Etsy Jam Episode 26: The NEW Marmalead

We have got some sweet new Marmalead Announcements for you today so stay tuned!

One of the big things that we hear from Etsy sellers all the time when they’re sitting down to work on their SEO is that it’s not always easy to know where to start. Let’s say I’ve got 300 listings in my shop; maybe I even have multiple shops and that means I’ve got a slew of listings and I need to figure out which ones need the most SEO help.

I can look at my Etsy stats and I can easily see which listings are performing well. But as we all know; there are so many factors that go into sales that I can’t really use that information to know how I’m doing SEO-wise. So that’s not always the best place to go.

That is what we’re trying to solve here, letting you know what needs work.

Let’s cut to the chase and talk about the new Marmalead!

We’ve got a handful of really cool features that we’re releasing and by the time you read this, they’re already out there. So go ahead and check it out!

We’re going to be talking about some of these new features today and what they mean for the Etsy community.

My Listings section

My Listings

The first big feature we’re rolling out with the new Marmalead is the “My Listings” section. When you log in, you will be asked to tie in your Etsy shop and when you do that, Marmalead is going to go through all of your listings in that shop and we’re going to analyze your listings looking at things that will impact your SEO.

We then present you with a giant grid of all of your listings and each one has an easy to understand letter-grade on it showing you how that listing is doing for SEO. It will range from an A+ all the way down to an F. By looking at this grid, its gonna be really quick and easy to see which of your listings stand out and what can you do to bump the other listings’ scores up.

The Listing Detail page

Listing Detail

When you get to your listing detail page, you will see plenty of information on how your listing is set up to perform on Etsy. Whether you are using all of your tags, how many tags you’re using in your title, and if you are using all of your photos.

Description Information

We’ve looked across the industry and at e-commerce in general – what we’ve found are killer information about where you should be targeting different spots in your description in order to make those listings perform their best.

There are studies that have been done to find out what descriptions work best and what’s the right number of words to target. You don’t want to have something that’s too short that it isn’t going to answer someone’s question. You don’t want it to be too long either that it scares people away and they don’t even want to read it.

There are studies out there and we’ve pulled that information into Marmalead and scored your descriptions based on that knowledge. How many words are in there? How many sentences you’re using in your descriptions? We even look at ‘sentiment’ of your descriptions!

What is ‘Sentiment’?

Sentiment is that positivity or negativity of how the description feels when you read it. Does it make people feel better or worse after they read it? You want people to feel good because when they feel good after reading your description, they’re going to feel good about your product. And that is how you would want to present it.

What is Readability?

This may shock you as it normally shocks those who first come across this. But regardless of the education level of the audience, apparently communicating at a fourth grade reading level is more effective across the board.

If you’re familiar with blogging and you use the Yoast plugin in your WordPress blog, you’re already probably familiar with the concept of readability level of the content that you’re writing. It’s a good thing to be aware of.

Tags Table

Tags Table

Also, there’s a table at the bottom that will show all of your tags that you’re using on that listing. Now if you are not using all 13 tags, it calls it out so you can make changes. We also show you what the strength of each tag is in your title so you can know how strongly you’re targeting that keyword. It’s important to put the keywords that you really want to target in both your tags and in your title. The best place for those tags that you’re targeting is at the very beginning of your title. Etsy has told us that the tags that you put at the beginning of your title carries more weight than the ones further back.

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We also show Marma-meters in that same table for each of the tags. So you can easily see at a glance what the engagement is on all the tags that you’re using, what the level of competition is on Etsy, and whether or not any of those tags will likely result in any of those dreaded category pages.

Circling back to keyword targeting and ranking – Etsy confirmed that they will rank higher for listings that people are buying. This means that if you have listings that keeps getting traffic but no sales; Etsy is going to prioritize you less and less. Because if you are in the position of physically selling something, you’re not going to keep offering people items that they won’t buy. The one that sells is what you’ll keep presenting. The same principle applies on Etsy.

Multiple Etsy Shop Support

Multiple Etsy Shops

With the new Marmalead update, we can now handle multiple shops! You can connect as many shops as you have and you can also get your listings graded for all of them!

Keyword Storm

Keyword Storm

This whole process of keyword ideation is a challenge for a lot of people. It’s a hard thing to do and that is why we came up with a new tool!

