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Most Popular Home Decor Keywords on Etsy in 2021

Marmalead is a pretty powerful tool for finding out the ‘nitty gritty’ of Etsy keywords. So we recently spent some time looking at the bigger picture and pulled out some of the most popular keywords on Etsy in 2021. And while the first list focused mostly on holidays and gift-giving, we noticed there were a few specific categories that had loads of popular keywords as well. This next list focuses on some of the most popular keywords on Etsy for ‘Home Decor.’

So, like all good Etsy sellers, we niched down even more and took a closer look at the most popular home decor keywords on Etsy in 2021

Editor’s Note: We recently published an updated list of the top 500 Etsy keywords from 2021. Gain access to this updated list through the link below!

Marmalead’s list of the 500 most popular Etsy keywords from 2021 is an eye-opening look into the habits of Etsy shoppers everywhere.

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What is ‘home decor’ on Etsy?

Home decor, or home decoration, is best explained as products that add an aesthetic appeal to your home. Included in this category can be art, ornaments, decorations, and the like. 

Home decor is popular on Etsy, as Etsy is a great marketplace to find unique, one-of-a-kind products – the kind of products that make the inside of a house feel a little more special. 

Therefore, savvy Etsy sellers can find a niche in the home decor category and, with some good research and execution, really start to make some money. 

How to use home decor keywords on Etsy

The keywords in this list are popular in the sense that a lot of people search for them. 

That being said, some of them (if not all) are pretty competitive. Take, for example, ‘wall art.’ Type that keyword into Etsy yourself, and you’ll be overwhelmed with search results. 

Marmalead puts ‘wall art’ at over 50,000 in competition. No surprise there!

But, these keywords are an indicator of a potential niche that you can specialize in. You just have to dig a little deeper. The fact that the keyword ‘candles’ is on this list doesn’t mean that you’ll make millions selling candles. It simply means that candles are popular on Etsy and that you should do your research and find another way to niche down in that category. Goats are in right now – could you make millions selling goat milk candles?? Probably not since the demand for this product is low, but you get the idea!

Most Popular Home Decor Keywords on Etsy

Here they are: 

Art prints

Selling printed art on Etsy is an easy way for graphic designers or anyone with a knack for art to generate a little income. Combine this with the fact that Print on Demand sellers can now sell on Etsy, and it’s easy to see how to make this a profitable niche. 


A very, very broad keyword. For this, it’s important to niche down and focus on a specific type of candle.


Think of Bilbo Baggins’ house but less claustrophobic. Rolling green hills in the English countryside in summer, colorful flowers and green grass with a slight hint of ‘living off the land.’ 

Home decor

Another very broad term – will only be beneficial if you can niche down and find relevant long-tail keywords. 

Peel and stick wallpaper

Quite self-explanatory. People want to makeover their rooms without the drama of painting walls or dealing with traditional wallpaper. 


Lockdown was hard on all of us, and many of us turned to plants for company. A planter is a type of pot to grow plants in. 


As above, remember to be specific with the plants you’re selling, and consider the problems that arise when trying to send large exotic plants from coast to coast. 


Rugs, carpets, flags, and so forth with unique designs. Often spiritual in themes. 

Wall art

This is hard to define, as it might be an original piece of artwork, a print, a replica, or something similar. 

Wall decor

As above, but can also include types of shelving, busts, sculptures, or other 3D artwork that lives on a wall. 


Etsy has long been the go-to site to find something unique – wallpaper is no exception. Think wallpaper for kids, video games, gothic, dark – anything you can’t get at Home Depot

Now, let’s talk long tail alternatives for these home decor keywords on Etsy

You’ve just seen some of the most popular home decor keywords on Etsy. 

But as you’ve also seen, your most straightforward way to leverage these popular searches is to niche down. We’ve put together a list of some long tail keyword ideas to help inspire you, and no, none of them are goat-related.

Note: The list below isn’t popular keywords but rather examples of using the above popular keywords and focusing specifically on a particular niche. 

  • herb prints
  • literary prints
  • candle making kit
  • candle wedding favor
  • cottagecore decor
  • banana leaf wallpaper
  • botanical wallpaper
  • skull planter
  • aquarium plants
  • live house plants
  • UV tapestry
  • driftwood wall art
  • bike wall decor


Many of us spent lockdown – surprise surprise – at home. This leads to more free time, but also more boredom. It’s not surprising that there’s been a surge in search volume for home decor-related terms because of lockdown and the boredom/frustration that may have come with it. 

While the world is slowly returning to “normal,” you can’t argue that the home decor niche is still prevalent. People will always be making over their houses, and when they want something unique, many will turn to Etsy. 

It’s up to you, the savvy Etsy seller, to use the above list of most popular home decor keywords on Etsy and be the first product they see when they do that search.

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