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The Amazing Hashtag Generator

Today we got an email from a customer that loves our new Storm feature and explained how some of these keywords will end up as hashtags for social media.

The next question of course was, “Don’t suppose you know of a tool that can convert a list of words automatically into hash-tagged words do you?!”.

I don’t know of one, and I didn’t even bother looking… It was more fun to make one!

So here you go. It’s in Google Sheets, you can make a copy of the spreadsheet for yourself and go nuts.

What does it do? 

Three things!

1 – Removes spaces because hashtags don’t have spaces.

2 – Makes everything lowercase because hashtags are lowercase.

3 – Adds a hashtag in front because that’s the whole point.

Okay it does a bonus thing. It transposes the hashtag list so you can one that goes vertical and one that goes horizontal. Just in case.

You’ll need to make a copy of the sheet so you can edit it. It will then live in your Google Drive.

Get it here! 

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