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Etsy SEO Tool: Why Marmalead is the Only One You Need

Why is Marmalead the only Etsy SEO tool you should be using over the other options out there? How is Marmalead different or, for that matter, better? Stick around while we compare ourselves to the rest! 

A little comparison

Etsy SEO tool - Marmalead homepage

Today we’re going to be talking about Marmalead and how it compares with other Etsy SEO tools out there. There’s no shortage of options for you as an Etsy seller. There are many places you can go to find numbers about how keywords would perform. We get asked a fair amount, “Why should I use Marmalead? There are other things out there. Why shouldn’t I be using X, Y, Z tool?” 

Or perhaps someone is using X, Y, Z tool and they’re saying, “How come your search number is this and this other tool tells me the search number is something different? What’s going on with that?” In this episode of The Jam, we’re going to do our very best to give you a very thorough answer to this question.  

Etsy SEO tools can be confusing

First of all, we wanted to acknowledge that it’s confusing to use multiple Etsy SEO tools. For that matter, it’s confusing to use multiple tools for any job you’re doing. Could you imagine if you were keeping your financial books in three different tools? Or doing your taxes with three different tools every year? It would be very confusing!

Pro Tip: Combining good data with bad data isn’t improving anything.

Just because different tools are all saying something different and you’re like, “Hey, why are these different?” Then, yeah, you probably don’t know what’s going on behind the data, and you’re treating it all like they have the same data and the same analysis, and like those things should be the same. 

Two key differences when you use Marmalead as your Etsy SEO tool

Etsy SEO tool - Marmalead's grading system

We’re really looking at two key differences between Marmalead and any other Etsy SEO tool as we’re tackling this topic:

  1. How are grades presented inside of Marmalead versus other tools that might be trying to tell you a grade for your Etsy listing?
  2. How is the data that we’re showing in Marmalead different from the data that arrives to you in another application?

Grading your SEO in Marmalead

Let’s dive in first with grading. It is important to remember that when you’re looking at grading, you can’t average out grades (just like you can’t combine good data with bad data). So you couldn’t look at having an A in Marmalead and a C in another application and come to the conclusion that you have a B. It doesn’t necessarily work that way. In order to figure out how the grade counts over here versus over there, you need to understand what is being graded in the first place. 

In Marmalead, what we’re grading is Etsy best practices for SEO. We know these best practices from the seller handbook and from the experience of what is going on in the world of Etsy. So this is what we’re grading on.

Sidenote: just so you know, the number of photos you have is not part of your grade (we get this question a lot) 🙂

The biggest impact

What we’re using is what we ourselves and others have found to be most impactful for the actual success of your listings. Just because you have an A grade doesn’t mean it’s going to be successful. What we’re trying to do is grade you in such a way that if you follow these best practices, you are going to be teed up for the best possible chance of success by using grades and the keyword tools we have.

From the source

A lot of this comes from Etsy themselves and the seller handbooks that they put forward and what they’re relaying to sellers: “Here are the best practices, and here’s how you should set your listings up to perform best on Etsy.” That’s a fantastic source of information. Obviously, it’s in Etsy’s best interest to have sellers who create listings that are set up well for how the Etsy algorithm works and what their algorithm is expecting.  

A starting point

While they can’t spell everything out for you one hundred percent of the way (because things are always changing), it’s a great starting point. They’re sharing some key things with you. So we pull those into Marmalead and into our grading to make sure that we’re recommending the same thing that Etsy is recommending now.

In addition to that, we look at what coaches in the space are seeing and what sellers are seeing, and what seems to be performing inside of Etsy search. Those things also get weighted into the algorithm for your grades. 

Weights in our Etsy SEO tool

Remember, the different categories, metrics, etc., are not necessarily weighted equally. They’re weighted differently, given their importance. Things we include that are pretty unique to us are long-tail focus keywords. We’re going to make sure that you’re using good long-tail focus keywords, and we’re going to put that in your grade. 

An Etsy SEO tool that breaks down long-tail

Etsy seo tool - long tail keywords with Marmalead

Of course, long-tail focus keywords are keywords found in both your tags and your title. You want these to be specific, being niche enough that there’s actual buyer intent when searching that keyword. Title length is also important, but not necessarily for SEO as much as making sure when someone is searching on a mobile device, they’re having a good experience. You want to be sure that the title isn’t being cut off, causing your buyer to be unsure what this listing title is versus when they’re on a desktop and they can see the full title. 

