Jam and Eggs…You know you want some!

Jam and Eggs

Hey everyone! Jade here:) In case you missed it…on our last Etsy Jam, Gordon made a fun announcement! Marmalead is going to start putting fun little easter eggs into each episode for our listeners and viewers to find. Why are we doing this? Because…

…we love ya!

Our team at Marmalead appreciates each and every one of you who are a part of our Marmalead community. We thoroughly enjoy interacting with you and we think it’s awesome that you find value in what we have to offer! For us, that’s what it’s all about. So we want to say Thank-You!

All the Deets:

All you have to do is either listen to the podcast or watch the Jam on YouTube. If you’re watching, there will be a surprise easter egg that you’ll (definitely) see in the Jam. Or if you’re listening to the podcast, you’ll hear Lisa or myself interject with a short announcement letting you know what the easter egg is that week. Once you’ve “found” it, make sure to write it down. The first listener/watcher to email us at with the correct number of easter eggs and their correct names for the month will win a super amazing and awesome prize! The prize will change every month.

And that’s it!

The first easter egg will show up in the first Jam of February!  You will know the egg hunting is over for the month when you hear Gordon announce it’s finished at the end of the last Jam of each month. We will announce the winner for that month on our blog and Facebook pages! Then the fun will start over again!

If you suddenly find yourself having an EGG-sistential crisis (i.e. if you have any questions) please comment below on this blog post. We’re super stoked to play this EGG-cellent game with you!

Wanna collaborate?

If you’re interested in partnering with us on a giveaway, please let us know! Write into and we’ll tell you about how your shop could be featured with us on one of our giveaways!

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