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Hi and welcome to basic training!

Below I have nine training videos for you covering the main features of Marmalead. They’re in the order I would recommend using them. As you get familiar with the features, you’ll find ways of using them that I’ve never even thought of. When you do, let me know 🙂

I’ve tried to answer our most common questions in the videos, but if you have further questions, let me know! The best way to reach me is through the messaging system in the bottom right when logged into Marmalead.


Video In-Progress

It’s the next level in our quest to help you get found on Etsy. It’s a right-brain friendly green, yellow, and red system of measuring three important criteria of keywords.

Those criteria are Engagement, Competition, and Category Page.

Game changer? We’ll let you be the judge of that 😉

Read more on it here

Keyword Comparison

Keyword Search

Other Ideas


Matching Items Table

Tags Used Table

Tag Cloud

Shop Filter and Checking Your Ranking

Make sure to add your Shop Name to your Marmalead account in Account Settings.

Keyword Tracking

My Two Cents on Descriptions

I see a lot of descriptions that make my head spin. Way too much going on. Social media links, other listings, tons of how to order information. TLDR (too long didn’t read). We have short attention spans, so it’s imperative to make each second count…

Listing Descriptions

Casual Sterling Silver Beach Themed Starfish Necklace

This sterling silver starfish necklace is the perfect choice for when you’re walking the beach or wishing you were.

It’s smooth polished texture with just the right amount of detail is the perfect accent to your favorite summer dress.

Ordering is easy. Just click the add to cart button on the right and purchase with a credit card or PayPal and I’ll have your silver starfish on the way in no time!

Okay, let’s break down why I did that.

Line 1 is the headline. It grabs attention and has one job. Make the buyer read the next line.

Line 2 is for capturing interest. I’m thinking my target buyer for a starfish necklace has strong positive feelings about the beach.

Line 3 is for building desire. Now it’s becoming mine. I’ve paired it with something they already own, their favorite summer dress.

Line 4 is for closing the sale. Everyone wants easy (think Amazon Prime and 1-Click Ordering). Tell them what to do.

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I loved your videos! They are so clear and explain exactly what I need to do to get my site more noticed and more profitable. I would love to see more videos as I am a visual learner. Thanks and I am joining Marmalead now!!

Susan Saunders
Wraps and More

I had signed up for the Thursday Webinar and forgot about it …. is it available for me to view when I have the time?

BTW … your program here makes sense … I like it!


You’re in luck, Tim! The webinars aren’t until Thursday 8/20 and Sunday 8/23 – both at 9pm. If you can’t make it to either one, no sweat – we plan on recording them and posting them to youtube. Thanks for your interest!

This seems like a very powerful program but I find it somewhat confusing. Is there a comprehensive guide that zeros in on just what some to the information means. For example: if a result has an API average rank of 49.4 what does this mean. What is the range? Which is good, a high or a low number.

Hi Linda! We’re still working to fill out our videos and guides about the detailed information in Marmalead. Great question about the “Average Rank” column in the tags table! This number shows the average position of a listing using that specific tag. So, for example, if you were looking at 100 results, and every single one used the tag “tribal headband” the average rank would be 50. If more listings toward the first page (positions 1-42) used this tag and the listings further down did NOT use this tag, then the average rank for it would be lower than 50. You can use this number to help understand which tags are fairly common (close to 50) and which tags are used by the highest ranking listings (the ones lower than 50). Hope this helps! If not feel free to reply!

Hello Richie, I have re read your explanation on Average rank and I am not sure I understood that. Can you please explain again. I would like to know if the lower number or the high number is to put it simply better. Thanks

I’m confused about the listings whether I look at 100 or 500. I want to confirm they represent sales??? Or, are they just the listings? If they do represent sales, then over what time period(s)? Thanks.

I found the video’s easy to follow. I like the way the training is broken up into the nine different shorter video’s. It will make it easy to refer back to them if I find myself needing a refresher. Can’t wait to put it all into practice.
Also loved the background effects from the junior partner.

Hi Tina,
That’s a good question. You can use the Keyword Comparison for both of the purpose you mentioned. I would use it to check keywords I am interested in – very helpful when trying to figure out the best keywords to use. You can also use it to compare your strongest keywords to have a better grasp of the market you are trying to attack.


Great videos Richie… love the sounds of kids in the background 😉
Also, good two cents suggestions for descriptions. Looking forward to upgrading my account and getting started.

I would like to know for how long period the field “Total Views” demonstates its data. From the day when your system start working? Please specify the month and year or at least the year and was it beg.|middle or end of the year?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Viktoria,
The Total Views displays the total number of views all the listings got since the date they were posted. Listings posted last month, last year, even yesterday – they all add up to the Total Views.


I am trying to understand how to use rank, etc., to judge whether to use a keyword or not. For example, in a search I did related to one of my necklaces, the keyword “green” has avg. rank 61.7, fav/view% 74.9, views/item 13.8, favs/item 10.3. Based on what I understand (which may be incorrect), these look like pretty good numbers in each column. However, we are constantly told that one-word keywords like “green” are less effective than multiple word keywords. Hence my confusion. How should I interpret this information? Should I add the keyword “green” separately from other keywords I used such as “green necklace” and “green gemstones”?

I want to add that I also came across an item in my search that boasted fantastic numbers all around. I went to the shop and saw that they had 91 sales since they opened January 1, 2016. Most of the keywords for the item in question were one word.

