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Etsy Products for Valentine’s Day | A Marketing How-to Guide

It’s never too early to start thinking about one of the biggest holidays for Etsy. And marketing your Etsy products for Valentine’s Day isn’t as tough as you might think.

The good news is that getting ahead this February 14th is relatively simple to do! With a little love-themed branding and a bit of planning, your Etsy shop will be ready for loved ones searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • Why Valentine’s Day is a great holiday for your brand
  • How to market your Etsy products for Valentine’s Day
  • Which products to push for this love-themed holiday. 

Let’s get started!

Etsy products for Valentine's Day marketing

Why you should market your Etsy products for Valentine’s Day

Whether you see it as a heartfelt occasion or a Hallmark conspiracy, there’s no arguing that Valentine’s Day is a gift-giving holiday that nearly all brands can get involved with. And if you want to market your Etsy products for Valentine’s Day, it’s not too unlike marketing your products for any other holiday. But, there are of course a few specifics to really get value out of your promotion. 

Etsy products for Valentine's Day adding a pop of red

Let’s take a closer look at Valentine’s Day marketing for your Etsy store:

Promote relevant Etsy products for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s gifts are tricky, as they usually come in two categories:

  • Love-themed gifts
  • Not love-themed gifts

Now, that sounds like ALL gifts can be Valentine’s Day presents. And while that’s not untrue (ask me about that time I bought my wife a new lawnmower for Valentine’s Day…) what we mean is that Valentine’s gifts are often romantically inclined OR they’re similar to a birthday gift; something that you know your Valentine specifically wants. 

To make the most of this, it pays to promote any products that promote romance, anniversaries, or the general feeling of love. 

Struggling to find products that are associated with love and romance? Well, it doesn’t hurt to stretch a little! Search your inventory for products and variants that are pink, rose, love-heart shaped, or are sold in pairs. Use some of the other tactics in this article to take your slightly Valentine-themed products to your Etsy audience!

Get sweet with your copy

You can add a little Valentine’s Day sweetness to your products by updating the titles and descriptions of your Etsy listings. Explain how your product makes the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for those that don’t know what to buy. 

1. Is it an ideal gift because it’s affordable, or is it an ideal gift because it’s romantic? 

2. How does your product show the gift receiver that the gift giver considers them special and that they’re deeply loved? 

Answer these questions in your product description and any other channels you promote your products during your Valentine’s Day campaign. 

Bonus tip: Work your keyword research into your Valentine’s Day-themed copy. 

Etsy products for Valentine's Day chocolate covered strawberries

Using the right tags on Etsy products for Valentine’s Day

Updating titles and descriptions to mention Valentine’s Day is important, but don’t forget your tags, either. A lot of people don’t have any ideas for an ideal Valentine’s Day gift, and will therefore search Etsy trying to find one. By having tags, titles, and descriptions all updated, you’ll be in a prime position to get their eyes on your product. 

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Always mention your delivery dates

When your customer buys a product from you, it is in part, your responsibility, that on the evening of February 14th, your customer can give your product to their loved one as a gift. Therefore, bringing extra attention to your turn-around and delivery times is of the utmost importance. Update your times in the relevant parts of your Etsy store, but also mention the expected times in your product listing. Also, be sure to promote the relevant products well ahead of the last possible day to order them. If your picture frames take a week to make and then a week to send, there’s no point starting your Valentine’s Day campaign at the start of February.

Etsy products for Valentine's Day shipping

Double down on your social media

Reds, pinks, hearts, flowers, and cherubs are all visual cues we associate with February 14th. Create Social Media posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest that show off your products, but also have those elements in them. Holiday-themed social posts that involve your products are a great way to draw social media followers to your Etsy store. 

Drive Urgency

Time-based sales are a great way to leverage FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. With some creativity, you can combine FOMO and emotion to get more eyes on your products, and potentially sales. Do this by using clever phrases to convince your shoppers to take action now:

  • “Last chance for romance”
  • “Don’t miss this Cupid’s arrow”
  • “You can’t hurry love or a good gift”

Update default photos

When a searcher comes across your Etsy listing, what encourages them to click on your product? The title and the image. 

We’ve already discussed updating your titles and copy to reflect Valentine’s Day promotions, but you can market Etsy products for Valentine’s day more effectively by also updating your imagery. There’s no need to create new photos from scratch, but simply add a few love hearts, a cherub, or something similar to attract some extra attention. This way, you’ll not only show searchers that you’ve got a promotion on, but that your product also makes a great Valentine’s Day gift. 


Consider holding a ‘cute couple’ Valentine’s Day competition. Instagram stories and the ability to hold a vote make it a fantastic medium for such a competition. Tell participants to get their friends to follow your account. Then have them ask their friends to vote for them as the cutest couple. You’ll get more followers, more engagement, and a happy winner at the end!

Conclusion: Marketing Etsy products for Valentine’s Day

Our handful of tips mentioned above will help you market your Etsy products for Valentine’s Day. As you can see, maximizing this holiday isn’t that unlike Christmas or Thanksgiving. But it does require a little fine-tuning (and planning) for the specific occasion.

Go try out some of these tips in the lead-up to February 14th, and try using them to promote your Etsy store throughout the rest of the year! Once you have your store set up to market your Etsy products for Valentine’s Day, let us know what you’re selling in the comments below!

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