February 2019 Free Desktop Calendar/Wallpaper

Our February 2019 free desktop calendar for Etsy sellers is available for download! This month we’d like to wish you (our amazing small business creatives, crafters, and makers) a very happy Valentine’s Day!

February and Etsy SEO

Anyone else feel like January lasted forever and a day? Yeah, us too. Maybe it was coming out of the Christmas season and trying to recharge. Whatever the reason, we’re glad to be in a new month and want to look ahead at the coming year and what that means for Etsy SEO in general 😁

Etsy search is lovin’ it some Google search

Ok, so you probably know that Google search is pretty much obsessed with what you’re typing into its search bar. For real. That’s kinda Google’s thing. They specialize in giving us the absolute best search results that they can possibly pull back from the web. They want to know that the search results they’ve provided are being clicked on and “consumed” by the searcher, whether that’s through a purchase or whatever it may be.

And Etsy wants in on this kind of action too! They are now hyper focused on what buyers are typing into the search bar, what they’re clicking and what they’re purchasing and not purchasing.

This matters a lot

Why? Because, if a buyer is left frustrated after a million attempts at finding what they want, they’re going to leave. Adios. Sayonara. Bye. And this leads to zero income for Etsy sellers and ultimately, for Etsy. Which is definitely no bueno. Etsy does NOT want buyers leaving because they couldn’t find that super specific and weird piece of….whatever. They want them staying and PURCHASING!

So where does that leave you?

You should be concentrating on what buyers are actually typing into search. If you wouldn’t ever think to word a search term the way you currently have it on your listing, chances are your buyers won’t either. This means the more simple the better. If you’re over complicating it and someone with an English masters degree would have zero idea how to read that listing…probably means things need to be simplified and rethought😉

What you write really makes a difference.

Now, when we say simple WE DO NOT mean using click-baity titles just to get someone to click on your listing. That is definitely not a good idea. Why? Because, Etsy is tracking how often buyers click on your listings but don’t buy anything. If all buyers are doing is clicking and leaving your listing, Etsy won’t be prone to sending more buyers to that particular listing and further down it will sink in…rank…

But wait! I thought rank was dead?!

Well, yes and no. Let me explain. It seems that Etsy sellers are SUPER caught up in the idea of their listings “ranking” high in search results. That’s because, back in the day, this was absolutely a thing and it was also something you as an Etsy seller could track. But, that was in the good ol‘ days😉 Gone are the times when you could check on your listing’s rank yourself.

Now, with Etsy’s new contextualized search results, “rank” is specific to the person searching for an item. What does that mean? It means the rank you’re used to tracking is dead. Why? Because you won’t see the same results as someone else searching the exact same thing.

So what happens now?

First of all, don’t freak out. Second of all, you now want to concentrate on specific tags and finding those long tail keywords! Guys, long tail keywords are where it’s at🙌🏼 They don’t get the high search volume that generalized tags do, but “greeting card” isn’t going to get nearly the sales that your “unicorn rainbow fart card” will…ha😂 But seriously, it’s true. The more specific and long tail the keywords, the more likely you’ll be to have someone click on that listing and actually BUY it! Which is the goal, right?

But don’t think for one second that you can start using tags that are long tail but don’t reeeeally fit your listings. Stop that. The more honest you are with the tags you use, the better you’ll do. This just circles us right back around to Etsy wanting buyers to find what they’re looking for fast and follow through with purchasing said item. They DO NOT want them clicking and leaving, clicking and leaving, clicking and leaving. It’s annoying.

Be specific. Be honest. Give the people what they want.

Again, simple, clear, honest, long tail, specific keywords, people! Got it?? Great! That means you’re gonna tag colors, materials, who would want it, what it’s good for, anything that you can imagine searching for yourself. The clearer the better. The point is that you’re giving your buyers what they really want and making it easy for them to find you, cause you’re clearer than a church bell rinigng through the Swiss Alps! And if you’re clear and easy to find, Etsy is gonna fall in loooove with you ❤️ Hey look, circled back around to Valentine’s Day…see what I did there?? 😉

This is where we come in🙌🏼

So, does the “researching your tags” thing make you kinda wanna run screaming for the hills? Are you freaking out because, good grief, you just want to get back to creating?! Calm down. Deeep breaths. We’ve got you! When we say “research your keywords” what we’re really saying is “Hey! Let Marmalead help you!” If you use our tools, we’re not going to leave you out in the cold tundra that is currently all of America…pretty much ❄️#polarvortex

Of course, we believe that how you want to research your keywords is 100% up to you. But if you’ve made it this far in this post, we’re guessing you just wanna find the right keywords while still having time to be creative with your shop, which is what you REALLY love doing! So jump into Marmalead, reach out to us if you have questions, but PLEASE use the tools!

Um…I thought you could just do it for me?

That would be a big NOPE. We can’t do it for you. Marmalead is only as good as the time you put into learning it and using it. Did you get good at your craft overnight? Probably not…unless you’re a craft prodigy, in which case, kudos!

What we can do is offer you the best customer support and resources available in aiding you with your keyword research! And this gets us all really excited and stuff!

