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Hello I am interested in your tool, but wondering if the data’s are available in French languages?

Thanks for reaching out! Marmalead is most optimized for use in English. That’s because the Etsy API that we use to communicate and fetch data from Etsy is only available in English. Marmalead might still be a fit for you, but keep in mind that data would not be offered per location and language. What you’re seeing in Marmalead is worldwide data and is exclusive to the English language. Hope that answers your question but let us know if you need anything clarified.

Hello, thanks for your reply! So if I understand correctly, there is no data of sales in France or other european countries?

Sorry for the confusion – While the data we collect is only available in the English language, it is in fact worldwide data. So it does include analytics across all markets, including France and other European countries.

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