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Most Popular Entertainment Keywords on Etsy in 2021

Using the right keywords in your Etsy shop is vital to get the growth and success you deserve. But the right keywords don’t just pop into your listings from thin air, it takes time and research. That’s exactly why we did the research (so you didn’t have to) and pulled some of the most popular entertainment keywords on Etsy in 2021. Here they are!

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Recently, we published a comprehensive article on some of the most popular keywords on Etsy in 2021. The idea was to help you, the savvy eCommerce entrepreneur, get an idea of popular topics, themes, and niches on Etsy to help you further grow your brand. But there were a few categories that had more than just a couple popular keywords.

Of our full list, we started to see multiple keywords related to pop culture, celebrities, musicians, and the like. So we broke this into its own category of ‘entertainment’ keywords.

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So let’s take a closer look at the entertainment category.

What are ‘entertainment’ keywords on Etsy?

Entertainment is a comprehensive category on Etsy. Ranging from products with pop stars’ faces to genuine movie memorabilia. It’s diverse. 

Arguably, the only real entertainment that one can buy on Etsy is books or unique games. But the most popular keywords in this category revolve around a fictional character or universe.

How to use these entertainment keywords on Etsy

The keywords in this list are popular in the sense that a lot of people search for them. 

But if you take any of these keywords and type them into Etsy as is, you’ll be overwhelmed with search results. 

Therefore it’s vital that you use the keywords below to indicate themes, topics, and categories to further explore, based on the promise that they already have a good amount of search volume. 

From here, you should find ways to niche down in an area that suits you – more ideas on that later.

Here Are the Most Popular Entertainment Keywords on Etsy

Before we go on, we’ve flagged several of these keywords as potential copyright headaches for your Etsy shop. Just look for the asterisk* to know that a keyword has been flagged. While it’s true that these flagged keywords are extremely popular in Etsy search, they may be more trouble than they’re worth if you’re caught with a copyright claim against your shop. We’re not lawyers though, so don’t take this as legal advice.

Animal crossing*

The most popular game on Nintendo Switch lately has created a huge demand for artwork, memorabilia, and other branded goods. 


No surprise that the most popular cartoon form has generated demand for some super kawaii merch on Etsy (spoiler alert: if you don’t know what kawaii is, it’s also on this list)!


A throwback to the 1980’s film, but also fan-art and Beetlejuice-themed products. We were a little surprised by this keyword. We’ve taken inspiration from Alec Baldwin before, but there isn’t a remake for Beetlejuice planned that we don’t know about, is there?


One of the most popular k-pop bands with products that you’d expect the typical star-struck teenage girl to be in love with. So popular, they have their own McDonalds menu item. Sigh…


Easy to see why this is popular, but unless it’s genuine memorabilia, don’t use this keyword, or you’ll likely be in breach of copyright. Trust us, Disney is no stranger to copyright law and we hear they have big money and expensive law firms.

Disney ears*

As above – play it safe with ‘Disney-inspired’ ears or something similar. 

Dnd dice*

One of the most popular tabletop games of all time is still popular, and aftermarket dice that enhance the experience are in demand. 

Harry Potter*

Everybody’s favorite wizard is popular on Etsy – whether it’s the house you’re loyal to, signed books, or movie memorabilia, Harry Potter is very popular on Etsy. 

Harry Styles

The British X-factor heartthrob is popular on Etsy, generating demand with pillows, greeting cards, and other merch featuring his lyrics. 


Another way of saying ‘cute,’ this keyword brings on anime products in nature, involving animals and other Japanese or Korean pop-culture items. 

Mickey ears*

As per the previously mentioned ‘Disney Ears.’ 


Pikachu and his ever-growing list of fantasy animals are popular on Etsy. Think Pokemon Go, as well as products aimed at the big kid. 

Star Wars*

This keyword will quickly set off copyright alarms, as it’s now part of the Disney Realm. Again, consider Star Wars ‘inspired’ products if it’s not genuine memorabilia. 

Tarot cards

Interestingly, this search doesn’t return as much about the cards as it does information about other products, like decor and clothing, featuring the images or different artistic interpretations of classic tarot card artwork. 

Tarot deck

This keyword is more specific to the deck of Tarot cards. 

Taylor Swift

Harry Styles in female form. 

So there you have it. There are some of the most popular entertainment keywords on Etsy in 2021. So, how can you use this list of keywords to your advantage? If you’re looking for a niche to expand your shop to, you may have just found it. But before you slap the most popular keywords on your listings, let’s take a look at some long tail alternatives that should perform even better for you.

Long tail entertainment keywords on Etsy

The above list, as mentioned, is full of popular entertainment keywords on Etsy. 

But making listings rank for these broad keywords is going to be an uphill battle – you’ll find more success by niching down. 

To help you do just that, we’ve thrown together ideas to help you take the keywords mentioned above and find a niche-specific to them to dominate. This list is small but gets right to the point. You can use the popular keywords above, but with an added long tail variation. Use the ideas below to help you brainstorm long tail alternatives for your own keywords. 

Items based on popular culture:

  • anime mask
  • dnd dice mold
  • dnd dice box
  • kawaii enamel pin
  • vintage tarot cards
  • tarot card box
  • mini tarot deck


People will always need to be entertained. When they fall in love with a story, character, or universe, they’ll want to own a piece of it for themselves.

With its reputation of being low volume and high quality, Etsy is a marketplace that’s often looked at as a way to find such products. Go and use these above keywords to find ways to create a product that engages people in this capacity.

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