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Auto-Refreshing Keyword Lists And Search History Are Here!

We’re so excited to tell you about these new features! Why? Because we created them to save you more time! This will let you get back to the parts of your business that you love most. Unless the part you love most is making keyword lists, in which case, have we got some news for you!

We know you’re busy!

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate. We heard you when you told us you’re tired of typing out and updating keywords from your notebook and/or spreadsheet. So we got to work figuring out a way to solve that problem! And now we’re excited to introduce Auto-Refreshing Keyword Lists. Gone is the old manual way of going back and forth between Marmalead and a spreadsheet! You now have all that data conveniently located in one place!

Great! So what do I do with it?

Well, most of you already know the benefits of keyword lists. But for those of you who don’t, they’re another tool for tracking data. They also help make sure you have access to the right keywords at the right time. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Timing is important! You’ve got to stay on top of your keyword data! Keyword lists are incredibly useful in this regard. There are many ways you can choose to organize your lists. Seasons, categories, individual products, brainstorming, the “list” goes on! Ultimately we’ve developed this tool to help you save time, stay ahead of the curve, and to grab the advantage!

Okay, show me an example!

Here we have a keyword list centered around “Laser Coasters”. In this example let’s assume that “groomsmen gifts” is a keyword that goes in and out of season. 

A quick look at my list shows me the strongest keywords I’ve saved for this product so I can swap them in and out of my listings as needed- always keeping the best keywords on my listings, and dropping the laggards.

How do I get to create my own lists?

Here are 3 great ways to either create lists or add keywords to existing lists. These aren’t the only ways to get your list game on. But it’ll get you started and show you what to look for when you’re ready to create a list or when you want to add a keyword or search phrase to an existing list!

The first way you could add a keyword to a list you’ll find front and a little to the right on your Search page.


Let’s say you’re running keyword searches in the Search Tool and come up with a word you want to add to a list. Right there above the MarmaMeters, you’ll find the “Add to List” button. Click the button and either choose an existing list or make a new one. The Search page is a great place to sift through your keywords and refine your lists because Search is where you’ll find the most data on those keywords.

The second method for adding keywords to your lists is also on the Search page, further down in the Similar Shopper Searches table (you’ll also see the same option on the Popular Tags table in your Search results). On the far right side of both tables next to every keyword, you’ll find a button for adding that keyword to an existing list. Or you can create a new keyword list and add it there. These are great places to add keywords to less refined lists for further research.


The third method for adding keywords to your lists is in Storm. Now in addition to saving keywords to your Storm buckets, you can also save them to your keyword lists. This is also a great place to add keywords to a less refined list for further research.


Didn’t you mention something about these lists auto-refreshing?

We sure did! As you already know, the performance of a keyword will change over the course of a given year moving either up or down. That’s why Marmalead has Forecasting. We use an advanced algorithm that looks at all of our historical data for a keyword and applies some pretty cool math to build out a forecast. So when we built the keyword lists tool, We made sure it benefited from this technology too!

That means that all the keywords in your auto-refreshing keyword lists are showing you the number of unique searches and visits (Engagement) this keyword is expected to generate in the next 30 days! Not from the last time you searched them, or the last time you looked at the list…nope…we’ve made sure your keyword list data is as fresh as a newborn in springtime! So next time you want to check on the health of your keywords, take a spin through your keyword lists and make sure they’re in the green!

What are the different colored dots next to my list names?

We’ve made it so you can name and color categorize your lists. We just wanted to make sure those of you who love your label makers as much as Monica from Friends are also satisfied with your new Auto-Refreshing Keyword List tool!


Let’s say you’re going about your day and boom inspiration strikes! You thought of a potential keyword or product idea to chase down but you don’t have your laptop handy because you’re out cruising the local craft show. No worries! Pull out your phone, do a quick search in Marmalead, and add it to one of your lists. Later when you’re doing your regular keyword/SEO work (which you are doing on the regular right?), your ideas will be waiting there for you to finish chasing down.


Icing on top of the cake.

While we were working away on building out the ability for you to create keyword lists, we also added a Search History feature so you can look back at the keywords you’ve searched…and if you want, add them to a list! Woot!

We’ve all had that feeling. The one where we know we forgot something. Maybe you accidentally closed one of the 30 browser tabs you had on your laptop and can’t remember the keyword you were looking for. Or maybe it was a promising keyword that you searched earlier but then it completely slipped your mind. We’ve been there! So we created the Recent Searches feature so you can easily refresh your keyword memory. With Search History, you can look back at all of your searches in Marmalead.


As your search history grows, you may want to check out all the keywords you’ve searched that contain a specific word. An example being “coaster”. 


Now you can easily search your keyword history for all the keywords that contain the word “coaster”. And maybe, just maybe, you want to add some of those keywords to your lists. Or possibly you’re just using it to refresh your memory on what you’ve already researched. Either way, Recent Searches has covered!

Final thoughts

We’re SO excited to share these awesome updates with you! But, we’d also love to hear your feedback and how much you’re loving the new features. As always you can reach out to us at if you have any questions and definitely leave us comments below!

Happy selling, everyone!


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I already love Marmalead. This is an awesome addition! Thank you. Marmalead has been a real game changer for my business.

Cindy, thank you so much for reaching out and letting us know! Our team values feedback like this SO much and we love hearing when our customers are finding more success with Marmalead🧡 We’re also excited you love the new features! We wish you the best in your shop and thank you for being part of our community🍊

Melodye, thank YOU for being part of our community and we’re SO excited you like the new features!🧡🍊

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