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Etsy Traffic Stats You NEED To Pay Attention To

When it comes to your online business, who wouldn’t want more traffic on Etsy? That’s because more traffic means more success, right? Well, not exactly. In general, traffic is important. But what’s more important is knowing your Etsy traffic stats and what they mean. So, let’s look at the traffic stats worth paying attention to.

Why isn’t all traffic the same? Well, traffic is just that – traffic. It’s not indicative of sales, revenue, or any core business goal. Luckily, Etsy’s seller dashboard presents you with Etsy traffic stats and several other integral measurements that you can use to help grow your business.

Traffic sources that matter

To find different (and better) results in your Etsy shop, you’ll need to switch things up. Trying the same thing over and over again with little to no results just isn’t going to work. Start with your Etsy traffic stats to find your biggest area of opportunity.

Most other articles about this topic will tell you that shop visits are the most important metric you should look at. Don’t get us wrong, the number of people that visit your Etsy shop is an important metric to track, but where they come from is, in our opinion, even more critical.

So before you can analyze your Etsy traffic stats, you need to know where your traffic is coming from and why.

Regarding your traffic sources, your most important traffic source will depend on your particular Etsy shop. You can take many different avenues to get more traffic, including Etsy ads, social media, and so on. But where should you start?

Start with organic traffic from Etsy search

One of the easiest ways to get more traffic in your shop is through Etsy search. And the best way to get your listings found in Etsy search is with good keywords.

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When you correctly use the right Etsy keywords, you’ll notice an increase in traffic from Etsy search. This is how you can keep tabs on your organic traffic. It comes from real shoppers that find your listings organically in search, without any influence from ads or marketing.

Marmalead is designed to help you increase organic search traffic on Etsy. And with it, you’ll be able to reward yourself for the work you put into your Etsy SEO.

Once you start making keyword changes on your listings, you’ll want to closely monitor your Etsy search traffic. If your search traffic rises, you’re on the right track. If not, you may need a little extra help from some of our free tutorials.

Why traffic source is important for your Etsy traffic stats

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If you’re not paying attention to your Etsy traffic sources, you’ll have no idea what’s working and what isn’t. You could be putting all your marketing efforts into Facebook, but your Facebook traffic remains unchanged in your Etsy traffic stats.

Even if your Facebook posts have a good amount of likes and comments, it’s the data in your Etsy traffic stats that actually matter.

If you’re not paying attention to your Etsy stats, you could continue putting all your effort into Facebook with no payoff in your Etsy shop. And while it’s good to know that your Facebook friends enjoy seeing photos of your products (and maybe even one day they’ll become a customer), in this case, Facebook isn’t doing you any favors for your business.

That’s because the Etsy traffic stats don’t lie.

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If you notice you’re getting a good amount of traffic from your Etsy search but nowhere else, you’ll know where you have room for improvement.

The number of visitors to your Etsy shop and the source that brought them there is an essential stat to pay attention to. But there’s more to be learned from assessing what those sources are, regardless of the numbers.

Knowing your number of visits and views

This is the default way that many of us assess the health and success of our businesses. If traffic is growing and we’re getting more views, that means more people are coming to our shop, and we’re doing something right!

Why visits & views are important for your Etsy traffic stats

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More visits and views are a good thing. But to be truly in control of your brand, you need to know what causes more traffic to come to your shop. Why is your traffic up 10% month over month? Did you recently target some new keywords for an underperforming listing? Whatever that reason is, try and repeat it. 

But this theory works the other way, too. 

Why is your traffic down month over month for the summer period? It might be a seasonal change or more competition appearing in your market.

The point is this: Knowing why your traffic is up or down is the only way to control your brand. 

Pro Tip: The number of views is nothing more than a vanity metric. More traffic might make you as an individual feel like you’re doing something right, but more traffic doesn’t put more money in the bank. What really matters is your conversion rate. 

Knowing your conversion rate

A million visitors to your Etsy shop will make any Etsy seller feel good. But again, traffic doesn’t pay the bills. That’s where your conversion rate comes into play

Your conversion rate can be measured by your product’s appeal, the quality of traffic coming to your shop, and your pricing.

And when it comes to the numbers, your conversion rate is a percentage based on the number of sales in your shop. You divide your total sales by your total visitors, multiplied by 100. So if you have 200 visitors and 5 sales, your conversation rate is (5 ÷ 200 = 0.025) x 100 = 2.5%.

A good conversion rate you should shoot for is about 3% or more. Any more than that, and your eCommerce conversion rate is above average.

Why conversion rate is important for your Etsy traffic stats

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If your product is excellent, your pricing is competitive and you’re bringing engaged traffic to your shop, you’ll be seeing a high conversion rate — and a high conversion rate does pay the bills. Ch-ching!

Note that there are two parts to your conversion rate. If, for example, you’re experimenting with a new acquisition channel, you may be seeing more traffic, but your monthly sales might not change. More traffic combined with no recent sales will actually lower your conversion rate while your profit stays the same. 

That’s why another good traffic stat to measure is the Average Order Value.  

Knowing your Average Order Value (AOV)

Loads of traffic, great. 

Plenty of sales, fantastic. 

But what happens when you still want to grow?

That’s where improving your average order value can help your business out.

etsy traffic stats - adding up your revenue

Your average order value (AOV) is your total revenue divided by your total number of orders. So if your revenue for the year is $20,000 from a total of 1,000 orders, you know that your AOV is $20,000 ÷ 1,000 = $20.

Why AOV is important for your Etsy traffic stats

Among various tips and tricks, you can improve your AOV by combining multiple products in one order, increasing your prices, or removing cheaper items from your shop.

Increasing your AOV, combined with a reasonable conversion rate, means your business is consistently making more money with a steady flow of traffic. 

A good AOV is one of the first metrics potential investors look at when they want to buy a business. And while you might not want to sell your Etsy shop any time soon (we’re pretty sure that’s against Etsy’s policies anyways), AOV is a metric that’s important to consider when it comes to your Etsy traffic stats.

Knowing your revenue

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Ultimately, the amount of money that your business makes is why most companies do what they do — to turn a profit. 

Why revenue is important for your Etsy traffic stats

It’s a no-brainer. 

The money that your business makes is essential. If it’s not making money, it’s not really a business. If revenue isn’t increasing, then you’re not growing. 

What can I do with these statistics?

The Etsy traffic stats we just discussed are easy to find and track directly in Etsy’s seller dashboard.

And Etsy gives you these metrics because they’re the fundamental business elements that help you establish where your business is currently at and any potential growth it can make. 

For example, a high number of views but a low conversion rate means you’re getting traffic from the wrong sources. Or that your product or prices aren’t meeting your potential shopper’s expectations. 

On the other hand, an AOV that’s been steadily dropping over the last several months may mean that there are new competitors in the market or that your customer’s needs have changed and they do not want what they wanted in the past months. 

Over to you

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These important Etsy traffic stats can help you make considerable changes to improve what’s arguably the most important metric of them all, revenue. 

It pays to spend time crunching the numbers in your Etsy traffic stats.

Look at historical peaks and dips and try to associate them with something you changed in your shop, listing seasonality, or something else entirely. 

But from now on, stay proactive and monitor your traffic stats. You don’t have to sit there with your dashboard always open. But once a week, or after launching a new campaign, use the seller dashboard’s data to reflect on your performance and improve it.

Noticing any big changes in your Etsy traffic stats recently? Can you figure out what caused it? Share your experience in the comments below!

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