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May 26, 2021

Rise and shine! Memorial Day is Monday, which means big summer blowouts! And while big box stores will be boasting their doorbusters leading up through Monday (try saying that 5-times fast), small online businesses like yours can take advantage of holiday discounts all week long. If you’re not sure how to implement sales in your shop, take a look at this Memorial Day sales roundup to help get your gears turning.
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What’s up & what’s down

Etsy stock took a hit when company leadership admitted it expects growth to slow following the peak during the pandemic, but it’s trajectory continues to make it a compelling stock.

With summer comes a new shop checklist

We’re fully embracing summer and looking forward to hotter days, and possibly a summer vacation 😎 But before vacation can begin, you’ve got some housekeeping to take care of in your shop! With our shop checklist for June, it’ll get you thinking ahead and help with implementing changes in your shop that reflect the change of the season.

A Crash Course to Etsy Taxes & Accounting

If you’re a new shop that’s been following our Etsy 101 series, then we bet you’re well on your way to success by now. And since your shop is well underway, we thought we’d hit you with the reality of taxes 👊 We know, fun. But a 101 series wouldn’t be complete without covering Etsy taxes and accounting. It’s an important business task to get right, but not everyone’s favorite topic for sure. Relax though, we’re not going too deep on these.

The Jam – Copying Etsy tags & titles gone wrong

If you’re looking for a shortcut and think it may be a good idea to steal your competitors tags and titles… think again! Yes, it might seem like you’re working smarter not harder, but you’re only digging yourself into a hole. Save yourself some pain, and check out or newest episode of the Jam! 

The Perfect Gift for Dad

Etsy shared it’s Editor’s Picks for the best gifts for dad this Father’s Day, did any of your products make the cut? From custom blankets with a personalized note, to all the rugged leather gear you could ever ask for, dads are sure to be in for a treat this year! With less than a month until Father’s Day, orders for dad should be winding down in your shop, but don’t forget about the dads in your life! If you’ve been too buried in your Father’s Day delivery orders to pickup your own gift for dad, here’s some last-minute ideas you can whip up with the kids.

Succeed on Etsy with Marmalead

Need help getting your products found on Etsy? Check out our FREE on-demand webinar to learn how.

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Take the plunge, take the poll

Recently on the Jam, we shared some important things you should consider before taking the plunge to Etsy full-time. It’s exciting (and a little nerve wracking), and it can be such a rewarding experience! So if you’ve recently taken the plunge, we’d love to hear from you! Tell us how it’s working out, the good and the bad (but we hope it’s mostly all good). If you’re still on the fence, you might be asking yourself “when is the right time to start a small business?” The answer will be a little different for everyone and that’s okay.

What’s Trending on Pinterest?

478 million people use Pinterest every month to find ideas and inspire their next purchase. And if your product listings are trending in Pinterest search, their next purchase just might be from your shop! As we make our way into summer, expect to see more outdoor trends and ways to beat the heat. With Marmalead, you can easily see which keywords are HOT and which ones are on the rise! For more on Pinterest trends, head on over to marmalead.com/app.

What’s HOT 🔥

What’s hot is what’s recent! You can see a trend continuing in cement crafts and outdoor planters, along with bags, summer nails, and hair scarfs.

What’s on the Rise? ☝

What’s on the rise is showing consistent growth over time! You can see trends continue to rise with clay, jewelry, and prom shoes.

Gaze into Pinterest’s Crystal Ball

If we had a crystal ball, we wouldn’t use it to ruin Hill Valley like Biff from Back to the Future Part II… Nope! Instead, we might use it to find out the ideas of tomorrow… for profit. And that’s not like Biff at all! Pinterest boasts that 8 out of 10 of their predictions came true in 2020. So if their predictions for 2021 are just as close, there’s a good chance you could start to see some of these predictions trend over into current fashion, weddings, handmade products, and more!

Real Marmalead Success Stories

Marmalead makes real tools for real entrepreneurs living out real dreams. That’s why we’re committed to providing only the very best in Etsy SEO. Everything in Marmalead is painstakingly tested to be useful or we don’t release it. But don’t take our word for it… hear from one of our 110,485 Marmapreneurs!

“I improved my Etsy shop fitness from a C- to A- since April using your tools. Lots of methodical tweaking pays off! I’m steadily improving as I get more optimized. Your site/info/videos ROCK! Thanks for such a wonderful and useful resource!!”

-Kelly, Marmapreneur
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