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Etsy Mother’s Day Marketing – Selling The Best Gifts For Mom

Mother’s Day is that one holiday of the year that always seems to sneak up on you! If you’re selling on Etsy and your product is popular amongst moms, it can be an exciting holiday for you too! But, are you ready to market your Etsy products for Mother’s Day? With a few simple tweaks like updating some imagery and a few tailored social media posts, you can see your products be swept up as gifts for mom this year.

Today we’ll take a look at:

  • Why you need to focus on Mother’s Day
  • How to promote your products this May 9th
  • How Marmalead can help you

Let’s get started!

Why you need to market Etsy products for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, International Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day – there is a wide range of more minor holidays and novelty holidays, where we commonly give gifts. They may be ‘serious’ gifts, or they may be nice gestures, or even a novelty. 

But those gifts have to be bought somewhere—ideally, your Etsy shop.  

Your Etsy shop is the ideal place to purchase Mother's Day gifts. How do you market this to your buyers?

While mom’s might say, “Don’t buy me anything, it’s the thought that counts!” the truth is that no mom will ever be angry if she gets a little something on Mother’s Day. Gifts that are unique, handmade, customized, and that clearly come from the heart are ones that make the best impression on any mom. And you don’t need to be told that Etsy is a marketplace that focuses on selling products just like that!

The point is that many gift-givers will turn to Etsy to find a Mother’s Day gift. They may have something specific in mind; they may have no idea at all. Either way, making a few small changes to increase your products’ visibility specifically for Mother’s day is a smart move. 

Here are some common but effective ways to promote your Etsy store this Mother’s Day. 

Put your relevant products forward on Etsy leading up to Mother’s Day

Most moms love presents that are customized, handmade, and uniquely made just for them. Should any of your products tick these categories, make them seen!

Other products commonly gifted on Mother’s Day are gifts that involve a little luxury, comfort, or relaxation. Things like cosmetics, bath bombs, sleepwear, and loungewear.

Consider if your Etsy products would be popular gifts to market for Mother's Day.

Other ‘safe’ products to promote for Mother’s Day are those that are customizable or feminine in any way, shape, or form. 

If you sell any products like this, update your photography and create a new description. Also, ensure that all relevant information is filled out. If a buyer can customize your product, ensure that the customization options are clear and to the point. 

When updating your description, rewrite the title and mention that it’s an ideal Mother’s Day gift.

Keywords & seasonality

Seasonality is a massive factor amongst holidays of almost any type. Use Marmalead’s seasonality graph to look at when the demand for Mother’s Day gifts increases. That’s your time to update your products with Mother’s Day in mind. 

Use Marmalead tools like the seasonality graphs to market you Etsy products for Mother's Day.

Other broad Mother’s Day keywords like “gifts for mom” will also spike around this time, so consider that, too. Take a close look at the trends for your main keywords. For example, if you’re selling custom aprons and you notice that keyword has a spike in search traffic around Mother’s Day, well, you know you’re onto something. Take a look at some of your most vital and best-performing keywords and check if there’s an increasing trend in searches in the lead-up to Mother’s Day. Knowing this, you can position those products as an ideal Mother’s Day gift. 


Far too often forgotten, tags go hand-in-hand with Etsy titles. “mothers day gift” is one of the most popular keywords in the lead-up to Mother’s Day, and it’s your tags (alongside your titles) that can help place your product high in the search results for this inquiry. Tags, combined with titles help your product get seen! Quality imagery helps you get clicks and solid descriptions and pricing help get you sold!

See how Marmalead helps you find the best tags for your Etsy Mother’s Day products. 

Etsy Mothers Day marketing should include popular keywords like "mothers day gift."

Always mention your delivery dates.

Leveraging the traffic for Mother’s Day is great, but you’ll only get negative reviews and unhappy customers if you can’t get them their product on time. Include expected turnaround and delivery times in your product description, as well as in the dedicated area for your delivery times. 

Having time on your side is crucial! So, start your Etsy Mother’s Day marketing campaign with enough time for buyers to see it. You’ll need to prepare well in advance for time to create the orders and deliver them. If you’re selling digital downloads, the beginning of May might be ok for you to start your Mother’s Day campaign. If you’re selling custom-made nightgowns, April 9th may be too late! Devise and implement your strategy well ahead of time. 

Etsy Mothers Day marketing strategies should begin well in advance of the holiday.

Push urgency around your final delivery dates 

While date-specific holidays mean that delivery times are essential, it also means that you’re able to leverage urgency as deadlines get closer. 

Remind your followers that they’ve got only X amount of time left with social media content as those cut-off dates for orders gets closer. This urgency encourages people to take note and consider that buying your product now means that their Mother’s Day gift is taken care of. 

Use some emotion and comedy in your posts to remind your followers that their mom won’t be pleased if they forget about Mother’s Day. Wit and urgency often work well together 😏

Use social media to get your products out.

Social media posts on your preferred platform will help you get the word out about your products. Consider creating longer-form content. Ask your followers to share why they love their mom or how their mom has gone above and beyond. Award a random comment with a discount code in your store. 

Alternatively, ask your social media followers which of your products they think would make the best Mother’s Day gift. Engagement like this can help generate shares and remind others that Mother’s Day is coming and that your products are the best gift to give!

Use your social media platforms to market Etsy Mothers Day.

Conclusion: Mother’s Day Etsy marketing

It’s not overly challenging to prepare your store for Mother’s Day, especially if you already know that your products are popular amongst moms. The only difference now is that rather than targeting those moms, you’re targeting their kids so that they can give your products as gifts. 

In the lead up to May 9th, use the info above to get those gift-givers into your Etsy store and buying your products for mom!


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