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How Are You Doing This Summer? And Reasons To Be Happy

Summer has been in full swing, and many are now focused on back to school. For many Etsy shops, that means the slow season is coming to an end and soon will be on the road to the holiday rush.

This is a great time to make sure your Etsy SEO strategy is ready. Fortune favors the prepared and it’s far easier to keep momentum than to build it. Especially as we’ve seen that listings with sales momentum have an edge in being found.

Be those listings with momentum early on!

Marmalead has the tools you need to build your strategy and get those early wins.

If you have questions about how to do that, we can help with that too. An Etsy SEO strategy doesn’t have to be confusing. It’s just new to many sellers. Like learning anything, we all start at square 1 and from there it looks confusing.

Let’s switch gears and talk about Etsy as a platform for a moment.

Whether you’re new to ecommerce or a seasoned seller, Etsy belongs in your stables. With a strong brand and over 20 million buyers and growing fast, Etsy is formidable.

Let’s look at some reasons be happy! 

Etsy competes with retailers for the attention of the Etsy buyer. An Etsy buyer has the choice of shopping with any online or offline retailer, whether large marketplaces or national retail chains or local consignment and vintage stores or other venues or marketplaces.

Etsy is able to compete for Etsy buyers based on the unique goods that Etsy sellers list in their marketplace, their brand awareness, the person-to-person commerce experience, their reputation as a trusted marketplace, their mobile apps, ease of payment and the availability and reliability of their platform.

Did you know that as of December 2015 there were 1.6 million active sellers?

How about that 13% of those sellers have been on Etsy for 4+ years?

That means 87% of Etsy Sellers are relatively new. New to Etsy, probably new to selling in general.

This is a community that’s still very much figuring things out. There’s a lot of opportunity for anyone to participate. That means you.

In a 2015 survey of Etsy buyers, 92% agreed that Etsy offers products they cannot find elsewhere.

They believe many Etsy buyers are motivated by more than simply price and convenience; they believe there is value craftsmanship, artistry, uniqueness, authenticity and sustainability.

Etsy buyers want to know how items were made, where they were made and who made them. Etsy buyers can enjoy a personalized shopping experience and build relationships through direct interactions with Etsy sellers.

In 2015, there were over 5 billion search pages viewed. That’s a lot of opportunity. Search is a powerful thing.

Where to go from here? 

Marmalead Entrepreneurs

If you’re already a Marmalead Entrepreneur, awesome! You have the tools you need to win the year! If you’re still unsure how to setup a strategy, no problem. Let us know and we’ll get you going in the right direction.


If you’re a Dabbler, now is the time to step up your game. I can’t tell you how many sellers wait until they’re stuck in a rut to try something different.

There’s a saying in sales, “the best time to make a sale is right after you made a sale.” It’s a contagious momentum.

Let’s talk about the cost real quick.

Would you spend $0.88 an hour for a month to reach your dreams?

Marmalead Entrepreneur is $19 if you go monthly.

What does that really mean though?

If you spend just 5 hours working on your Etsy SEO, over the course of a month, that’s just $0.88 (yes, that’s cents) per hour to super charge your efforts.

So when someone says they’re willing to do anything to get ahead and won’t spend $0.88, I know they’re not serious.

Really think about that.

Every time I try to be cheap, it sets me back and I regret it. There really is no free lunch. Don’t be fooled.

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.” – Jerry Rice

What will you do today?

We’re very much looking forward to the selling season picking up again. Hearing your success stories keep us motivated too.

If you haven’t checked out our Podcast Etsy Jam, you should listen in and hear some inspirational interviews for yourself.

– Richie, Gordon, and Kevin

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Hey! Thanks for correcting us! We meant to say 5 hours per week over the course of a month. So that’s roughly 21.5 hours in a month. $19 / 21.5 hours and it’s only costing you $0.88 per hour which is tiny!

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