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12 Tips to Land MORE Sales on Etsy

Put that coffee down, and let’s talk about something important. If you want to land more sales on Etsy, the first rule of business is as simple as ABC. Always Be Closing. Today on the Jam, we’re tapping into that cutthroat business of sales with a little inspiration from Alec Baldwin. Here are 12 Etsy sales tips to land the sale.

A little clarification

Today, we’re talking about something we’ve talked about before, the acronym AIDA! This stands for Attention, Interest, Decision (in this case), and Action. When we talked about AIDA in regards to photography, and we used D for Desire. However, in the AIDA we’re talking about today, the D stands for Decision. So how will these tips help you land more sales on Etsy? Let’s dive in!


“A-B-C. Always be closing. ALWAYS BE CLOSING.”

— Blake, Glengarry Glen Ross

A for Attention

To land more sales on Etsy, it all starts with excellent product photography.

Let’s just kick it right off with Attention.

The first step to getting your buyers’ attention is excellent product photography.

Like, we’ve talked about in previous Jams, you need to get the buyer’s attention before you can do anything else to land more sales on Etsy. Whether they’re scrolling on a screen or walking down the street. If you’re not getting their attention, the buyer is just going to keep on scrolling until someone else gets their attention.

I for Interest

If a buyer isn't interested in your product, how can you expect to land more sales on Etsy?

The next step of AIDA is Interest. 

Inspire interest in your products by giving compelling, colorful product descriptions with engaging lifestyle photos of your products in use.

Show how people actually want to envision these things in their lives. Show how it could be used in their house or how they could use it when they’re going to do something. 

This really helps engage them in the actual product and builds their interest in it. Being able to see yourself using a product is such a game-changer. Not only does it build your level of interest, it makes you want to do whatever it is you see in that listing!  

If you have great reviews in your shop, that would inspire others to be interested, show them off!

People are very interested in what other people are up to! Use those reviews. Be proud of those reviews. Boast them proudly in your descriptions, your shop bio, your banners, your social media. Let people know that other people are happily using your products and what they’re up to with them. 

D for Decision

A sense of urgency will help your buyers make the decision to purchase, which will land more sales on Etsy for your shop.

The next step in our AIDA process is Decision. You know as part of your sales funnel, eventually, the customer needs to make the decision to actually purchase. Otherwise, how are you supposed to land more sales on Etsy?
So, how do we encourage buyers to make that decision? How do we encourage them to go from window shopper enjoying your photos, reading through your beautiful descriptions, to pulling the trigger and making a sale? 

Promotions for the win

One way to encourage buyers to pull the trigger on your product is to offer a sense of urgency, such as with a promotion.

We see this a lot on Instagram and Facebook and in all sorts of marketing. It could be something like a sunglasses ad where you buy a pair and get the second pair of 50% off. This could also be a BOGO offer. Buy one, get one! You just want to make sure this is a limited-time offer and that you communicate this to your buyers.  

Pricing on fleek 

If your price just ain't cutting it, you can't expect to land more sales on Etsy.

Your prices need to be competitive!

Now, in Marmalead, we break down pricing by saying there are bargain products, average end products, and high-end products. When we say your prices should be competitive, we’re not telling you to just drop your prices. No! You want to know what market you’re in and make sure that your price for that market is competitive.

You can be priced higher than many other products in your market, as long as you know that if your specific market is high-end, you need to be priced above what the bargain bin products are selling for. Then you need to communicate why you’re high-end through your photos and descriptions.

What they’re made of

If your materials are better than your competitors, flaunt it to land more sales on Etsy.

If your products are made of better materials, make sure your buyers know this!

You want to communicate very clearly what is going into your products that sets you apart from your competition. Why is it priced where it is? Is it silver-plated versus silver-filled?  Is it solid silver or platinum? Whatever it is, whatever you’re using, be sure you communicate to your buyers all of this, so your prices are justifiable and desired.  

Faster than the pony express

Another thing you can do to help with that decision process is to offer discounted or faster shipping than your competition. 

It’s no secret that shoppers sometimes wait until the last second to make a purchase for an event like a birthday. So when they’re out there looking around, trying to find products that will work for them, a big part of that decision could be which products will get to them faster. Which one can they actually get within the next week or couple of days?

They now don’t have time to wait for three weeks because the birthday present they need will be late. This is technically on them, but they’re now putting it on you because they’ve slacked off, and that’s just how it is. Speed is one of the things that people will pay for. We will pay for speed because that’s something we can’t get back. So give buyers more time, and they will pay for it.

A for Action

Last but not least, we have Action. It’s not enough just to get clicks. Your listings need to sell because you haven’t come this far to only come this far. If you’re getting a lot of clicks but not a whole lot of sales (and you know your SEO and your photos are good), what else is going on in your shop? Have you been following our Etsy sales tips so far?

Low Pricing

It could be any number of things. It could be that your price doesn’t match the market that you’re trying to target. It could be that your photos are strong and attracting people, but you could be priced too low, causing buyers to wonder what’s wrong with your products and “why is the so low – it looks fantastic? Is this product not legit because it’s this cheap? Is this being sold by some impostor?!” 

Bad reviews and shipping

It could also be bad reviews that you’ve had in the past. People love checking reviews, maybe even more so than descriptions. They love reading reviews and seeing other shoppers’ experiences with your shop and your products. So if your reviews aren’t up to snuff, that could be something that’s causing buyers to hesitate a little bit too. 

And like we just talked about with shipping, if your shipping is slow or expensive, that could be something that’s scaring people away too. 

Assessing the components

To land more sales on Etsy, stay up to date with your competitors pricing and shipping costs.

There are a lot of different components. And you really do need to assess them and figure out where in the process you’re losing people and what’s going on.

You should constantly be testing and tweaking, and keeping your ear to the market. This is all very important.  

As far as reviews go, the major issue you might be having is bad reviews. Or it could be unclear reviews. It could also be not enough reviews as well.

You want to be sure you’re encouraging your buyers to leave reviews.

We have other content where we talk about how to get more reviews in a good, non-spammy way. People (in general) really do want to leave you good reviews. Especially if you’ve communicated how important it is to you. 

Practical pricing advice

For pricing, it’s super easy! Jump into Marmalead to plug in some of the keywords you’re getting traffic from, then take a look at the pricing spread.

How does your pricing compare with the spread? You’re going to want to hit multiple keywords because people are finding you for multiple keywords, but see where that pricing landscape is and just take note of where you’re falling.  

It’s always good to go and check your pricing from time to time and just stay on top of that because markets shift.

Pricing moves. Things are always going to shift up and down, so you want to be aware of where you’re positioned. Even if you’re not making any changes to your pricing after reviewing the information. 

Practical shipping advice

This goes for shipping as well!

You want to make sure that if you’re charging for shipping, you’re charging the norm for your market and not just the price of shipping.

Also, be aware of the days it’s taking to ship. How long does your buyer have to wait for your product? 

We all like instant gratification. That’s just the world we live in. So if something is showing up sooner, we start to all of a sudden justify why the product that’s coming soonor might actually be a better fit for us.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, you need to ensure that you’re in the competitive landscape with your Etsy shop. So with all these Etsy sales tips: prices, reviews, shipping time, shipping price (all that stuff), put your best foot forward with each of them. Take the time to figure them out. Test things. You never know what will and will not work until you give it a shot! 

So that’s our whirlwind tour through AIDA and how you can apply it to your shop as a whole to make sure that you are always going to be closing in your Etsy shop and landing those sales! Go ahead and share down in the comments below what tactics you’ve used in the past and what things you might be changing in your shop to help improve your AIDA.  

Happy selling, everyone!  

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