April 2018 free Desktop Calendar

April’s free Desktop Calendar

Our April 2018 free desktop calendar for Etsy sellers is available for download! This month we’d like to remind you, our amazing small business creatives, crafters, and makers, that Mother’s Day is coming up. April 13th is highlighted on your free printable calendar for Etsy sellers as you will have one month from that date until Mother’s Day:) Mother’s Day is May 13th, 2018 and as you know this is a huge time of year for selling on Etsy when shoppers are looking for Mother’s Day gifts and items to show their mom how much they love them. Do you sell Mother’s Day gift ideas? At least by April 13th, make sure you make the changes needed to your Etsy shop listings to take advantage of the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday!

Mother’s Day Shop Updates

What do we mean by changes to your Etsy shop to prep for Mother’s Day sales and orders? Well, there are many things that you can do to ensure that the Etsy algorithm picks up your items and shows them to shoppers looking for Mother’s Day gifts. It can take up to a month for any changes in your shop to be implemented into Etsy’s system, so this is why we suggest starting at least a month in advance to make changes to your shop. If you make your changes on May 1st, you will probably miss out on Mother’s Day shoppers on Etsy.
For exmaple, if you sell jewelry on Etsy that would be perfect for a mom, you could update a product listing title with phrases like “Mother’s Day Gift,” “Necklace for Mom.” When you update your title listings in Etsy, make sure that you are also updating your tags.
For help on how to update your titles on Etsy and make sure that you are using the exact phrases that shoppers use on Etsy, be sure to check out the keyword brainstorming tools inside of Marmalead. You can also read these blog posts on Exactly How to Title Your Products on Etsy or Are You Making This Mistake In Your Titles.

A few tips

We found this great article on 2018 Mother’s Day shopping trends from Etsy that we think is a fantastic read. Also, remember that Marmalead has Popular Shopper Searches on Etsy that’s perfect for helping you with preparing your shop for the upcoming holiday. If you’re feeling stumped on keywords and don’t know where to start, as always, our Etsy keyword generator, aka Marmalead’s Storm Tool, is here for ya!!

Keepin’ it personal

One of the reasons buyers come to Etsy is because it’s a unique and personal buying experience. They’re not looking for the large cooperate feeling you find in many large stores. They are shopping for one of the most important women in their life and you have the opportunity to help make their gift the best gift yet!

Now is the time to amp up your packaging! Been considering making it more personal and unique? Do it! Adding a personal note if you have the time is a great idea. Also, doing something as small as tying a package with a beautiful ribbon can really communicate just how much you value the experience your customers are searching for.

Just wondering…

Have some dates you’d like to see highlighted on May’s free desktop calendar? We’d love to make sure we highlight those for you to make them even easier to remember! If you have thoughts on this, please leave a comment on this post or if you just want to tell us how much you love the newest calendar, please do!

We hope you have a wonderful April! Happy selling!

The Marmalead Team

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