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Our Goals and Mission

Etsy SEO and good selling practices are very misunderstood. We fix that.

We give Etsy Shops indispensable tools & resources to easily create high converting listings and take your success to the next level no matter where you are right now.

Our ideal customer:

  • You want to succeed in selling your creative goods without relying only on luck.
  • You would rather make your products than research SEO and pricing.
  • You value community and want success on your terms

I’m going to touch on the high level of each page to keep the document brief. If you have any questions or think it would help to include more information, please contact me!


It’s the next level in our quest to help you get found on Etsy. It’s a right-brain friendly green, yellow, and red system of measuring three important criteria of keywords.

Those criteria are Engagement, Competition, and Category Page.

Game changer? We’ll let you be the judge of that 😉

Read more on it here https://wp.me/p69J5y-88

Keyword Search

Search Bar

Search supports positive and negative keywords. For example, “silver starfish -bracelet” will return results relevant to “silver starfish” that don’t include “bracelet”.

Limit to 42, 100, 500 Results

Rank higher and analyze Top 42, 100, or 500 listings! You can limit the results analyzed to 42, which is the first page of Etsy results (excluding ads) or expand results to 500, covering 12 pages.



You can filter results to drill down on specifics.  For example, Customize your analysis to show only your shop, only competing shops, or all shops. This is useful to see only your shop stats and relevancy or only those for competitors.

Other Ideas

Target your best market with keyword suggestions from Bing search engine. Keyword suggestions are tough, why not let a leading search engine help you out!

Listings and Tags Rank

View Etsy’s ranking for comparable listings and tags to learn which ones perform the best. This is your opportunity to see what’s winning in each keyword search.

Keyword Comparison

Optimize for the best search phrases by comparing key metrics side by side. No need to remember data points from search to search, compare them side by side. I recommend using this comparison to identify a handful of keywords that you’ll drilldown on using the full search screen.

Keyword Tracking

Stay ahead of market trends by tracking several search phrase performance metrics over time.


Trending Tags

View the tags that are trending on Etsy. Trending tags are the most popular tags from the Etsy’s Trending Listings.


Also Check out Dabbler vs Entrepreneur plan

Sound like a lot of work?

It is. As Etsy grows, so does the competition. Fortunately, you can work smarter than your peers. Marmalead is a tool for Etsy shops that want to succeed in selling their creative goods without relying only on luck. It has features to reduce the time and energy for all of the above. Etsy SEO and good selling practices are very misunderstood. We fix that.

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2 replies on “Features Guide”

I was about to sign up for your service, when I saw the information requested. One of the things that went in automatically was my ETSY shop name.

I have 2 ETSY shops and may add another. Will Marmalead work for all of my shops, or do I have to have separate accounts?

I was going to sign up for the free version to see how I like it, but when I entered my information, I got a message saying that I had an error, but there was nothing telling me what the error was. How do I sign up under those circumstances?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you…Eleta Parris
Pensacola, FL

Hi Eleta! Thanks for your message. Yes – you can link multiple shops from Marmalead. You can update your current shop name at any time on the Settings page (the gear icon on the left). Keep in mind that shop specific features are unique to Entrepreneurs so you won’t see the benefits of attaching your shop as a Dabbler. Also, it looks like your email address is already registered in our system as having an account so you should be able to use the “forgot password” link on the login screen to reset your password. Let me know if you have any issues (gordon [at] marmalead [dot] com)!

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