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June 23, 2021

Rise and shine! Last month, Etsy asked sellers to take action against the INFORM Consumers Act which would require online marketplaces like Etsy to display seller’s personal information on product listing pages. Well, Etsy sellers spoke and Congress listened. 
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Etsy Stock Climbing

Sentiment for Etsy stock remains bullish. Up $7.19 since previous close, take a closer look at the key stats. And here’s what Andres Cardenal from Seeking Alpha has to say:
  • Etsy is broadly seen as a “stay at home stock”, but this perspective is too short-sighted.
  • The company has emerged from the pandemic stronger than ever, and this has permanent implications going forward.
  • Growth is accelerating in spite of challenging year-over-year comparisons.
  • The business model is remarkably attractive and management is executing at a high level.
  • Vigorous revenue growth in combination with expanding profit margins should drive attractive returns for investors in Etsy over the long term.

Etsy on the INFORM Consumers Act

“Will you join us in asking your senators to stop an unvetted INFORM Act from passing in the 11th hour?” asked Etsy to its seller community back in May. “With pleasure!” the collective seller community figuratively cried out in response.

In fact, “over 22,500 sellers from across the United States” took action according to Etsy in a recent email update. “Thanks to the collective action of the seller community and Etsy’s Advocacy team, we’re excited to share that the amendment was removed from the final legislation—a big victory in protecting seller privacy rights!”

The INFROM Consumers Act proposed to congress back in March of 2020 would “require marketplaces like Etsy to collect, verify, and display seller’s personal information (like your home address and phone number) on product listing pages” states
Etsy Advocacy.

However, after Etsy’s call for action from the seller community, policymakers took action of their own. Etsy attributes the “personal stories shared by the community” as motivation for the removal of the amendment. Etsy is “grateful that so many in the community are ready to use their voices to inspire change” and will “continue to work with the sponsors of this legislation and others so that your privacy rights are protected.”

Most Popular Keywords on Etsy in 2021 (so far)

If you’re selling on Etsy, you know first-hand the importance of using keywords that get results. And knowing the importance of keywords ourselves, we decided to use our own tool and research to help innovative Etsy sellers find a new niche. So, we sat down and scoured hundreds of thousands of keyword searches on Etsy using the Marmalead app. And we pulled out some of the most popular keywords on Etsy in 2021 and put this list together to inspire you!

The Jam – 12 Tips to Land MORE Sales on Etsy

Put that coffee down, and let’s talk about something important. If you want to land more sales on Etsy, the first rule of business is as simple as ABC. Always. Be. Closing. In the most recent episode of the Jam, we tapped into the cutthroat business of sales with a little inspiration from Alec Baldwin.

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Two Weddings in One??

The 2021 wedding season is seriously busy. According to a study by The Knot, nearly half of all weddings in 2020 rescheduled their entire wedding to 2021. And while some went ahead with legally marrying, they’re still planning to save the reception for a later date. So, it’s no wonder that wedding related keywords are some of the most popular keywords in 2021 right now!

If you sell wedding products in your Etsy shop, have you noticed an increase in sales? With double the amount of weddings this season, we expect sellers to be pretty bust fulfilling orders for their buyer’s big day!

Tell Us a Little Something

When you’re not spending all your time working in your own Etsy shop (you know who you are), what products do you find yourself throwing money at on Etsy? Let us know what you like, and we’ll share some of the most popular responses next week!

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What’s Trending on Pinterest?

478 million people use Pinterest every month to find ideas and inspire their next purchase. And if your product listings are trending in Pinterest search, their next purchase just might be from your shop! As we make our way into summer, expect to see more outdoor trends and ways to beat the heat. With Marmalead, you can easily see which keywords are HOT and which ones are on the rise! For more on Pinterest trends, head on over to

What’s HOT 🔥

What’s hot is what’s recent! Trends continue with beads, bracelets, and crafts for kids and to make and sell.

What’s on the Rise? ☝

What’s on the rise is showing consistent growth over time! New trends seem to be emerging with crochet purses and office outfits, while clay ideas and aesthetic nails continue to trend upward.

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