The next big feature in Marmalead that we want to talk about is the Keyword Storm. You can find it in the left hand side of the app; it’s called Storm and has an icon of a lightning bolt. The whole goal of this feature inside Marmalead is to generate as many different keyword suggestions as we can that are relevant to you. The same Marma-meters that we use across Marmalead to show you bits of information about keywords are also present in Keyword Storm.

You can go there and type in any keyword you want. It’s going to pull up a bunch of suggestions for you based on that keyword. Of this list that you’re looking at, you can either ignore some of these keywords, or add keywords that you like to a list that’s gonna grow.

As you add words to your bucket of keywords that you want to keep, that list you’re pulling from is only going to get longer and longer. Not only because we’re pulling that first set of suggestions but every time you tell us you found a keyword; we’re gonna use that keyword to find even more suggestions for you.

It is going to be hard to go through that entire list. We’re basing this off of over 2,300,000 Etsy specific keywords. These aren’t garbage keywords that you’re gonna find all over the place. These are keywords that are going to be relevant to you.

The other cool thing with this Storm is as you create these things; you can save them off inside Marmalead and come back to them. It’s always going to show you your same Storm list, your same suggestions, all the ones you have saved, and will even remember the ones that you told it to ignore. You can have as many storms as you like, too!

Entrepreneur’s Course Library

Entrepreneur's Course Library

The last thing that we want to talk about here with you guys is about the Entrepreneur’s Course Library. Marmalead has been very focused on SEO and how your SEO can perform on Etsy. Lots of our tools are geared around that. Lots of the stuff that we talk about in Etsy Jam, and on our Blog are all geared around that too.

SEO is not everything. SEO is a huge component that helps you bring audiences, shoppers, and traffic to your shop but it’s not the only thing that matters. We talked a little bit before about descriptions, we talked about photos – but there’s a world out there that is bigger than SEO. You need to have a bigger understanding and a knowledge of concepts that span farther than just SEO on Etsy.

There are other skills involved and that is why we launched the Entrepreneur’s Course Library. We started out by seeding it with a couple of courses. We have a collaboration with Michelle from FourLetterWordCards and it’s about 5 Days to Holiday Bliss. It’s all about getting you prepared for the holidays because at this time of the year, people are gearing up for the holidays. That’s the type of courses that we’re putting in the Entrepreneur’s Course Library.

The very next course that we are about to put in is about AIDA. AIDA is something that you can use in your photos and descriptions. The main idea of this course is to increase your conversion rate and this is our channel for getting that information out to you. We know you have big plans, and big plans need big education to back it up.

We’re going to keep adding courses to this library. Anybody who is a Marmalead Entrepreneur is going to have access to this library of courses. It’s a huge asset to you as an Etsy seller to not only have a good tool to help with Etsy SEO but to have a really good understanding of lots of these other areas too.

Closing Thoughts

A whole lot of awesomeness for you guys that we talked to you about this week. Head out to Marmalead, check it out; and let us hear your feedback! Get out there, hook up your shops to Marmalead, check out how your listings are scoring, and what grades you’re getting on your things. Focus on the ones you know you’re doing really well but also check out the ones that need a little bit of help.

Try a Keyword Storm, go out there and create your own storms! Start building a list! Come up with some cool keywords and save it so you can come back to it later. Check out the Marmalead Entrepreneur’s Library while you’re there too.

From aiding you in brainstorming keywords for your tags, to grading your listings, to improving your copy. We've got fresh new features in store for you!

Dabbler vs Entrepreneur Plan

I’ve been asked to elaborate on the differences between the Dabbler and Entrepreneur Plan.

I’ll elaborate on the content of our Features Guide (Start Here!)


Entrepreneur has the Marm-Meter. It’s the next level in our quest to help you get found on Etsy. It’s a right-brain friendly green, yellow, and red system of measuring three important criteria of keywords.

Those criteria are Engagement, Competition, and Category Page.

Game changer? We’ll let you be the judge of that 😉

Read more on it here

Dabbler plan does not 🙁

Limit to 42, 100, 500 Results

Entrepreneur plan can limit the listings analyzed to the top 42 (1st page of results), 100 (3 pages), or 500 (12 pages of results). The benefit here is to see what’s working at different levels of relevancy. For example, I would choose 42 if I want to drill into what is working specifically for being on the first page. I would choose 500 if I want to cast a wide net and analyze a large set of listings for that search.

