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Tips For Standing Out On Etsy

Is standing out on Etsy in your particular market something you’ve been thinking about a lot lately? Have you wondered how you go about achieving this? We get it because it’s something we think about a lot too! We want to stand out in our market in the same way you do. That’s why we came up with the tips below to help you get started on your journey of standing out 🙂 These are just a few ways to help you find more Etsy shop success as you move forward in the new year!

We get questions like these a lot: “Everyone is selling the same thing I sell. How do I stand out?” Or “Maybe it’s the market I’m in, it’s just too saturated and I can’t make any sales in this environment!”

First, let me say this: if you’ve already decided you can’t compete in any particular environment (whether it be art, jewelry, pottery, whatever) then you’re right, you won’t! Remember what we’ve talked about on this blog in the past, what you believe is what becomes. So, just a quick reminder before we jump into the content, remember to put on your positivity cap!

Your why

Okay, so you’re in a “Yes I can” kind of place. That’s great! Now, I won’t tell you that selling in a competitive market is as easy as selling in a non-competitive market. But, I will tell you that there are ways to find your niche within a competitive market and by doing this, you narrow the competition. As creatives, we all have a story to tell and our own unique voice. The journey then is to find your unique voice and capitalize on it. Yes, there may be thousands of other painters or potters or seamstresses on Etsy. But why are you different?

Why are you different?

Take this question seriously. Don’t just pass over it. Write it down on a piece of paper and study it. Process it. Ask others you’re close to why they would or wouldn’t buy from you. What’s your story? Make that story a part of your work. Don’t create more of the same. Create more of you! And there’s only one you. So by creating things that are extensions of you, you’re guaranteed to find a niche!

Tips for standing out

Let’s go over some helpful tips for figuring out where you can begin this journey!

1.) Try appealing to a different audience.

Maybe you’re thinking your jewelry is meant for adults. That’s just the picture you’ve got in your head. But could you create pieces for children? Could you market to kiddos? Remember how you used to get gummy vitamins when you were a kid? And then the kids gummy vitamin makers realized so many adults were buying gummy vitamins that they decided to market them to adults too? Be sure to brainstorm ALL the different audiences that might be interested in your product and if you see a gap in your market and then fill it. Be the gummy vitamin for adults!

What about different genders? Maybe you’re laser engraving flasks and you feel like your primary market is men. But hey, women love Scotch too! Is there a way you can reach those single malt ladies out there? Or maybe you can create a product that reaches out to people based on their geographic location. The sky’s the limit. What I’m getting at here is to remember to ask yourself the 5 w’s: Who, what, when, where, and why! Who could use this? What could they use it for? You get the point. Just don’t forget, your audience might be in one of these niches! 

2.) Pricing

I’ve been to many different art galleries, expos, craft shows and  handmade exhibitions. And I noticed something. Fine art and handmade stuff definitely isn’t cheap. Nor should it be! BUT, maybe you could work to fill the price gaps in your market. If you’re in a market filled with premium products, can you offer a lower cost option and potentially sell more? Or maybe you’re in a market filled with low cost competitors and it’s a race to the bottom. Is there potential to set yourself apart by offering the best quality? If you’re already offering the best quality, how can you highlight that beyond just saying so? Be specific with your customers about what makes your product worth the investment. Then price it at what it’s worth.

3.) Don’t forget your voice

When you’re putting together your listing, don’t forget to be you in all the copy you write. With your descriptions, let your personality shine through. If you’re funny, quirky, dark, bold, whatever it may be, remember: you’re the only you there is and you want to “YOU’se” that to your advantage. For the most part, shoppers want to know who they’re buying from. They’re looking for something they connect with. Don’t forget to give it to them!

4.) Does size matter?

It might! Again, think about what’s out there and what you might be able to do differently. There’s an online printing company called Moo. Wanna know what Moo did? They decided that their standard business card was going to be marginally larger than the standard business card dimensions on the market. Imagine holding a hand full of business cards and feeling the one that sticks out. That’s Moo! They found a way to be different in a sea of the same. If there’s a gap in the size department where your product is concerned, fill it. Tell the competition to MOOve over! You’ve got a fresh take on things!

So there you have it! A few tips to help you start out on your stand out journey! But remember, there are always more ways to be different. I say this because (again) there are as many ways to be different as their are people in the world and at the end of the day, we just want you out there showcasing YOU! After all, that’s what this creative business is all about!

Happy Selling Everyone!


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Thank for reading, Jewel! The announcement area is also a GREAT way to stand out! Happy selling 🙂

Thanks for this. Some great tips. I love the idea of “Create more of you”…I am definitely going to give this some serious thought to see how I can implement this.

Excellent tips! Thank you! Your article really hit home for me because I have been thinking hard about how I can market my handcrafted canvas prints to appeal to a niche market or create new paintings that meet the needs of a profitable niche area. I’ve started by venturing into mid century modern art and coastal art. If you are curious to see… You can visit my Etsy shop by going to Can’t wait to read your next article! Thank you!!!

Thanks for reading, Debby! So glad you found the tips helpful! I’m very familiar with your shop and work 🙂 I’ve perused your shop several times 😉 Love it!

Thank you for the tips. They have gave me food for thought. While I have been part of Marmalead for about a year, today I have set my mind to learn how to use it at the best of my ability. That along with filling my shop is my first goal. I’m 71 yrs. Old and don’t want to confuse or stress out myself. I know my potential and I’m going for it.🤗

Hi Tonia! Thanks so much for reaching, I’m glad you found this post helpful! We’re so excited that you’re part of our community and know you can always reach out to us with questions at I see you’re part of our Facebook groups, so please reach out there as well! Your success is our success so we want to see you reach your goals with your Etsy shop 🙂 Happy selling!

Thanks for reading, Kim! So glad you enjoyed it and it gave you some things to think about! Happy selling🍊

Thanks a lot for reminding me good ideas for my business! I like the idea about being yourself, being different, being unique to move forward and not to give up. Never give up!

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