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May 19, 2021

Rise and shine! The team here at Marmalead is excited to announce The Squeeze, a newsletter designed specifically for online entrepreneurs, just like you! Like a fresh glass of OJ, The Squeeze will be here every Wednesday to help start your morning. Pour yourself a proverbial glass to learn all about fulfilling orders, landing that sale, online marketing, and everything else you need to know to succeed in ecommerce.

Online businesses are steadily on the rise, and the growth doesn’t seem like it’ll stop any time soon. Consumers spent $861.12 billion online with U.S. merchants in 2020, up an incredible 44.0% year over year. That’s the highest annual U.S. ecommerce growth in at least two decades! It’s also nearly triple the 15.1% jump in 2019. With so many businesses moving remote and online, working (and shopping) from the comfort of your couch is now easier than ever. It’s no wonder Etsy recently reported a whopping 77% increase in buyers using their platform.
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How to Price Products on Etsy to Beat the Competition

So you’re one of the online businesses selling from the comfort of your couch? Well, getting a glimpse into your competition is no longer as easy as secret-shopping the store down the street. And let’s face it, your neighbors won’t take too kindly to someone peering through their living room window in hopes of catching a behind-the-scenes look at other Etsy workspaces… No, you need to get a leg up on the competition a different way, so let’s take a look at pricing. Yes, it pays to price your products competitively. And to do this you need to know where your competition stands.

Find out why beating the competition doesn’t necessarily mean selling your products for the cheapest amount possible.

The Jam – Now hiring in your shop!

Your competition is growing, your shop is growing, even your kids are growing (what are they even putting in Kraft Macaroni & Cheese nowadays anyways??) Alas, as your shop continues to grow, it may become a bit much to handle on your own. And while it may be true that your mom always made the best homemade mac-n-cheese, should you really hire her as an assistant? How do you even know when it’s time to start thinking about hiring an assistant and what does that process even look like? Luckily, on the most recent episode of the Jam we had a great talk with Dalia from The Handmade Mastermind all about this very subject.

Watch the Jam to learn how to hire an assistant who can do more than just add to your macaroni art collection.

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The Rise of Ecommerce in 2021 and Beyond

Consumers buying products online is nothing new, but it is the new normal. Shopify recently released the future of ecommerce report for 2021 and let’s just say, things are looking up.
While the digital age has been trending towards more online shopping, the results of the pandemic has all but solidified it. Sure, as more brick and mortar stores begin to open up, we’ll see consumers continue some of their usual shopping habits in person. That’s okay though, because online shopping is here to stay and in a BIG way.

The State of Ecommerce
Shopify has identified five key points that are shaping the future of ecommerce:

1. Ecommerce boom fuels record online competition
As more retailers flood the online scene, competition is heating up.

2. New consumer behaviors reshape future of retail
Products like groceries and home essentials, rarely purchased online before, are now shaping up to become the new norm.

3. Fulfillment emerges as competitive differentiator
How you deliver your product and the customer experience is what sets you apart.

4. Brand building challenged by marketplace dominance
Your brand is your everything. Buyers should be immersed in the experience of your shop.

5. Retention becomes a top priority as acquisition costs
Your current customers are your best customers. Keep them coming back.

What’s Trending on Pinterest?

Did you know that more than 459 million people use Pinterest to find tomorrow’s ideas? And if it’s trending on Pinterest you can bet it’s selling on Etsy. As we make our way into summer, expect to see more outdoor trends and ways to beat the heat. With Marmalead, you can easily see which keywords are HOT and which ones are on the rise! For more on Pinterest trends, head on over to marmalead.com/app.

What’s HOT 🔥

What’s hot is what’s recent! You can see a trend emerging here in summer clothing & hairstyle/accessories, cement crafts & outdoor planters, and summer nails & acrylics.

What’s on the Rise? ☝

What’s on the rise is showing consistent growth over time! You can see a trend here in rings & jewelry, along with clay & ceramics.

Real Marmalead Success Stories

Marmalead makes real tools for real entrepreneurs living out real dreams. That’s why we’re committed to providing only the very best in Etsy SEO. Everything in Marmalead is painstakingly tested to be useful or we don’t release it. But don’t take our word for it… hear from one of our 110,485 Marmapreneurs!

“Thanks to Marmalead’s great SEO and tags suggestions I have made more money in this past three months than I did last year. Happy Dance!”

-Bethany, Marmapreneur
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The Proof in Etsy’s Pudding

We keep talking about the rise of Ecommerce, but the proof is in the pudding. Every quarter, Etsy gives us a glimpse behind the scenes with their earnings reports, typically geared towards investors. We recently covered Etsy’s year end report for 2020 where they boasted an unsurprising spike of 77% more buyers using the platform in 2020 compared to 2019. Well, the Q1 earnings report for 2021 shows that things aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Within the first quarter there are 16 million new and reactivated buyers shopping on Etsy. That’s a 113% increase year over year! What’s even better, is there’s an over 200% increase in the number of habitual buyers shopping on Etsy. Which means more and more buyer keep coming back to the platform. So, how are you encouraging buyers to return to your shop?

The Art & Mastery of Instagram

Instagram’s a fine art that pays to master. If you want to drive more traffic to your shop, close your eyes, take a deep breath and be one with the Gram.
Your Sensei? Dave DeNard from AddToCart. With Dave’s workshop in Instagram Mastery, he’ll take you step by step through his strategies to drive more traffic to your shop and produce a higher income, more data, and more followers!

Reader Poll

Online businesses are on the rise and we hope yours is too! With the industry pointing towards continuous growth in 2021, we’d like to know what you’re seeing in your own shop year over year. Are your orders up or down? Take the poll then tune-in to The Squeeze next week to see how our readers responded.
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