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3 Signs Your Etsy Shop Will Work on Amazon Handmade

Have you considered selling on Amazon? Maybe the thought has crossed your mind, but you’ve been putting it off. Well today, Dalia Abdalla shares three signs that your Etsy shop will work on Amazon Handmade!

A regular and we’re not mad about it

We have a special guest joining us, Dalia, from The Handmade Mastermind and creator of the Mastering Amazon course which we talked about in a previous Jam. We’re so happy to have Dalia back again and appreciate that she has been a regular on our Jams this year!

The buzz behind Amazon Handmade

Today, we’re going to talk about three signs that you’re ready to sell on Amazon, which sounds like a pretty cool topic! There’s a lot of buzz in the Etsy space about Etsy vs Amazon Handmade. And even if you’re not going from Etsy to Amazon and are just thinking about ecommerce in general, many folks wonder about where they should sell. Should I go to Etsy? Should I go to Amazon? Both? How do I know if I’m even ready to tackle this whole thing?

A hesitation towards Amazon Handmade

Dalia: I feel people are hesitant to get on there because they hear a lot of rumors (not great rumors) about Amazon Handmade and I’m here to squash that. In my previous Jam episode Dalia Abdalla’s $631K Formula For Selling On Amazon, we discussed how much I made on Amazon in 2020 which was $631K. 

Do you think I would want to give up that amount of money? We are in business to make money. It’s absolutely not worth me giving up Amazon! You’ll learn over time to grow a thick skin to what you may hear others say about selling on Amazon. You’ll learn not to care about what others say. Take care of your customers, figure out your policies. Figure out all you need to do in order to set up a successful Amazon shop. That is what we should care about.

For me, it’s just not worth giving Amazon up because of rumors or what other people are saying. I’d rather stay on there and make all that extra money and take care of my customers. Even if you’re not making anywhere close to what I’m making (which is totally fine) it’s still worth it to go on Amazon and sell.

First sign that you’re ready for Amazon Handmade

The first sign you’re ready to start selling on Amazon is simple, you want to increase your revenue.

Dalia: Believe it or not, I do have some students that don’t want to increase their revenue. They’re very happy where they are and they want to stay that way because they’re very busy. 

But if you’re ready to increase that revenue for yourself and want to grow as a business owner, selling on Amazon is a smart move. I also think it’s great to continue working on Etsy and to grow on Etsy. Every year I’m personally growing on Etsy. But diversification is important.

Second sign that you’re ready for Amazon Handmade

The second sign is if you have demand for your product type.

Dalia: I mentioned demand in the previous episode. The easiest way to know people have demand for your products is if you sell them successfully on Etsy. If that’s the case, there’s a good chance your products will then translate well to Amazon. Amazon is an even bigger marketplace. However, if you’re still not sure, I’m going to tell you exactly what to do right now to see if your product has demand on Amazon.

How to see if your products have demand on Amazon Handmade

Dalia: It’s so simple! You go to and you go to the search bar. You’ll type in what you sell. So for example, let’s say I have a personalized phone case. The simplest way to describe your product (don’t get fancy) is if you see that pop-up, it means people are searching for it.  

When I launch a new product I tend to do the same thing. There are more detailed ways in my course where I describe how to find products within your market type. This is a simple way if you need to know if you list your products on Amazon, will people want them and will they sell. It’s as simple as that! If you see what you’re selling come up, you’re good to go!

Our question to clarify 

Richie: So, let’s say someone tries this out and instead of something coming up, nothing comes up. Or like you (Dalia) said at one point, one or two things come up. Is Amazon just not for that person?

Dalia: So first of all, I’d like to talk to you if you’re that person! Because I find most things that people sell can be sold on Amazon. However, when you’re in a niche space, you might try a little bit harder using that search bar. For example, I have a fairly small office and felt like I needed an office chair that would fold up and tuck under my desk.  

