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Get More Sales on Etsy in 30 Days With Joanna from EWD Marketing

Join Gordon, Richie and Joanna from EWD Marketing who is an amazing Etsy coach and all around Etsy SEO wizard!  Joanna has created a 30 Day Action Plan for Etsy Sellers that truly helps to get your SEO and shop on the right track to Etsy shop success

What’s it all about?

In this in-depth webinar, Joanna dives deep into what this 30 Day Action Plan really looks like. This is for anyone who is totally new to the Etsy space, for those of you who are tried and true with Etsy, but may feel like you haven’t ever really grasped Etsy SEO, and even for our sellers who just want to up their SEO game by going through your listings and making sure you’re on the ball as much as you can be! This tool will be AWESOME for you, walking you through super structured action steps that will absolutely help you get where you want to go with Etsy SEO. 

How she did it!

Joanna put together the 30 Day Action Plan For Your Business after working with SO many Etsy sellers who really did not have a daily action plan. She noticed sellers needed a plan they could stick to that would help them meet their goals. Joanna likes to use the example of a group of people deciding to walk 3 miles a day together for a month.

The first week everyone is enthusiastically on board and ready to go, completing the week strong! By day seven, suddenly 80% of the walkers have dropped off. The 20% that are left are still enthusiastic and ready to go, determined to finish the 30 days. Then, day 15 rolls around and 80% of the small amount left drop off. It’s the teeny tiny group that’s left who make it to the end. They succeed in reaching their goal and seeing results!

The Etsy algorithm is likened to this example. It knows that most people can sustain anything for 14 days. But beyond that, beyond those 14 days is where the magic happens. 


So come along on this fantastic journey with us! Included below is a link for this great webinar. You’ll also find a link to Joanna’s exact 30 Day action plan PDF. Why are you getting this for free? Because the bottom line is that we at Marmalead along with Joanna want you as an Etsy seller to not just succeed, but THRIVE in your shop! 

Happy selling, everyone! 

Download Joanna’s 30 Day Action Steps Here:


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46 replies on “Get More Sales on Etsy in 30 Days With Joanna from EWD Marketing”

Well I watch the video and had learned ! I almost wanted to give up my shop based on no sales and I had my shop for over a year only had 10 sales and I believe there is nothing wrong with my products things just won’t work for me!
EileenKJewellery is my shop and many shops in the past I had closed since 2014-2019 sad it is! Thank you for being here with us!

Hi There guys. Great podcast!! I couldn’t find what she was talking about at about 17 minutes about the spread sheet and the search key words on etsy search it was a bit vague…. any pointers
thanks again

Hello Angeal, The spreadsheet you are asking about is the “search beta” found in your Etsy shop. Go to your dashboard on your laptop or desk top computer, click on marketing, go to the top and click on Search Beta. This opens up the “spreadsheet” I was referencing. Good luck!! 😀

I had to read 3 articles to actually find this. You have to go into your sellers app, then go to the “More” bottom on the bottom right, click on “Marketing”, then go to “Social Media”, and shop updates are on the very bottom.

Is it possible for this system to work for artists who make one-off sculptures? It takes me about 2 weeks to make each new piece so I am really struggling to see how I could add a new listing every day…. am I missing something?

Hello Teriberryguest,
Lots of times we have listings in our shops that are months if not years old. These all need new seo UNLESS they are being favored and purchased. These are the listings I would create a new listing for, using updated category choices, attributes and new seo. If it is one of a kind, you simply deactivate the old listing when you publish the new listing. BUT. . . ONLY do this if there is truly no engagement for your listing. 😉

It is not easy to find it quickly, here is how I found it on my Android app: go to your Seller app, click on Marketing, then click on social media and scroll down until the end of the page and you will the update area. I hope this is helpful

Hi I just watched the webinar and it was great and I’m ready to start! I already switched to Etsy Ads from promoted listings and I can no longer see the daily or weekly results. I can only get last 30 days or last 12 months. Am I overlooking it somewhere or how should I track these now?


yes it works on android too. Go on your Sell on Etsy app, click on Marketing, then click on social media and scroll down until the end of the page and you will the update area

Why can’t I get through my thick skull the exact difference between between an impression and a click? Maybe you can link me up to the answer. Thanks for the 30 day challenge, Joanna. I’m psyched.

Hey Jim! An impression is when you show up in search results and a click is when a shopper sees your product there AND clicks on it.

Hello again, one more question….
At the Starting Point, When you say to write down the top 10 search terms… is that from our Shop Stats page or from Search Analytics (beta)?
Total views etc for the last for 30 days? or less?
thank you again!!
Kind regards

Do you see an error when you click on it? Try right-clicking and selecting “save as” if simply clicking doesn’t work. Hope that helps!

I also do not have shop updates showing up in my sell on etsy app :/ is this maybe omly available in certain regions or something?

Thanks so much for this guide! I’ve been doing this for just over two weeks and I’m wondering if you have any insight on the new advertising platform? I am steady losing money since they changed the way they advertise. We’ve lost all control over bids, etc. What is your advice about continuing to promote?

Thanks for the great advice. I didn’t understand ‘update one thing on your shops home page’. Thanks in advance.

What if one doesn’t have an I-Phone? At their going rates, it’s unlikely I’ll have one in the near future. What about the rest of us?

Thank you so much for this guide! I did it for the whole month of December and sold over $10k (for reference, I sold just $20k the entire rest of the year!) I plan to continue everyday for 2020 and hope the results continue!

Hi. This question was asked on 2019, but there was no reply on that thread. The question is “ On the Starting Point page, that states ‘write down the top 10 search terms found below your timeline “. , does this mean on the Shop Stats or from Search Analytics? Thank you in advance for all inputs!

Hello! At the time of writing this, Search Analytics didn’t exist – so we were recommending that people use Shop Stats. There had been complaints early on that Search Analytics was not returning accurate numbers for people – I’m not sure if Etsy has corrected that. But you should be able to use Shop Stats, Search Analytics or even Google Analytics to create a list of your top 10 search terms for your shop. Hope this helps! 🙂

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