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Etsy Success Story with Marmalead – Kelly

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Our Etsy Success Story with Marmalead for this week is all about Kelly from FitFizz. Kelly is a graphic designer by trade who has brought her love for creativity to the Etsy world in the form of fun fitness products! Her sense of style and her passion for health and fitness have come together in a beautiful way to create her unique Etsy shop success!

Details on the Success Stories

These Etsy success stories highlight the shops and experiences of Etsy sellers and creatives who have their boots on the ground. These folks are creating their way to success. It is people like these that make Etsy what it is and make Marmalead possible. This is why we feel it’s so important to shed a little light on those who are forging their way and making their business a true success.

Each story is unique, and it’s our goal to encourage your success by sharing the success of others. We hope you enjoyed this installment of Success Stories. There’s more to come! More than anything we hope these stories remind you that Etsy success is the ultimate handmade product!

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