I went to Amazon and found that it does exist! But it was hard for me to figure out what to search for in the beginning. I searched for “office chair for small spaces,” instead of searching for “foldable office chair”. I did eventually find what I was looking for! For your audience, think about the reasons why people need your product to ensure you’re being found easier. 

Third sign that you’re ready for Amazon Handmade

The third sign you’re ready to sell on Amazon is if your business supports you or your family in some form.

Dalia: When I first started selling on Etsy I did it for fun. I got serious about it when I decided on specific things I wanted to use that income from Amazon (and Etsy) for. If there is something important to you like paying off a vacation or sending your kid to private school and you relate to wanting to fund these, you need to get on Amazon. 

Diversification in your business is really important. You never know what may change. To be clear here, I am still on Etsy and I never want to leave Etsy. Diversification is still important because you’ll have your high and low days on every platform. And of course, if your business supports your family in some way, you want to make more money to give yourself that cushion. 

It makes sense to try

Amazon is such a great example of a platform you can sell on along with still selling on Etsy. It’s the number one ecommerce platform in the USA, so why not give it a shot? For me, I started selling on Amazon because it just made sense. I had bills to cover and financial goals I wanted to reach, so it made sense to try. Now, Amazon supports us in a big way. Please diversify and get on Amazon, especially if the other two tips I mentioned are relatable to you!

I’m just really proud

Dalia: I don’t want anyone to think I’m showing off when I say all of this. I’m just very proud and kind of amazed with what we have built. More than anything I hope this will inspire people! I hope that people use the inspiration and motivation to give this a fair shot. For my family and me, this has allowed us to pay off our home, we paid off my car and were able to buy my husband’s car with cash.  

Let it inspire you

Dalia: I say all this because I want to inspire people to see what’s possible. I just started a retirement fund last year, which is a little late for my age. But entrepreneurs have the ability to make as much money as they want. If you’re working a 9-5 job,  you might get your yearly raises, which can be great! But within that year, you’re limited to that amount. And there’s no shame in that. When it comes to your own business, you could make a lot, and because of my business, we were able to put a big chunk away in retirement. 

If you’re inspired and want in on Dalia’s course

For everyone who’s reading, listening, or watching, and who is excited by your success and motivated by that, and who is ready to jump in, learn more and start selling on Etsy — obviously, you have the Mastering Amazon course. We talked about that in a previous Jam episode. If people want more detail on the course, they can head there and learn all about it. 

Gordon: Can you give everyone a quick overview of what your course is about and how it can really give them a leg up and help them jumpstart their business on Amazon? 

Dalia’s course overview

Dalia: Yeah! If I do say so myself, this course is amazing, guys! It’s literally what I’ve done to get to where I am today. Many of my students have applied it. I continuously update it to make sure as I’m learning more about Amazon and the changes etc. I keep it cutting edge. This course walks you through everything, even if you’re brand new to selling. 

It really is a step-by-step type of training that walks you through the SEO research process, setting up your listings and all the facts about setting up your listings, including photos, what photos to include, and you get a checklist. You also have cliff notes if you don’t want to rewatch videos, you could easily refer to them. It walks you through the way I set up ads (if you’re interested in doing ads) and the way I tweak things and how I look at business reports. It’s a course that really includes everything you need. As long as you have a product. If you have a product, then this course will absolutely help you, especially the three steps that we talked about today.  

Final thoughts

Gordon: That’s awesome! We think this is great and that for a lot of people, you’ve planted the seed in their minds about Amazon. If they haven’t already thought about it, it helps it make it very clear for people. It helps them think through if they’re ready. Your course sounds like a great place for people to go if they are ready and they want to take that jump and get a strong start. 

They won’t wonder if they committed enough or if they aren’t doing it right. Or is their market just not successful on Amazon? This is a great option for them if those questions have come to mind!

If you’d like to find out more about Dalia, head to her Facebook group The Handmade Mastermind, which is where she hangs out most of the time. You can also check out her site at

And of course, be sure to check out Dalia’s course!

Happy selling, everyone!

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