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Episode 57: Great Keywords Delivered Weekly

In this episode, we have a handful of different ways that sellers are using Marmalead’s High Engagement Keyword emails to improve their listings and their shops’ success on Etsy. If you’re a Marmalead entrepreneur, or you’ve been thinking about becoming one, and you’re looking for some fresh ways to use your weekly list of the highest engagement keywords, read on!

What’s in your inbox?

The High Engagement Keywords email is sent out weekly to all our Marmalead Entrepreneurs. If you’re wondering why the heck you’re not getting these fantastic emails (and you should be) definitely look into that! Maybe you accidentally unsubscribed to some of our other emails. No hard feelings, we always want ya back;) Just pull up an old Marmalead email you received from us in the past. Go to the bottom and click the “unsubscribe” button. This will bring you to a site where all our emails are categorized. You can resubscribe to whichever emails you’d like to receive there. If you’re having a hard time with this, email us at and we’ll get ya hooked up!

All that feedback

A while ago, we asked our users to send us feedback on the Keyword email. We’re millennials after all and we looove feedback! We wanted to share some of that feedback with you!

Obviously when we started writing the Keyword emails the point was to share what some really popular high engagement keywords were. These were keywords that other sellers had found very helpful. We wanted to make finding those keywords much easier by saying, hey look, we’ve got the goods let us list them out for you and make your life a little more simple. Skim through them and see if they apply to your products. If you find that some do, cool! Throw them on the listings that apply! If they don’t apply, maybe some of week’s keywords will.

It’s better to share

When we started receiving feedback, however, our users were telling us many other reasons and ways they use our High Engagement Keyword email. Some of these reasons we hadn’t even thought of! And we wanted to share that feedback and those reasons with all of you. Our ultimate goal is that you can use these emails to their full potential. That’s truly our goal with everything we offer here at Marmalead. So, without further ado, here are the top five ways you can maximize our High Engagement Keywords email

Getting keyword ideas for your listings 

We already touched on this above, but this was one of the reasons we first started the emails to begin with. Stacy M. from Grand Rapids Michigan had this to say:

“It does give me an idea of what others are looking for and some words I might be able to add to my titles.

Again, this was front and center in our mind from the beginning. This email would help our users to find quality keywords at different competition levels. Which brings us to what “competition levels” means exactly, just in case you haven’t heard us mention it before. We have different levels of engagement that we score within Marmalead. We also have different levels of competition that we score for a keyword inside of Marmalead. Different shops can compete at different levels. So, even though you might be using a keyword that’s super high competition, you may not be able to target that level of competition. Meaning you may want to drop that particular keyword because it really isn’t getting you any traffic. And with the keyword email, we didn’t want to just give you high engagement keywords alone. We wanted to break down the levels of competition so you would know where you fall within them.

Possible avenues 

Kim F. in L.A. said this:

“Not only is it good for keywords to use, it also gives me ideas of possible avenues to pursue with my jewelry.”

This is someone who’s been looking through the keyword email a lot. She realizes even though a certain keyword might not apply to what she’s creating right now, it’s possible to find related areas she might be able to jump into with her current product. Which is always important especially when you’re in fashion. Staying on top and ahead of the curve is fantastic!

In the know 

So many people wrote in and told us the keyword email helps them follow what’s going on and what’s new. Being aware of what’s trending and how it’s changing is VERY valuable information for any seller. Patty P. in Philadelphia said:

“I do look to see if any trends are in the emails and it does make me think of related areas. I applied some of the relevant keywords to my listings yesterday and have already had more views!”

This really is awesome! Definitely not something we thought of when we came up with the keyword email.

Down the funnel

Brian C. from Vancouver Canada brings us into our fourth point: 

“I’m using your email for quick market analysis to understand the trends for my product development. Also, I’m learning how the customers are funneling the keywords in their searches.”

Sales funneling is basically the different stages a buyer will go through when they’re going to buy a product. At some point, you’re not aware you even need a certain product and then, you suddenly have something arise and you need…something:) Then, you figure out what you need, but now you have a variety of things to choose from. Pricing suddenly comes into play and the narrowing down of your choices begins. Maybe a specific color is important. Or it might depend on what something feels like. Whatever the case may be, the funneling and narrowing down process is in full swing and the buyer starts moving through the different stages.

So, how does this fit into the keyword emails? Within the emails you’ll see pretty generic descriptors. But as you get more specific with these keywords with lower levels of competition you can kinda get into the buyers head. It helps you see how they’re specifically searching at different levels of competition. And if you know how a buyer will walk through the searching and narrowing down process, you’ll be one step ahead of the game when it comes to keywords and listings.

Let us remind you

Lisa K. from Copenhagen Denmark said:

“It’s very useful because it keeps me up to date with trending keywords and also acts as a reminder to keep reviewing my keywords.”

This is a great way to remember to stay on top of your keywords! You can’t just pick keywords and then leave them alone for years on end. As we said above, keywords trend. If you’re serious about having a revolving door to your shop staying on top of your keywords is a crucial part of this.

One last thing 

Something else we wanted to mention: when you open the email, we show you that there are grouped chunks of keywords by the levels of competition we already talked about. Next to each keyword is a score and that’s the actual engagement score for that particular keyword. They’re also in order. As a seller, you’re going to want to find the keywords that have the highest amount of engagement for the level of competition you’re able to target. By showing the scores it can help you compare words between different levels of competition. This is also helpful in knowing how you should apply them. It also helps you see how the engagement on those keywords is trending.

And the feedback goes on

So, if you’ve already been maximizing the emails or if you’re starting now, give us your feedback! We often hear that our users would like even more info added to the keyword emails. That’s actually something we’re literally limited on since we’re only allowed to put so much info into an email. Also, if we send out an email with the top 40-50 highest keywords in each category instead of the top 15 highest, you’d still be sifting through keywords a lot. We’re trying our best to maximize information and give you top value information. If you have other ways not listed here that you’re using the emails, please send them to us. And this goes for all of Marmalead. We’re always looking for ways to improve and give our users the best experience possible. Please let us know what ya think!

As always, thank you for reading our blog and go listen to this week’s jam! Per their normal humor the guys mention of Sriracha shirts, polos, talking faster and sports jackets;)

Happy selling everyone!!!


In this episode, we have a handful of different ways that sellers are using Marmalead’s High Engagement Keyword emails to improve their listings and their shops’ success on Etsy. If you’re a Marmalead entrepreneur, or you’ve been thinking about becoming one, and you’re looking for some fresh ways to use your weekly list of the highest engagement keywords, read on!

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