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July 28, 2021

Rise and shine! This week, the U.S. population may no longer be growing, we’re putting fashion forward, your promos are hurting your bottom line, and the new shop checklist for August is now available!

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Placing bets: Square, Inc. is betting on bitcoin, but will it payout?

Buy now, pay later: Visa takes on PayPal and Affirm with a new payment feature.

In other news: America’s population growth is slowing. The Wall Street Journal cites an outside chance the population could shrink for the first time on record.

Anyone Can Paint A Rock & Sell It Online

Marmalead needs your help. We know you have burning questions about GROWING your Etsy business.

And we know that if it were easy, anyone could put a little paint on a rock and start selling it online.

But you know it’s not that simple. When it comes to starting your own online business there’s a to-do list about a mile long. And even once you get up and running, that to-do list may change, but it doesn’t get any shorter.

So, who do you turn to when a question about your shop pops up? Online forums are great, but it can be a pain sifting through the misinformed opinions that follow Facebook groups around like the plague. 

So turn to us. Marmalead can help you, but you need to help us first. Those burning questions you posted on that forum last week? Submit them to us instead. Drop us a line about any question that comes to mind, and we’ll answer it during an upcoming video on our YouTube channel.

Not sure what to ask? Try this on for size.

Have a specific question related to your shop? Give us some background, and we’ll give you some direction.

Wondering if something you’ve read in another ecommerce forum is true? Reach out to us and we’ll work to get to the bottom of it with you.

Stressed out about the upcoming holidays? Let us know what’s on your mind and we’ll work through it together.

Need advice on where to take your shop from here? Tell us your story and we’ll share some tried and true examples from Etsy sellers just like you.

Shop Checklist for August!

Next week starts the beginning of August, which means summer is at its peak. But don’t let these heat domes get you down, the fall season isn’t far off now. Our August shop checklist has been designed with an abstract theme, as we begin to wind down during the last days of summer. We’re officially looking ahead to the upcoming months which will usher in fall and all things autumn. Remember, now is the time to start thinking ahead to the upcoming season change and the holidays it brings!

Most Popular Fashion Keywords on Etsy

You asked for it, we delivered! We’re continuing to add to our comprehensive list of some of the most popular keywords on Etsy in 2021 (so far). Many of our readers have expressed an interest to know more about popular fashion keywords on Etsy since that’s where they already operate.

So we sat down with the Marmalead tools and pulled some research in this category. The keywords we found today are some of the most popular keywords on Etsy right now, specific to fashion of course.

Are Your Promos Costing You $$$? Use This Etsy Shop Trick! | The Jam

As a business owner, you don’t have time to WASTE money. If you’ve ever wanted to participate in Etsy sales but didn’t want to take a huge hit in your profits, then we’ve got news for you.

Running a promo in your Etsy shop is a great way to draw buyers to your listings and create a sense of urgency to buy, and it doesn’t need to hurt your bottom line. Not with our secret formula of course. 

We have the solution for you, only in this weeks episode of the Jam!

Succeed on Etsy with Marmalead
Need help getting your products found on Etsy? Check out our FREE on-demand webinar to learn how.

7 Reasons You Want to Pause Netflix to Watch…
✔ Using Keyword Forecasts to maximize being found
✔ How to get your products found with real shopper keywords in 2021
✔ Using your listing grades to find opportunities
✔ Putting MarmaMeters to work
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✔ Comparison tool for narrowing down keywords
✔ Keyword Search tool for deeper research

Handmade Stories | 92-Year-Old Stocking Local Stores With His Handmade Lures

What started as therapy for his son, 92-year-old Seattle man, Don Croghan has been stocking local stores with his handmade fishing lures since 1985. “There was a little tackle store close to us, I started tying leaders for him,” Don Croghan said. Since then, he’s been stocking about a dozen marine stores in the Seattle area.

Don jokes that his workshop is about 20’x20′, and a place you wouldn’t want to go inside, but he knows where just about everything is. We understand what you mean, Don. Those with creative minds tend to be a bit messier, but it’s true what they say about finding inspiration in the chaos 😊

We can learn a thing or two from Don. “Not only do lures have to catch the fish’s attention, they have to catch the buyer’s eye. Men tend to like red lures,” Don Croghan said. “I like red.”

He plans to continue selling Lucky Leaders until he’s 100.

You’re Worth More Than $1 An Hour

Are you kidding me? You’re worth a lot more than $1 an hour. But if you’re underpricing your products, you’re undervaluing your work and making less money than you should.

If you’re putting in long hours, working hard, but not pocketing as much money as you’d hoped, then you need The Pricing Guide from our friends and affiliate partners over at A Cake To Remember.

The Pricing Guide is THE way to make sure you’re pricing your products like your bottom line depends on it (trust us, it does)!

Real Marmalead Success Stories

Marmalead makes real tools for real entrepreneurs living out real dreams. That’s why we’re committed to providing only the very best in Etsy SEO. Everything in Marmalead is painstakingly tested to be useful or we don’t release it. But don’t take our word for it… hear from one of our 100K+ Marmapreneurs!

“After Switching to Marmalead, we just had our 2nd best month!”

-Laura, Marmapreneur

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What’s Trending on Pinterest?

478 million people use Pinterest every month to find ideas and inspire their next purchase. And if your product listings are trending in Pinterest search, their next purchase just might be from your shop! For more on Pinterest trends, head on over to

What’s HOT 🔥

What’s hot is what’s recent! New trends emerge with ‘office decorating ideas’ and ‘bathroom organization.’ Are your keywords up to date with the most recent trends?

What’s on the Rise? ☝

What’s on the rise is showing consistent growth over time! Trends are on their way up for ‘canvas drawings’ and ‘necklace aesthetic.’

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