Dabbler plan only has the option of 42 listings.


Entrepreneur plan can filter on Shop, Material, and Category of the listings. Shop filtering allows you to filter out all results except for your shop’s listings, filter out your shops listings, or see both your shop and others. You would filter out your shop to analyze listings without yours skewing the numbers. You would filter out other shops to see analysis of only your listings (including an easy way to check your listings’ ranking).

Dabbler cannot filter at all.

Other Ideas

Entrepreneur plan benefits from keyword suggestions from Bing search engine. When you perform a search in Marmalead, you’ll see a column to the right full of search suggestions from Bing. These are keywords being actively searched by potential buyers around the world. This is a great source of inspiration.

Dabbler plan does not have this benefit.

Listings and Tag Rank

Entrepreneur plan has the powerful benefit of seeing the Etsy search ranking and page for each listing, and the average ranking of each tag used. This is essential for fully optimizing your listings to rank on top. This is also the fastest way to check up on the relevancy of your listings.

Dabbler plan does not have this benefit.

Keyword Comparison

Entrepreneur plan has the Keyword Comparison tool that compares up to four keywords side-by-side. You won’t have to remember key metrics for each search run individually, you can compare them at the same time. I recommend using this comparison to identify a handful of keywords that you’ll drill down on using the full search screen.

Dabbler plan does not have this benefit.

Keyword Tracking

Entrepreneur plan has the Keyword Tracking tool that tracks keyword performance over time. For example, track “Silver Starfish Necklace” to watch its key metrics and make sure you’re staying ahead of the trend whether it’s becoming more or less viable of a market for you. Keyword Tracking allows you to see a rolling year of trending.

Dabbler plan does not have this benefit.

Trending Tags

Entrepreneur plan has the trending tags page, which displays the most popular tags from Etsy’s Trending Items. As potential buyers see the Trending Items, they’ll naturally search for more like them. Make sure your listings have a chance to be found too.

Dabbler plan does not have this benefit.


Above all it’s a serious tool for serious sellers. While there are many more reasons to choose the Entrepreneur plan, I hope that this provides more clarity. If you haven’t yet, I suggest you Upgrade and see what Entrepreneur can do for your business.

How Are You Doing This Summer? And Reasons To Be Happy

Summer has been in full swing, and many are now focused on back to school. For many Etsy shops, that means the slow season is coming to an end and soon will be on the road to the holiday rush.

This is a great time to make sure your Etsy SEO strategy is ready. Fortune favors the prepared and it’s far easier to keep momentum than to build it. Especially as we’ve seen that listings with sales momentum have an edge in being found.

Be those listings with momentum early on!

Marmalead has the tools you need to build your strategy and get those early wins.

If you have questions about how to do that, we can help with that too. An Etsy SEO strategy doesn’t have to be confusing. It’s just new to many sellers. Like learning anything, we all start at square 1 and from there it looks confusing.

Let’s switch gears and talk about Etsy as a platform for a moment.

Whether you’re new to ecommerce or a seasoned seller, Etsy belongs in your stables. With a strong brand and over 20 million buyers and growing fast, Etsy is formidable.

Let’s look at some reasons be happy! 

Etsy competes with retailers for the attention of the Etsy buyer. An Etsy buyer has the choice of shopping with any online or offline retailer, whether large marketplaces or national retail chains or local consignment and vintage stores or other venues or marketplaces.

Etsy is able to compete for Etsy buyers based on the unique goods that Etsy sellers list in their marketplace, their brand awareness, the person-to-person commerce experience, their reputation as a trusted marketplace, their mobile apps, ease of payment and the availability and reliability of their platform.

Did you know that as of December 2015 there were 1.6 million active sellers?

How about that 13% of those sellers have been on Etsy for 4+ years?

That means 87% of Etsy Sellers are relatively new. New to Etsy, probably new to selling in general.

This is a community that’s still very much figuring things out. There’s a lot of opportunity for anyone to participate. That means you.

In a 2015 survey of Etsy buyers, 92% agreed that Etsy offers products they cannot find elsewhere.

