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Most Popular Fashion Keywords on Etsy in 2021

Recently, we published a comprehensive article on the most popular keywords on Etsy so far in 2021. Many of our readers and users have expressed an interest to know more about popular fashion keywords on Etsy since that’s where they already operate. 

So, we sat down with the Marmalead tools and did some more general research in this industry. We managed to find several keywords that have a high search volume and are going to showcase them in this blog. But before you race out and start selling ‘masks’ on Etsy, it’s essential to understand some keyword fundamentals.

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The keywords in the following list have high search volume because they’re very generic. In the same way that many people search Google for ‘weather.’ To make the most of these keywords, it’s essential that you use them correctly. To do that, use them to make decisions about niching down in a category and sell a more specific product, rather than a very general one – more on that later.

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So, what is fashion?

Defining ‘fashion’ keywords on Etsy

Fashion, at the best of times, is a hard category to describe. 

It encompasses all types of clothing, first and foremost. Clothing for men, women, kids, toddlers, fancy dress, formal wear, casual clothing – it all falls under the category of fashion on Etsy.  

But also included in the fashion category are subcategories like socks, bags, masks, lingerie, and other accessories. It’s also worth noting that Etsy also seems to list customizable phone cases, camera straps, gift sets, pencil cases, and other accessories in the fashion category as well. 

Remember this when listing your items, as depending on the search topic, Etsy may list your products next to some irrelevant competition due to the fact that these keywords are so generic and broad.

How to use these fashion keywords on Etsy

In the following list, you’ll see that ‘masks’ is a popular keyword. Given the fact that the world is amid a global pandemic, it’s easy to see why masks are a popular and trending product. 

However, if you try and start selling masks on Etsy, well, you’ll be up against some stiff competition. That’s because it’s a keyword that’s popular but also very competitive. 

You’ll have much more success by taking the keyword ‘masks’ and niching down. In other words, become an expert in selling a particular type of mask to one specific type of customer. For example, masks for kids, masks with filters, minimalist masks, or so on. 

It’s this approach that helps you become a master of a specific type of product so that when customers do search for your keyword, you’re at the very top. After dominating one niche, it’s much easier to then branch out into other niches.

Most Popular Fashion Keywords on Etsy

Here are your popular fashion keywords on Etsy!


An elegant form of lingerie that helps change body shapes. 

Niche down by selling ones that are handmade or made from a specific material. 

Croc charms

Yes, charms and decorations for your crocs are a very popular keyword. Niche down by selling charms in specific themes – brand logos, cartoon characters, phrases, and so on. 

Face mask

As seen earlier, face masks are a popular fashion keyword on Etsy. Dominate this niche by selling masks with a specific feature. Triple-layered, with nose wire, in bulk, for glasses. 

Take note of the following warning that’s above any listing with ‘mask’ in the title. 

Iron on patch

Iron on patches aren’t just for bikers. A simple search will show you that there are many revolve around music, artwork, star signs, and more. 

They are used a lot for individuals to customize what’d otherwise be a generic piece of clothing. 

Kanchipuram pure silk saree

A traditional central/southeast Asian scarf that has intricate designs and is made of very high-quality materials. 


Self-explanatory. Niche down by selling leather lingerie, vintage, fetish, wireless, or latex. 

Louis Vuitton

A search for the popular brand, but take note of copyright infringement


It’s important to note that there’s a big difference between face masks used for COVID and ‘masks’. 

The difference is that the generic search for masks also includes cosplay costumes, masquerade masks, and just about any other type of face covering that’s not used for medical/pandemic purposes. 

Long-tail Fashion Keywords on Etsy

All of the above keywords have been expanded to give you a few more ideas about how to niche down on the specific concept. 

The following are some more suggestions, just to get your creative juices flowing. 

  • antique corset
  • silk face mask
  • vintage iron-on patch
  • lingerie costume
  • masquerade masks women

Remember, these are not keywords with high search volume, but rather ideas on how you can further niche down in a specific category with keywords that have high search volumes. 

Over to you

Etsy has always been a popular marketplace for fashion, both new, used, and vintage. It’s growing in popularity after allowing Print on Demand shirts and other mass-produced items to be listed, but it’s just as popular as ever. 

The fashion category provides a wealth of potential profit. But tapping into that profit stream requires a good keyword strategy and planning that’s just as effective.

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