But remember…

Nothing changes over night. Please, for the love of mac and cheese, STOP CHANGING EVERYTHING AT ONCE AND THEN WONDERING WHERE YOU WENT WRONG. Seriously. Stop. It. Research your keywords, find those amazing specific and clear long tail keywoords, and then implement them slowly. There is absolutely no way you’ll know what’s working for you and what isn’t if you change everything! There will be zero way to track it. And it does take time to see results.

Are we there yet?!

Probably not. Look at this as a really long car ride. Don’t ask if you’re there yet unless it’s been about thirty days. On average, that’s about how long it takes for the dust to settle on the changes you’ve made to your listings. Every time you change your keywords, you’re basically back at ground zero with those keywords and you’ve got to allow some time to pass for the listing to build up traction again.

Your game plan

Here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to go find the listings that have little to no movement, hop into Marmalead, research, find the keywords you want to try and apply them. Here’s what you’re NOT going to do: CHANGE LISTINGS THAT ARE ALREADY WORKING IN YOUR SHOP. Please don’t do this. We don’t care if the grade on that listing is a D, if it’s selling, DO NOT CHANGE IT. Remember, a listing grade is not the end all be all. It’s simply ONE part of the equation. And if a D is selling, then sweetheart, let that thing sell!

On the other hand, if you have an A grade on a listing that really hasn’t seen much movement, that’s what you want to work on! And of course the same holds true for a D graded listing that isn’t selling. Basically what we’re saying and going to repeat again is, DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING THAT’S WORKING WELL FOR YOU.

By the way, here’s your February calendar😉

Whew! Now that we’ve gotten through all of that, we think you’re a champ and we’re super grateful for you! We’re here cheering you on to Etsy shop success and hope you have an absolutely amazing February with lots of sales❤️

Click to download:

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Desktop Wallpaper | iPhone Wallpaper | iPad/Tablet Wallpaper | PDF Wallpaper


Remember to let us know if you’d like to see any upcoming dates for March highlighted on your next calendar. And show us some love in the comments if you loved February’s calendar or if you have comments about our article!


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17 replies on “February 2019 Free Desktop Calendar/Wallpaper”

Thank you for all this information. I am new to thinking about long tail keywords and just rejoined Marmalead. My question: Do the long tail keywords go in the title? It’s impossible to put them in those short tags. Before I was just putting words in my tags willy nilly hoping they would be caught. That seems to be the way Etsy’s Promoted listings work, it pulls words people search for from tags no matter where they are. And if I DO try to make my tags “make sense” I end up using words over and over, wasting tag space as I have been told not to do. So if my listing is under the category “Necklaces” I shouldn’t use this in a tag. But what if my keyword is necklaces for women, do I just put “for women” in the tag? The whole thing won’t fit in there anyway. I’m still kind of confused, but trying!

Wonderful! Hope it helps! Thanks for reaching out and for reading the article 😁 Happy selling!

Hi Herchel! If you’re struggling to fit your long tail keywords in a single tag, you can break up the keyword across multiple tags. As long as it appears as one long phrase in your title, Etsy will see it as a valid match for the longer keyword. And Marmalead will automatically identify it as a focus keyword. Having a few focus keywords with stronger engagement is key!

I have the same problem. Baby Boy First Birthday Outfit. There is no way to get a tag that will fit. When you break it up, it brings your grade down in Marmalead. This is just a for instance. They need to give more space for tags. It should be at least 25 characters.

Hi Zuli Kids, thanks for reaching out! If you’re struggling to fit your long tail keywords in a single tag, you can break up the keyword across multiple tags. As long as it appears as one long phrase in your title, Etsy will see it as a valid match for the longer keyword. And Marmalead will automatically identify it as a focus keyword. Having a few focus keywords with stronger engagement is key!

Long tail tags are one of the SEO factors. Yet, as already stated her by others, there are very few long tail keywords that fit into the 20-character tag space. Recommending long tail tags and then making them practically impossible with the limited tag space is kind of contradictory, don’t you think? Breaking up tags works to maintain long tail focus keywords but it sure kills long tail tags. What does Etsy say about that?

Hi Claus,
Thanks for reaching out! In a perfect world, your long tail tags would break down into two long tail tags. It’s not always possible to find perfect keywords, though. So yes, sometimes you’ll see your grade drop in the long tail tags department because your long tail keyword won’t break down into two long tails. But that’s okay. It’s just information so you know where you have an opportunity to strengthen the keyword if you need to. Etsy wants you to use long tails because shoppers doing targeted searches are statistically more likely to convert to a sale and they want you in front of shoppers who are primed to buy. Therefore, Marmalead encourages you to use as many long tails as possible also. But as explained, if you find a long tail keyword that doesn’t break down into two long tails, just make sure you’re fairly confident about the keyword you’re looking to use and go ahead and test it out to see if it brings you the movement you’re looking for. If not, go back to the drawing board and tweak it a bit.

Does the number of long tail tags have a bearing on how Etsy ranks a listing or is this information only used by Marmalead for the purpose of grading?

Hello! What do you mean when you say that It takes 30 days to Etsy to register the changes we’ve made to our listings? Usually I can see in my search report tags that I have changed 2-3 days before. What data do you have to support this theory? Thank you

Hi Melania, sorry for being a bit confusing with my wording there! Etsy sees your changes right away, but the effects of those changes are what will take some time to really see. On average, you want to allow between 2-4 weeks for the dust to settle on changes you make so you can see where you’ll fall in a regular search rhythm. Hope that clears things up!

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