They believe many Etsy buyers are motivated by more than simply price and convenience; they believe there is value craftsmanship, artistry, uniqueness, authenticity and sustainability.

Etsy buyers want to know how items were made, where they were made and who made them. Etsy buyers can enjoy a personalized shopping experience and build relationships through direct interactions with Etsy sellers.

In 2015, there were over 5 billion search pages viewed. That’s a lot of opportunity. Search is a powerful thing.

Where to go from here? 

Marmalead Entrepreneurs

If you’re already a Marmalead Entrepreneur, awesome! You have the tools you need to win the year! If you’re still unsure how to setup a strategy, no problem. Let us know and we’ll get you going in the right direction.


If you’re a Dabbler, now is the time to step up your game. I can’t tell you how many sellers wait until they’re stuck in a rut to try something different.

There’s a saying in sales, “the best time to make a sale is right after you made a sale.” It’s a contagious momentum.

Let’s talk about the cost real quick.

Would you spend $0.88 an hour for a month to reach your dreams?

Marmalead Entrepreneur is $19 if you go monthly.

What does that really mean though?

If you spend just 5 hours working on your Etsy SEO, over the course of a month, that’s just $0.88 (yes, that’s cents) per hour to super charge your efforts.

So when someone says they’re willing to do anything to get ahead and won’t spend $0.88, I know they’re not serious.

Really think about that.

Every time I try to be cheap, it sets me back and I regret it. There really is no free lunch. Don’t be fooled.

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.” – Jerry Rice

What will you do today?

We’re very much looking forward to the selling season picking up again. Hearing your success stories keep us motivated too.

If you haven’t checked out our Podcast Etsy Jam, you should listen in and hear some inspirational interviews for yourself.

– Richie, Gordon, and Kevin

Get Found on Etsy with Marma-Meter

Get Found on Etsy with the new Marma-Meters

Introducing our latest addition, the Marma-Meter. It’s the next level in our quest to help you get found on Etsy. It’s a right-brain friendly green, yellow, and red system of measuring three important criteria of keywords.

Those criteria are Engagement, Competition, and Category Page.


Measures how much shoppers are interacting with listings. While search volume counts the number of times shoppers have searched for a keyword, engagement means they searched, and then went on to interact (view and/or favorite) the listings on the page. Higher engagement is always better.


Measures how many listings are trying to be found in this search. The more competition there is, the more challenging it is to keep your listings at the top. In the most competitive searches, listings are being added/updated by the second. Lower competition is usually better.

Category Page

The category page is the grid of categories that show up when shoppers search for something too broad (like “gift”). The category page encourages shoppers to narrow their search before looking at specific listings. You usually want to avoid targeting keywords that result in a category page.

UPDATE: Etsy has since updated this section so the categories now appear on the left-hand side of search. That makes the categories less obtrusive to shoppers so this score is no longer very important when choosing keywords.

How it helps you get found on Etsy

Let’s take a moment to define “getting found”. It’s more than ranking. It’s ranking for keywords that have engagement. You’re not found until you’re seen.

Found = Views.

Our Marma-Meter ratings are data driven by Etsy data and scale to the size of the market. For example, when a keyword is rated with “High” Engagement, we’ve taken views per week and scaled it to fit the level of competition.

Whether you’re an analytical show-me-the-numbers-left-brain type or a creative just-tell-me-what-it-means-right-brain type, you’re going to love the Marma-Meter.

We’re doing the heavy lifting for you so you can quickly see what keywords are a good fit, and still showing the numbers you’re used to for when you want to drill down further.


Here we have a search for “silver jewelry”. You’ll notice that Engagement is actually “Low” even though it has 56 Views/Week. That’s because for the number of competing listings (Competition is “Very High”), it’s not really that impressive.



Here’s how the Marma-Meter looks in Keyword Comparison. Now you can sort out the good from the bad keywords even faster!Screenshot 08-21-2016 at 11.19.32 PM


Don’t worry, the numbers you’re used to are just below. 

Not sure where to start?

Head over to our Shop Fitness Calculator and see how you’re doing for the keywords that your shoppers are using to find you. Then jump over to Marmalead and use the new Marma-Meters to find related keywords that work even better!