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Etsy + Marmalead = Delicious Success

Hello and welcome to Marmalead! The purpose of this document is to educate newcomers about the bells and whistles of Marmalead. If you have other questions that you feel should be included in this guide, reach us at

What is Marmalead:

“Marmalead is the best Etsy SEO and Market Research tool for serious sellers. Handcrafted to be a phenomenal experience.
Our app is a set of tools, but more than that it’s a community of creative lifestyle entrepreneurs sharing a journey. We spend a TON of energy giving hands-on help to the community (MarmaNation).”

Table of Contents

How being found (SEO) works

A little background on getting found in Etsy search. Etsy search relevancy while always being tweaked will likely always be consistent on a few key points:

          1. Listing Titles are a strong factor in relevancy. You want to make sure your Title matches the search phrase as close as possible. Especially since Tags have a 20 character limit, you want to maximize your Titles for long tail keywords (keywords made up of multiple words).
          2. Tags help search understand your product. They’re limited to 20 characters so you’re going to want to maximize meaningful combinations. For example, “crackling wick” and “hand poured candle” are better than “crackling”, “wick”, “hand poured”, “candle” as separate Tags. The more specific the less competition and more likely you are to be found. Tags are your opportunity to expand the relevancy that your Title started.
          3. The buyer will have a variety of shops and listings on each page. You may have heard about clumping and de-clumping. Basically Etsy uses these strategies to help maintain a boutique experience for shoppers.

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When you run a search using Marmalead, you will be presented with this set of data. What does this all mean?Screen 2016-05-05 at 12.48.24 AM

Moderate. This means that an average of 10.9 views per week on a market with only 1,009 results have – in our estimate – a ‘moderate level of engagement’.

Very Low. The keyword ‘soy blend container candle’ only returns 1,009 other listings. This is a good thing and we recommend that you attack smaller markets like these.

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a. Total Results
1,009. This means Etsy search returns 1,009 listings. This is good news because you’re competing with a smaller niche, not >50k others!

b. Analyzed
100. Marmalead has analyzed the top 100 results. This can be toggled to analyze 42, 100, or 500 instead by clicking the ‘Limit to’ option.

c. Filter by Material
Allows you to filter out listings that don’t contain specific materials.

d. Filter by Category
Allows you to filter out listings that don’t fall into specific categories.

e. Shops Competing
54. This is how many shops are represented in the 100 listings analyzed.

f. Total Views
101,852. The 100 listings analyzed, sum to 101,852 so you can see people are viewing those listings. The time frame for the total views is starting from the day the listing has been posted.

g. Avg. Views / week
10.9. This is how many views per week on average those 100 listings receive. This is the result of both how long the listing has been active and the number of views in that time period.

h. Avg. Favs / week
1.2. This is how many favorites per week on average those 100 listings receive. This is the result of both how long the listing has been active and the number of favorites in that time period.

i. Min. Price
$3.50. The lowest price in the 100 listings.

j. Max Price
$86.40. The highest price in the 100 listings.

k. Avg. Price
$15.49. The average price of the 100 listings.


Price is part of your product. Higher than average price is seen as higher quality, lower than average is seen as lower quality, and average is actually indistinguishable. Buyers typically avoid the middle and justify their purchase as going “cheap” or “premium”. Price accordingly.

Price SpreadScreen 2016-05-05 at 1.27.26 AM

Price Spread visually shows you the price ranges that listings fall into. The high points of the graph show that there a larger number of items in that price bracket compared to the others. You can of course price your product outside of this range, however, you should have a very good reason to do so. Otherwise, your product may deserve a different keyword. Price Spread will give you an idea where your product falls in the existing market, which dictates how buyers will perceive your product.

On the screenshot above, I illustrate that products below the middle are positioned to buyers as lower cost and lower perceived quality. This is all else being equal of course. You may find that the lower cost items are simply smaller versions and still the same quality so use your judgment. Again these set initial impressions or anchors for shoppers.

Matching ItemsScreen 2016-05-05 at 1.48.20 AM

The 100 analyzed listings are found in the Matching Items table where you can search, sort, and filter on various key points:

          • Title of the listing
          • Page
          • Views/wk
          • Favs/wk
          • Fav %. – This is how many views converted to favorites. Note – Sometimes you’ll see an items has more favorites than views and wonder how that’s possible. It’s because you can favorite items without actually opening them to view.
          • Tags – You can hover over the word “Tags” to see the tags used by that listing.
          • Price

Other Ideas

Target your best market with keyword suggestions from Bing search engine. It’s a great way to brainstorm keyword ideas and find similar terms you might not have thought of.Screen 2016-05-07 at 1.11.51 AM

Notice the 3 dots to the left of some search terms? Those are Marma-meter scores for keywords that have been searched by other Marmers in the past.

Tags UsedScreen 2016-05-05 at 2.00.18 AM

The tags from the 100 analyzed listings are found in the Tags Used table where you can search, sort, and filter on various key points:

          • Tag
          • Count of the 100 listings that used the tag.
          • Favorites / View percentage of the listings that used the tag.
          • Views / Item average views per item using the tag.
          • Favorites / Item average favorites per item using the tag.
          • Average Price of listings using the tag.

Word CloudScreen 2016-05-05 at 2.05.51 AM

The word cloud provides a visual of the most popular tags from the 100 listings. The larger the word, the more frequently the tag was used. It’s a good brainstorming tool. Combinations of short tags can be made into stronger single tags. Example: I see “holiday” and “jar candles”, I may put them together and try “holiday jar candles”.

SEO Grades

Marmalead now grades your listings with a simple letter A+ to F grade. We grade your SEO whether your keywords are present in both your titles and tags, when you use all your 13 tag spaces, when you put all 5 photos, and whether you renew your listings frequently.

