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Etsy Keyword Ideas To Find Your Niche

Today, we’re going to cover some highlights of the feature release you’re currently seeing in your tools. Then over the next few weeks, we’ll dive deeper into each of the updates to make sure you have a solid roadmap!

Similar Shopper Searchessimilar searches christmas card marmalead

The new Similar Shopper Searches table still does the job of telling you what else real shoppers on Etsy are searching for. But now it offers even more information to better help you.

Remember how we (and Etsy) keep telling you that long tail keywords are important? Well, you’ve told us you’d like to see long tail indicators in more places throughout Marmalead and we’ve answered. Now you’ll see whether a keyword is a Long Tail right there in the Similar Shopper Searches table, no need to run a separate search!

We’ve also tightened up the numbers so you’ll see one number instead of a number range. Need to narrow down the list? No problem. You have a search box to sort out just the keywords you’re looking for.

As always, our goal with development is to save you time and make the tools as efficient as possible so you can be efficient also. Now the Similar Shopper Searches table takes a little more work off your plate.

Long Tail Alternatives

long tail Christmas card Marmalead

Long Tail keywords are powerful. They reach shoppers that are more likely to buy than those searching for generic keywords. But they can sometimes be a challenge to find, which is part of what makes them so valuable.

The new Long Tail Alternatives table takes your original search (which may or may not be Long Tail) and delivers a list of Long Tail keywords!

There are two kinds of brainstorming. The kind where you want all sorts of off the wall ideas to expand the scope of your thinking (like if you’re looking to reposition a product or are looking for new ways to describe something), and the kind where you want more ideas inline with the original keyword (like if you’re looking to expand on an already good idea).

Storm addresses the first kind, while Similar Searches and Long Tail Alternatives addresses the second. When you want Long Tail keywords that contain the keyword “Rustic”, you want to use the Long Tail Alternatives.

You might be thinking, how do I take “Coastal Decor” and make it long tail so I have another Long Tail Tag. Put that into Search and in Long Tail Alternatives you’ll find “Coastal Wall Decor”. Win!

Non-Focus Keywords non focus keyword table marmalead

Your listings have a lot of keywords. Some of those keywords are more important than the others. Some keywords may even be “key” to the success of your listing. So how do you know which keywords are focus keywords, and which aren’t? Well, we already told you which keywords were your focus keywords…but now we’re making it even clearer by telling which words are NOT focus keywords in the Non-Focus Keywords table.

Here’s a quick reminder: Focus Keywords are tags in your title and any keywords in your title that can be recreated by combining two of your tags. Okay, now that you know that, what’s a non-focus keyword? Well, non-focus keywords are tags that are not in your title and can’t be recreated by combining two of your tags.

So we’ve added the Non-Focus Keywords table to your Listing Details page and it will show you what keywords are NOT in Focus. Maybe you thought a really important keyword was a Focus Keyword and you can use the Non-Focus Keywords table to double-check and/or catch a mistake. Also, Non-Focus Keywords are still keywords, so even if they aren’t the MOST important keywords on your listing, they still matter.


marmameters marmalead

Marmalead invented the MarmaMeter to make keyword research more visual and less about showing you a ton of numbers all over your screen. They’ve evolved over the years, yet their job remains the same. They tell you at a glance if a keyword is worth looking into further.

Well…we’ve updated the MarmaMeters again to make them faster to interpret, and easier on the eyes. With the most accurate data we’ve ever had, we’re now showing exact numbers instead of number ranges for Searches and Engagement!

Popular Shopper Searches on Etsy

popular searches table marmalead

When you’re researching keywords for your listings, you need the ones that shoppers are actually searching for. A good place to start your hunt is with Popular Shopper Searches on Etsy. Here you’ll see the most popular searches on Etsy from real Etsy shoppers for Yesterday, Last Week, and Last Month. Not only are you seeing what’s popular with real Etsy shoppers, you’ll also see how those popular searches are trending. Simple up and down arrows indicate whether a popular search is trending up or down. Retail is all about riding out the current trends. When you see a Popular Search climbing the list, consider how you can position your shop to capture sales from that trend.

That’s All Folks…For Now

As always, we’re excited to continually innovate and develop our set of tools, and ultimately, the community around them. We sincerely hope you enjoy these latest updates and we hope they help take your productivity and Etsy shop success to the next level!

Happy selling, everyone!

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Nice to see long tail keyword suggestions it was getting kind of hard and time consuming trying to come up with enough of them to fill all the tag spaces, or at least have a good variety of them.

Hi, i’m not sure if the focus keywords and non focus keywords are clear. Do you have an example of that? Thanks!

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