Hi there Scotti,
Those are some great questions. Broad keywords like ‘green’, or ‘necklace’ or ‘silver’ looks great on paper because all year round they have high views, high engagement and all that. But competition also plays a role. You wouldn’t want to put your listings in a saturated market. And that is why we recommend long tail keywords.
Also, someone typing in ‘green’ has no intention of buying yet, ‘green necklace’ and he/she knows what he/she needs. ‘green emerald brass necklace’ and you got yourself a buyer.

There are other different factors too why a shop is succeeding even with bad SEO. Maybe that shop has found its niche and excels in it. Maybe that shop is good at outrunning her competitors by the quality of their products alone. Maybe she’s getting traffic by marketing online. We can’t really tell.

I hope that helped!

Yes, that does make sense, but also makes it difficult to try to “emulate” the SEO of a “successful shop” in order to improve one’s own success. I am making good use of the Keyword Search feature to find keywords (phrases) that have moderate-to-high engagement and moderate-to-low competition.

I just sat through every training video and they were FABULOUS! I’m a very visual learner and what I don’t get the first time around I can replay the videos.
INTERNATIONAL QUESTION…I used to have very strong international sales and one day it all stopped. If a non English speaking person in Italy searches for my tag: cat style sunglasses will she find me? Does it translate?
Can’t wait to apply what I learned!

Thank you so much for putting this all together. It has certainly helped me a lot.
I have a question on Etsy’s search results…which is quite frustrating to me. For example, I’ll type in the Etsy search field the first five words of one of my listings. You would think my listing would be first in the search findings…nope. Other items that have maybe only one or two of those words show up in front of my listing. (the search is sorted by Relevancy)
How is that possible?

Hi Wendy,
Do you have the keywords present in both title and tags? I’m not sure how that happened but it could be that Etsy sees your competitors as more relevant if the search engine sees the keywords in their title and in tags.

Your description of the item has no measurements. There must always be measurements. When I started on Etsy, I didn’t put measurements in my listings, and I ended up with a lot of angry customers who assumed the item was bigger or smaller than it actually was. I got angry messages and bad reviews. So there always has to be measurements along with photos that give an idea about sizing.

Thanks for a lot of great info! I have been selling on Etsy for years, as a sideline to arts shows and retail, and I have known my Etsy shop was under performing, but didn’t know what to do about it. Now that I’m transitioning to doing fewer live events, I need my online sales to be more robust. This information is vital, in my opinion, and Etsy isn’t sharing it. Over a million sellers on Etsy, and that number keeps rising. I’m surprised I get any sales, to be truthful. Your tools and tutorials are a lifesaver! Thank you.

I don’t see anything on engagement, competition or category page. I realize these are somewhat self explanatory but everything I try for my vintage items show low engagement. Also why to you use Bing for related searchers rather than Google?

During our tests in early stages of Marmalead, surprisingly we got better results off of Bing instead of Google. That is why we went with Bing for the Other Ideas section 🙂

You mentioned in the level one training to check your listing’s ranking by going into “incognito” mode. I tried logging out of Etsy, but it recognizes me anyway. I may be showing my ignorance, but how do you log into Etsy “incognito”?

If you’re in Chrome, there’s an option to go into “Incognito mode”. What this does is that when you’re in this mode, Chrome will prevent internet history and web cache from being stored. Etsy will not be able to track you and give you personalized searches. If you’re on a Mac, go to File > New Incognito Window. If you’re on Windows, the shortcut key is Ctrl+Shift+N.

Hi, I love Marmalead…
but I have a problem with putting the keywords that I find, into a good use.

Like we are supposed to use long tail Keywords.

And this one has all greens: Wall mounted coat hooks

But how do I make this into a tag, where only 20 characters are alowed?

Like this: “Wall mounted” and “Coat Hooks” and they will be connected when someone searces for that. Like this: “Wall mounted hooks” “wall mounted coat” “Mounted coat Hooks”? Or something else?

Thanks this will help a lot.

“Wall Mounted Hooks”, “Mounted Coat Hooks”, and “Coat Hooks” are all good variations. Etsy’s search engine would be able to pick it up as long as the context is still the same. “Wall Mounted” is not ideal because Etsy wouldn’t know what it is, “wall mounted” could mean a wall art or something. “Wall mounted coat” and Etsy might think you’re selling coats instead of hooks. You should be fine just as long as the idea remains the same.

am new here am only 1 week but i am quick learner my biggest problem that English are not my first language so am facing so much hard time thinking of the keywords that buyers may use

Any way my question is this :

is it right to use exactly the same title and the same tags to all the items i had at one section
iv done that and i had 1 item on each of the first 12 page
so keep it like that or try to target another Keyword ?

Welcome to Marmalead, Omar! You can use the same keywords in your title and tags but if you do it too much, you will start competing with yourself. Because in normal conditions, Etsy will not allow you to have more than one listing in a single page. So what would happen is that Etsy will place your listings one on each page. If you do it 5 times, you will have one listing on page 1 to 5 (assuming you can rank well in that keyword). After that, it might be better to target a different set of keywords since most people don’t get past 5 pages of search anyway. Click here to read more about this strategy:

Hi! I am a little confused about the Average Fav OR Average View.. if i put my cursor over the yellow block, and it says.. 10.2
What exactly does that mean? percentage?
Please help me to understand the specific of these numbers.

Hi Paige,
You mean the yellow bars in the Tags Used section? Average Favorites or Average Views are the average engagement per week on those keywords. If a keyword ‘silver necklace’ has an Avg. Fav. of 5; then it gets on average 5 favorites per week. The same applies to average views. Fore more info on what the other metrics mean, please see our Knowledgebase.

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