourcing inventory or materials? Were you inconsistent about your marketing efforts? Did you fail to follow the best practices about listing your items? Was your product in demand? Did you provide a poor customer service experience? Did you react poorly to a negative review?

The more you understand about your approach and plan, the better. Be prepared to start or maintain your confidence and consistency. There are thousands of factors that come into play, so the closer you can follow your plan, the better.

Like any business, it could take time and even extra money to turn it profitable. Etsy is an established platform, so the venture shouldn’t be considered a get rich scheme. However, it can prove reasonably lucrative if you’re willing to work. It can provide and deliver potential customers the products they want, need, and crave!

The more prepared you are for the rigors of running an Etsy business, the better your chances for success.

Re-frame Failure

The one lesson to take is not to quit when you fail. Any shortcomings should get treated as an opportunity to grow. There has never been a straight line to success. Instead of throwing in the towel, take a moment to step back from yourself and assess the situation as an unbiased third-party. Challenge yourself to find creative solutions to obstacles instead of letting them engulf you in fear and negativity, and approach each challenge using a level head to determine your next smart business move.

As an Etsy seller, you have the chance to turn your handmade items or vintage goods into extra cash, which is always helpful.


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