Tips On How To Write Sales Copy

Sales Copy. I cannot tell you how many people have written in and said: “I HATE writing!” If I’m being honest, it always takes me a little off guard. I’ve always enjoyed writing and while I’m no Shakespear, I  do enjoy the challenge of taking a thought and doing my best to give it wings within the confines of written language. However, I know a lot of you don’t enjoy that challenge so today I’m raising a glass to you with a few tips that will hopefully mean you’re throwing back a few less stress margaritas before you write your sales copy.

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Get More Sales on Etsy in 30 Days With Joanna from EWD Marketing

Join Gordon, Richie and Joanna from EWD Marketing who is an amazing Etsy coach and all around Etsy SEO wizard!  Joanna has created a 30 Day Action Plan for Etsy Sellers that truly helps to get your SEO and shop on the right track to Etsy shop success

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7 Tips To Spring Clean Your Etsy Shop

With Spring only two days away here in our little corner of the world, we’ve got Spring Cleaning on the brain. We’re ready to throw open the doors and windows, allowing that fresh air to sweep through our home! Personally, there’s a lot to be done in my house. This got me to thinking (of course) about Etsy sellers and what you can do as an Etsy seller to help “spring clean” your shop and find more Etsy shop success!

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