SEO grades

We also analyze your descriptions (number of words, number of sentences, readability etc.). While they are not counted towards your SEO grade, enticing descriptions are still very important. SEO gets you found, descriptions get you sold.

Keyword Storm


One of the top needs we hear from shops is help with keyword suggestions. With the Storm feature, Marmalead has you covered! Enter a keyword and the storm delivers a list of suggestions which are even scored using the MarmaMeters. Save the ones you like, clear the ones you don’t and you’re left with a list of good keywords. Make as many storms as you like!

Keyword Comparison

Compare up to 4 keywords side by side for an even faster SEO research. I recommend using this comparison tool to identify a handful of keywords that you’ll drill down on using the full search screen.Screen 2016-05-07 at 1.21.54 AM

Keyword Tracking

Stay ahead of market trends by tracking several search phrase performance metrics over time. Everyday, it will run a search of a keyword you set for you to identify trends. Rising trend means that there may be a rising demand for that particular market while a declining trend means shoppers are losing interest and it is probably time to find a new market to attack.Screen 2016-05-07 at 1.24.39 AM

Trending Tags

View the tags that are trending on Etsy. Trending tags are the most popular tags from Etsy’s Trending Listings.Screen 2016-05-07 at 1.26.28 AM


You want to upgrade and take advantage of all our premium features? That’s great! You’re already on your way towards your shop’s success! To upgrade, simply click on any of the tool icons in the left navigation pane. You’ll be greeted by an Upgrade! page as shown in the GIF below. Choose your preferred plan (Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually) and type in your payment details. Hit Upgrade again and you’re golden!


Manage Shops

If you own multiple shops (business tycoons welcome), you can connect them all here. Remember to login the correct Etsy shop on Etsy first!manageshop

Go to Manage Shops by clicking your name at the top right of the screen.


We’re sad to see you go. But if you really have to cancel your Entrepreneur plan subscription, you can do so here.cancels

Go to Account Settings by clicking your name at the top right of the screen.

Please take note that canceling will immediately turn off your access to Entrepreneur features so cancel only when you are 100% sure that you don’t need to use any of our paid tools anymore.

Pro tip: The best time to cancel is a day before your subscription renews so you will not be charged again.

You can update your credit card details here and you have the option too if you want to pay with PayPal instead.

Marmalead Apps

Keyword research may be very powerful to a shop, but alone it’s not enough. Need to know how your shop compares against others? We’ve got an app for that. Want to know how your listing photos appeal to shoppers? We’ve got an app for that, too.

Shop Fitness Calculatorshopfitness_icon

How is your shop performing? Score your shop’s conversion rate, visibility, SEO and keyword engagement. Then see how well you did compared to other shops on Etsy. Keep coming back to see if your changes are working!

Rock Your Photosphotos_icon

How do your listing’s photos perform? Get a custom report from real shoppers that scores the quality, appeal and clickability of your photos as well as a slew of keyword suggestions for your listing! Learn more


We loooooove hearing from you! So we made a collage of all the Marmalove we got from everyone.
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Common Questions

Google Keyword Planner or Marmalead?

You’ve come across several SEO guides before and the idea of using Google Keyword Planner for Etsy SEO may not be fresh to you. It’s gonna be a lengthy subject to discuss, we even have 2 separate articles for this subject alone.

Should You Use Google Keyword Planner OR Marmalead For Your Etsy SEO Research

Etsy SEO – Marmalead vs Google Keyword Planner

Long story short, if you’re selling on Etsy (which is probably why you’re here), use Marmalead. We get our data from Etsy and so we have the highest chance of knowing what keywords you need to be targeting for the highest chance of success. If you want to sell ads on the internet; use Google Keyword Planner.

What about search volume? Isn’t that the metric you should be looking for to gauge a shopper’s interest?
Well not anymore. Search engines have gotten much smarter. They have to be, there’s so much content out there! They care about quality now. Quality in the search world means engagement.

Why Search Volume is Misleading You

With all that information, how does someone use Marmalead to find great keywords?

We wrote a plain written article about that and we suggest you give it a try. Remember that this guide is just the tip of the iceberg and there’s plenty of other features that we did not talk about.

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Finding Great Etsy Keywords with Marmalead

Okay, can you give me tips how to find keywords with high engagement?

Sure! Do you remember what I told you about the Tags Used section and how you can search, filter, and sort your way around?Screen 2016-05-08 at 1.58.58 AM

In that screenshot above, I’m setting the entries to show me 25 entries so I can see more tags per page. Then, toggle the Views/Item to sort all the tags starting from the ones with the highest views. Once you picked several tags, fire them up using Keyword Comparison and weed out low performers. This is not a foolproof way of choosing your tags but I’ve found great results doing it. Make sure that the keywords you choose are relevant to your product!

Not all of your listings are one of a kind (unless you sell vintage) and eventually you’re going to run out of unique tags to use. You can actually ‘group’ your similar listings together under your strong keywords. We call this the ‘buckets strategy’.

The Buckets Strategy

Does Etsy look into my descriptions?

Nope. Etsy doesn’t look at descriptions. Where your descriptions really do matter is in closing the deal. So inside of your descriptions you should be completing the picture for people. Describe things in ways your photos can’t.

We’ve got more Etsy myths to uncover – ranging from Etsy search bar all the way to the order you should set your tags.
Read all about the 10 Etsy SEO myths here:

Busting Popular Etsy SEO Myths

Anything we’ve missed?

Let us know down in the comments or talk to us at!

Hello and welcome to Marmalead! The purpose of this document is to educate newcomers about the bells and whistles of Marmalead. If you have other questions that you feel should be included in this guide, reach us at