Etsy SEO

The Best Etsy Keyword Tool for SEO Research in 2023

Save time and money with the best Etsy keyword tool for your SEO research. The wrong tool can lead you down a winding path, feeding you vanity metrics along the way. The right tool will show you keyword data that matters and help you put it into action. In 2023, Marmalead is the right Etsy […]

Monthly Checklists

December Etsy Shop Checklist 2022

Here at Marmalead, we strive to give you tools that help with your Etsy SEO. But we also want to provide helpful tools for your shop, especially those that help you dial in your Etsy shop goals! That’s why we’re excited to release our December Etsy shop checklist for 2022! As always, we hope it […]

Business Life

Etsy Shipping Labels: Are They Worth It?

Etsy says they’ve made order fulfillment easier and more affordable with tools like Etsy shipping labels, calculated shipping, and shipment tracking. But are these tools actually worth it? Or are they just another gimmick from Etsy? SharePinTweetShare1 Shares

Etsy How-to

How to Sell Printables on Etsy: What You Should & Shouldn’t Do

If you’ve got a knack for graphic design then you might be wondering how to sell printables on Etsy to capitalize on your creative talents. And well, selling printables on Etsy is a fantastic way to monetize your skills… If you know what you’re doing and which mistakes to avoid. Here’s how to get started. […]