Kindness Saves The Day

At Marmalead, we’re always hoping that our users will come to our blog or social media groups and find some helpful encouragement. This encouragement can take many forms. Sometimes it’s an article focused on helping you better understand our tools and finding more Etsy shop success. Sometimes it’s a dose of positivity with a blog post that might include Buddy the Basset, or maybe just a quick meme or anecdote posted to social media. Whatever it is, we always try to give you a mix between the technical information and the positivity, both of which we all need at times. 

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What Do Grades Really Mean?

Have you ever wondered why in the world your best selling listing on Etsy has a C grade in Marmalead? Or maybe why in the name of everything handmade your listing that’s never sold at all have an A grade in Marmalead?! If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, stick around because this post all about grades is just for you and will help you reach even more Etsy shop success!

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Five Ways To Fight Negativity As An Etsy Seller

Here’s the deal: working for yourself isn’t easy. Some days it can be extremely difficult. As small business creatives, crafters, and makers, it can be easy to allow yourself to fall into a slump both mentally and physically. Constantly coming up with a fresh spin on your products while maintaining boundaries with how much you work can be hard to figure out. On top of all this, negativity often sneaks in. And negativity is SO sneaky. Learning how to fight negativity can also be tricky. 

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Jam and Eggs…You know you want some!

Jam and Eggs

Hey everyone! Jade here:) In case you missed it…on our last Etsy Jam, Gordon made a fun announcement! Marmalead is going to start putting fun little easter eggs into each episode for our listeners and viewers to find. Why are we doing this? Because…

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