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Why Slipping Marmalead Grades Are Bad for Business

Have you logged into Marmalead recently and realized that your grades have been slipping a little bit? Before you freak out, there are some things you can do to address this. Today on the Jam we’re talking about getting the most out of our Etsy SEO tools when you see that your Marmalead grades have started to slip. Stick around!

You should panic

Woman panicking because her Marmalead grades are slipping

So your Marmalead grades are starting to slip on some of your listings and you don’t know what to do?

Well, the first thing you’re gonna wanna do is panic. Scream real loud. Maybe slam your laptop shut! Get up and run around, take a lap around the house to help cool things off a little bit. Yup, this is the first thing you wanna do. Write down all your fears on a piece of paper and light it on fire in the backyard as well.

We’re totally kidding!

Fixing your Marmalead grades is nothing to panic about

After you’re down panicking, you can review your listings inside of Marmalead. If you drill into those listings, Mamralead will give you a breakdown on the listing detail page of what is actually impacting your grade. It’s that simple.

Marmalead grades and stats shown inside the Marmalead app

The top section on this page is showing you exactly what is impacting your grade in Marmalead. These are your SEO Factors:

  • Tags
  • Long Tail Focus Keywords
  • Focus Keyword Engagement
  • Long Tail Tags

Now there is stuff below that too that we also think is very helpful. They help you close the deal on Etsy and make sure your listings are presented in the best way possible. Part of that is your Sales Factors:

  • Photos Used
  • Words
  • Scentences
  • Readability
  • Sentiment

In addition to your Sales Factors, with Marmalead you’ll know your Title Readability, and the effectiveness of your tags, focus keywords, and non-focus keywords.

So what should you look at first?

The things that are SEO-focused and directly impact your grade are right at the very top of the page. The very first thing you need to do (after you’re done panicking of course) is drill into your SEO Factors to see what bar is low. This will be what is causing your Marmalead grades to drop.

Ask yourself, “Why?”

cutout of question marks

The biggest misunderstanding is just looking at your Marmalead grades for each of your listings, and not digging deeper. To understand what’s driving your grade, you need to know why you have that grade in the first place. And that’s where the real power is — understanding “why.” What is going on behind this? Luckily, everything that factors into your Marmalead grade is laid out in front of you.

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Common Reason for Marmalead Grades to Slip: Focus keywords are out of season

Marmalead grades - woman doing research on her computer in her kitchen

If it’s “focus keyword engagement” that’s causing your Marmalead grades to slip, this could be an early indication that the keywords you’re using are falling out of season. If your focus keywords are falling off and lowering your Marmalead grade, now that’s something you should be concerned about. 

You want to make sure that the keywords you’re using don’t start falling off. If they’re starting to go, then you have bigger things to worry about than a slipping grade. It’s not that your grades are falling, it’s that your listing was doing well and now your listing is not. You want to head that off early.

Marmalead Grades Slipping? Check Etsy Stats

man stressing over Marmalead grades

If your listing is selling well despite the fact that your Marmalead grades are slipping, check your Etsy stats to see what keywords are working for that listing. You’ll want to look specifically at the keywords that are bringing you traffic.

Cross-reference those Etsy keywords with your listing inside of Marmalead. You’re looking to see if the keywords from Etsy stats exist in your title as they are shown right inside of Etsy stats because that is what people are typing in to find your listing. See if they’re in your tags. 

It might be a case where you are a match for that keyword phrase because you have a combination of those words in your tags and in your title. But you don’t have that direct phrase inside of your tags and your title inside of Marmalead.

Using Etsy stats to up your Marmalead grade

woman looking at her laptop

What you want to do then is take those keywords from Etsy stats and put them into Marmalead search. Evaluate the Marmalead stats for that keyword and look for long tail alternatives (if they’re not long tails already). The name of the game is to constantly add more keywords to your shop. Whether it be that particular listing or by making other listings. In general though, whatever is working, you want more of.

Creating a new listing

At that point, you could consider even creating a whole separate listing that targets the keywords you pulled from Etsy stats. If these keywords have good stats in Marmalead, and you’re getting traffic for them (but your current listing is selling well without targeting these keywords), it might be worth setting up a whole separate listing targeting those fresh keywords. Do this to see if it will perform better for you if you’re literally targeting the exact keywords that people are searching for.

Not enough inverntory

woman packing one items for two listing orders

One thing you’ll want to keep in mind when you create a new listing is that Etsy says it’s totally cool to have multiple listings, provided you have the inventory to support it. They don’t want to run into a situation where you’ve only got one thing in stock, but two separate listings.

Both listings could sell, but you only have one item to actually fulfill the orders. Now there is an order out there that you have no way of fulfilling. You want to make sure that you do have the inventory to support duplicating your listings. If you do, then it’s totally okay to do so.

Final thoughts

So those are some things to take a look at if you notice your Marmalead grades are slipping. Keep in mind that this is a very normal thing to happen. You could see your grades go down without making any changes to your listings, simply because the keyword traffic you have on your listings has dropped.

Maybe you’re in a niche area and you’re seeing less traffic to those things than you normally do or maybe the seasonality works out that things happen to be dipping right now. It’s perfectly normal to login to Marmalead one month and see your grades at one spot, without changing anything. Then you come back next month, and your grades are different. It’s going to be due to the traffic to those keywords as it changes through those time periods. 

Happy selling, everyone!

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