These are things that we find especially important, and it’s not just our judgment on that. This is backed up by Etsy coaches and seeing what is working.  

To be clear

Etsy SEO tool - title readability

This is a good opportunity to be clear that there are things on the listing details page inside Marmalead that aren’t part of your grade. Many things are important to how well you’ve set up that listing and how much success we think you’re going to have with it from a sales perspective. But they aren’t necessarily part of your grade. Title length is a good example of that. 

It will indirectly affect how your listing succeeds, but Etsy hasn’t been shown to prefer listings with a shorter title, so we’re not forcing you to use a shorter title. We do show you what your title looks like on mobile devices inside search results because it’s super trimmed down (Etsy really limits the number of characters they pull back in a title). 

And there you go, those are some grading differences between Marmalead and some of the other Etsy SEO tools out there now. 

The importance of customer service & data in an Etsy SEO tool

Now we’re going to talk a little bit about data differences. The two most important things to us at Marmalead are the accuracy of our data and how well we can help individual sellers. 

We take customer support very seriously, and so if you reach out to us at, you’re going to get an actual person. They’re going to help you with your specific situation! They’ll help you understand the tools, set up your shop in a way that makes sense, and answer any questions that you have.

Everyone is different, and this is one of the beautiful things about Etsy! All shops are different. It takes that very personalized level of support to be able to help people individually so that all Marmaleaders can succeed overall as a whole. 

Data accuracy

This is especially important when it comes to data accuracy. If we’re not showing you accurate data, Marmalead won’t work in the first place. It’s super important to us to make sure that the numbers we’re putting out on the screen are helpful to you, as well as accurate and meaningful. We don’t want to show you a bunch of numbers that just aren’t going to help you with anything.

The proof is in the pudding

Be sure to stick around until the end of this post, when we’ll share some actual numbers of how we’ve compared shops that use Marmalead to Etsy shops that don’t! 

The other strong reason we know our tools work is the countless detailed success stories that people share with us on how Marmalead has worked for them over the years! We’ve got old stories. We’ve got new stories. But they are each fantastic in their own way! This is ultimately why we do what we do. 

We care too much to just make you feel good. 

The data that we show you isn’t just copied from other places. We’re not just showing you numbers for the sake of showing more numbers or just to try to make you feel good! If we show you numbers that make you feel good, but success doesn’t come, you’re going to feel worse than if we just told you the truth right away! We are not that company. In all the data that we show, we try to be unique. We try not to take what’s in Etsy stats (that you can find) just to spin our own version of it.  

We’re saying, “Hey, this stuff you should be checking in Marmalead and this stuff over here, you need to go to your Etsy stats and then use that in conjunction with Marmalead.”  

Setting our Etsy SEO tool apart from the crowd

Etsy SEO tool - keyword engagement over time

One of the key things that separates our data from other applications is that we’re showing you forecasts for how well we think a keyword is going to do over the next thirty days. 

If you open a different keyword search tool, they might be showing you the number of searches that a keyword got over the last thirty days. Or maybe even over the last twelve months (there’s a balanced average of how many searches this keyword saw over the last twelve months).

Seasonality is a huge impact, so that’s going to fluctuate over time. That’s not necessarily going to help you, though. You don’t want to be throwing a keyword on your listing in March that had an average of five hundred searches, but only fifty for March. March is not a good time to put that keyword on your listing.   

Performance is key

It’s important to have this. But it’s also very important to make sure you’re putting keywords on your listings that will perform well. It doesn’t help necessarily to find keywords that did well last month. If I’m going to be putting those on my listings, I want to know how they’re going to do in the next thirty days. That’s really important! That’s an enormous difference between Marmalead and some of the other tools that are out there.

The importance of accuracy

Now, how accurate are these forecasts, you may ask? If you’re trusting these forecasts, you don’t want a weather forecast for your keywords. You want something a lot more accurate than that! This is something that we test. We constantly are testing our forecast numbers that we’re putting out there. We aim for 95% accuracy. That’s what we have achieved with our keywords and so that’s what we want to keep hitting. 

It’s true that occasionally, you’re going to find a keyword that ends up not performing as it was forecasted. But overall, when we spot-check thousands and thousands of keywords, we’re at 95% accuracy, which we’re very happy with. If you have a successful keyword strategy, you’re going to be using lots and lots of keywords in your shop. So that 5% margin of error should not be very impactful for you, because of the other 95%.

