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Etsy Q4 Video with 2018 Outlook

Etsy just released another of their much anticipated quarterly videos where they address the community and let us know how things are going and perhaps more importantly, where they’re going. This one is the Q4 Community Video released March 19th 2018. SharePinTweetShare2 Shares

Guest Posts

What’s the deal with variations?

A special guest post from Kara of A Cake to Remember! A Cake to Remember makes cake decorations and supplies so that you can make your friends jealous of your decorating skills. Every now and then a question about how listings are structured comes up. Is it better to have one listing with a lot […]

Etsy Jam

Etsy Jam Episode 44: What Worked on Etsy and What Didn’t Work with Andrew from

On this episode we talk to Andrew from and two Etsy shops by nearly the same name. He was kind enough to share his story with us along with many things he’s tried that did and didn’t work! Getting Started Story Andrew’s getting started story might sound familiar. He was on a simple mission, […]

Etsy How-to

Will false hearts make Etsy search break up with you?

The question, “if an item gets a lot of views and hearts and doesn’t sell it will lose relevancy in Etsy search?” has been asked many times in many ways. The answer? It depends. Background There’s a lot of noise in the how does Etsy search work space. Maybe you’ve heard of click parties aka […]