Kindness Saves The Day

At Marmalead, we’re always hoping that our users will come to our blog or social media groups and find some helpful encouragement. This encouragement can take many forms. Sometimes it’s an article focused on helping you better understand our tools and finding more Etsy shop success. Sometimes it’s a dose of positivity with a blog post that might include Buddy the Basset, or maybe just a quick meme or anecdote posted to social media. Whatever it is, we always try to give you a mix between the technical information and the positivity, both of which we all need at times. 

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What Do Grades Really Mean?

Have you ever wondered why in the world your best selling listing on Etsy has a C grade in Marmalead? Or maybe why in the name of everything handmade your listing that’s never sold at all have an A grade in Marmalead?! If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, stick around because this post all about grades is just for you and will help you reach even more Etsy shop success!

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Your Top 6 Beginner Etsy SEO Questions Answered

If you’re thinking about opening a new Etsy store, or you are in the beginning stages of opening your store, it is a smart idea to educate yourself about the best practices for getting views and sales on this growing platform. To help you kickstart your new Etsy business venture, here are some of the most commonly asked beginner Etsy SEO questions.

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2020 Fearless Etsy Predictions

Not only do we have some fearless Etsy predictions for you, our podcast has gotten a facelift and we’re SUPER excited about it! Get ready for new episodes to hit your inbox bi-monthly! And if you’re not subscribed to The Jam and blog, make sure you are so you don’t miss any of it😊

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