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10 Things The Most Successful Etsy Sellers Refuse to Do

Etsy is a godsend for the creative entrepreneur who dreams of monetizing their passion projects. However, like any other type of business, crafters have to be strategic in order to reap the financial benefits of their hard work and creative efforts. If you desire to make Etsy more than just another hobby, here are 10 mistakes that you should refuse at all costs.

1. Distracting Yourself With Social Media

Social media is entertaining, but it is more so a time thief. Spending countless hours scrolling through posts, images, and comments is the opposite of being productive. Of course some people enjoy Social Media during their down-time but try to stay away from it during your business hours. Limit your social media use and dedicate your newfound time to building your brand.

2. Being a Control Freak

Trying to do everything yourself will stress you out and drive you crazy. A successful Etsy seller knows how important it is to delegate work and outsource services when necessary. When you have a reliable team on your side, you will notice that your workdays are less stressful, and there will always be someone there to lend a helpful hand. Some things may only be able to be done by you – but not EVERYTHING.

3. Internalizing Feedback

You may have the perfect operation in motion, but there is always someone who thinks that it should be run differently. Customer feedback is important because it allows sellers to discover new ways to improve their products and customer service skills. However, opinions vary from person to person, and you must be careful about which ones you take into account, especially if they aren’t from a member of your target audience.

4. Allowing one Difficult Customer to Ruin Your Day

No matter how hard you try, you can’t please everyone. You have to understand that unfortunately, some people are just out to make life harder for others. One dissatisfied customer is not an accurate depiction of how well you run your Etsy business; however, if you don’t cover your bases, your online presence can take a massive hit. Before a bad apple spreads negative reviews about their experience, try to accommodate them by offering discounts or issuing a heartfelt apology. If their criticism does manage to reach the public eye, don’t stress too much about it. Just politely respond to their concerns so that onlookers will pay more attention to your character than they do to the bad review.

5. Accommodating all Customer Requests

As the captain of your own ship, you call the shots. Placing yourself at the mercy of your customers is a sure way to knock you off course and forfeit your control as a seller. While there is nothing wrong with acting on reasonable requests, you have to be willing to decline those that don’t serve your best interests.

6. Feeling Obligated to Give Away Free Merchandise

Your time and efforts deserve to be compensated for. One of the biggest mistakes made by novice sellers is giving away too many discounts and free products. Working for free will rob you of profits and short you on crafting material.

7. Limiting Yourself to Free Tools

As the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. While there is an abundance of valuable resources that you can attain at no cost, limiting yourself to things that are free and easy to grasp onto will only get you so far. To truly grow your Etsy business, you must be willing to invest in your journey.

8. Falling into the Trap of Negativity and Constant Complaining

Chronic complainers will always find something else to complain about. The road to becoming a prosperous Etsy seller can be a bumpy one, but falling victim to a negative mindset will put you out of the game sooner than you know. Unfortunately, we’ve seen negativity snowball in Etsy’s own forums and on Social Media. Avoid these, and avoid a negative mindset.

9. Settling for Less than Excellent Photos

People are visual by nature, and a smart business owner would capitalize on this truth. Post only high-resolution photos that capture your products in the best light. If photography isn’t your strong spot, hire a professional to collect your photographs for you.

10. Using Lazy Product Descriptions

Boring product descriptions will send potential customers straight into the arms of another seller. Everyone wants to feel good about their purchases, so bragging about your products will lead to more business. As you add spice to your descriptions, make sure that you include important information such as the available colors, dimensions, textures, fancy features, return information, and anything else that a customer may find useful. Be descriptive, and use a healthy amount of adjectives.

Above all, profitable sellers are patient and believe in what they have to offer to the world. If you truly want to make an impact on this lucrative platform, you must remain both consistent and confident, no matter how many challenges are thrown your way. What other pitfalls do you avoid at all costs?

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