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Thoughts As We Close Out 2020

Storytime. These last few weeks have been crazy for me (Jade, your resident blog writer, and Marmalead designer). My little brother welcomed his first child into the world and in the same week, my mom and grandmother both went into the hospital with Covid which resulted in double pneumonia…for both. I’m not sure I’ve ever been more excited and scared at precisely the same time!

Fortunately, my mom and grandma both appear to be on the mend. But it all got me thinking. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day. It’s so easy to forget how fragile life is. Within the span of one week, I held my newborn niece and cried with my 92-year-old grandmother while she told me on the phone she just wanted to go home. Why am I telling you this? I suppose because I believe that if we share the moments that bring us greater awareness, maybe somewhere along the line it will be a light to someone else as well. So here are a few things I’m focusing on a little more as we begin to close out 2020.

1. It’s important to take time to stop and just be with our people.

 I don’t care if your people have two legs or four. I don’t care if they are the family you were given or the family you chose. None of that matters. What matters is that you take the time to acknowledge their presence in your life. What matters is sharing your joy with them and thanking them for the joy they’ve shared with you when your cup was running low. Listen, ya’ll. Please know that I’m preaching to myself here. I’m the worst at reaching out and taking the time to stay connected. But this year more than ever, I’m so grateful for the chance to tell my people I love ‘em. Even if just by phone…take some time to be with your people.

2. Cultivate kindness.

This year I’ve watched the world become a pretty divided place. Now, I’ve also seen a lot of people come together in some pretty amazing ways. But in terms of general sentiment…it seems many have drawn lines or taken sides. I know it’s hard. But I think the only way we’ll come out of this stronger is to find a way to be kind to those that see the world completely differently than we do. As creatives and Etsy sellers, we know (perhaps more than some) that it takes all kinds to make the world go-round. So cultivate a sense of curiosity about those differences instead of defensiveness. You don’t have to agree! But I think we might see a different kind of world if all of us made a concerted effort to cultivate kindness.

3. Believe in something.

A higher power, yourself, nature, the creative process…whatever it is. Believe. Because when you do, it offers you a sense of purpose and gives you direction. It allows you to focus and create goals, and often, that belief acts as a fuel for reaching those goals. So believe in something.

4. Find your “peaceful”.

Maybe it’s a song, a cup of tea, meditation, a favorite piece of art, or spending time in nature. Maybe it’s all of those things. Maybe it’s something entirely different. Whatever the case may be…it’s important that you find it because when things get crazy (here’s looking at you 2020) you’re gonna need your “peaceful”. It’s okay if you haven’t found yours yet. That just means that you get to go looking for it. This is one of those times when the journey is worth the time. So if you’re in the journey phase of finding your “peaceful”, keep allowing yourself the space and time you need to get there!

5. Finally…you be you.

I could write a whole article on the value of being authentic in business and in life. But I’ll settle for this brief reminder from Elizabeth Gilbert…”Dear one’s, don’t worry about being original. Be authentic.”

Final thoughts.

So as we close out 2020, I hope you take some time to be with your people. I hope you take some opportunities to be kind when the alternative would be easier. I hope you believe in something and that it has given you some direction. I hope you find your peaceful. And if you haven’t found it yet, I hope you stay the course. And finally, I hope that today and everyday you’re finding a way to be the you-est you that you can be!

Happy selling, everyone!

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Jade ~ wonderful words of wisdom for all of us after enduring 2020 covid year ~ Family, friends, co-workers, strangers we pass while shopping all need kind eyes, smiles hidden behind the masks.
Hope your grand-mom and mom are recovering from covid illness and your brother is enjoying his new baby. Thanks for sharing these words for all of us to read and reflect on as we move forward into 2021.
Kindness to fellow man is important….again praying your family is ok….may you live a long, healthy and happy life Jade Valcarcel….your wise beyond your years young woman…..

Tanya, thank you SO much for your kind words, they truly mean more than you know! I hope you have a wonderful end to 2020 and an amazing 2021! Thank you for your prayers for my family🧡

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