Forecasts and success

People will often tell us they’ve used other Etsy SEO tools but weren’t having much luck until they started using Marmalead. They might not necessarily understand why. We really think forecasts could be a huge part of that success. If you’re always looking at historical data and making decisions based on that, then all of a sudden you switch to data that’s now telling you what something is going to do, it would make sense that this would help you a whole lot more than always looking behind.

The evolution Marmalead as an Etsy SEO tool

In order to understand our data and where we’re at currently, we want to talk about the evolution of our data. Where things started and how we ended up where we are now. 

Back when Marmalead first started, we started with the API, which is where most tools start. This was years ago and back when we were just baby SEOs. We’ve since moved on to a more advanced source of data that big Google SEO tools use. We go ahead and apply that same technique to Etsy. We have definitely pioneered that in this space. This is not something that all tools are able to do, which is why we didn’t start there.  

A faucet and a river

Sourcing and processing this amount of data is, well, expensive. The Etsy API is like a dripping faucet. You’re calling out to them, and they give you a little drip of data back. Now, the data we’re talking about is like a river. Well, you have to be able to do something with this river of data. And it’s a lot to process. It’s not just going into a different view on a number you can already find in your shop.

Our focus

We live in this data. We grab as much data as we can from as many places as possible, and we make sure to bring meaningful insights that you can apply to your shop. This is what we put into our tools. Like making sure that our forecasts are 95% accurate, we make sure that what we’re doing is as accurate as possible. Not just numbers, for number’s sake. 

It all comes back to data and customer support being the true core to Marmalead. We want to make sure we have the best data available to our community, and we’re showing it to you in the best way that we possibly can. This has always been a huge focus for us.  

Crunching the numbers

Etsy SEO tools - real success stories from Marmalead

We mentioned earlier that we knew Marmalead is helping people and working for them because we’ve crunched some numbers. We were super excited by the results that we came back with! Obviously, there’re success stories, and we love hearing about them. It’s always fantastic when one of those comes through, and we get a moment of saying, “Yes!” We’re rooting for you guys and our Marmalead community!  

We love hearing that our hard work is helping you guys succeed, but we’ve been able to crunch and put some numbers behind it too, which is even better! 

What the number-crunching told us about our Etsy SEO tool

Now the fun part, let us tell you the numbers we crunched!

Half of Marmalead customers outperform the average non-Marmalead shop by seven times! This is seven hundred percent. That’s a lot.

The top ten percent of Marmalead customers outperform the average Etsy shop by twenty-five times. That’s pretty significant! 

All shops who stay with Marmalead outperformed the average Etsy shop by almost four times or four hundred percent. If you’re using Marmalead, you’re almost guaranteed to be outperforming other shops in your market segment by four times, which is awesome! That’s exactly the kind of success that we want to see for our customers.

It’s one thing to be using something to give you a little bit of a leg up on the competition, but for over half of Marmalead customers to be outperforming their markets by seven times?! They’re crushing the competition! 

Why we’re tracking and sharing

The reason we put these numbers together is so that we make sure that we keep tabs on them, to ensure that what we’re doing is working. We want to make sure that we’re providing the best possible tools and that you know what we’re doing is working for you and making you successful. 

We decided we should probably share these numbers because it would be good to build confidence in our tools! There’s no reason to keep them a secret. Of course, we’ve shared these numbers, but only you can determine if Marmalead is going to work for your shop.  

Learning the tools and putting in the work

You have to remember that Marmalead is a set of tools. You can’t just sign up and think “That’s it, I’m done!” You’ve got to actually put in the work and use the tools. If you’re committed to learning how to use Marmalead, then just give it a couple of months. 

Dedicate your SEO time to it. Don’t try to mix it with other data. Just dive in, do Marmalead, follow what the tools are saying, follow our guides, talk to if you’re confused by anything, and be sure to watch our videos. The learning curve for anything is going to be steep. But it’s so much better than doing nothing! If you’re dedicated to Marmalead, you will absolutely see it work for you in your shop.

Final thoughts

So that’s an overview of how Marmalead is different from other Etsy SEO tools that are out there.

Hopefully, that clears up some stuff for you if you’re wondering about grades or why the data numbers appear different in different tools you’re looking at. And hopefully, we convinced you to give Marmalead a shot! We want your shop to be successful, and we want to help you reach that success.

Again, if you have questions, reach out to us at We’re happy to help walk you through things and try to figure it all out together.  

Happy selling, everyone!

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