Get Found on Etsy with Marma-Meter

Get Found on Etsy with the new Marma-Meters

Introducing our latest addition, the Marma-Meter. It’s the next level in our quest to help you get found on Etsy. It’s a right-brain friendly green, yellow, and red system of measuring three important criteria of keywords.

Those criteria are Engagement, Competition, and Category Page.


Measures how much shoppers are interacting with listings. While search volume counts the number of times shoppers have searched for a keyword, engagement means they searched, and then went on to interact (view and/or favorite) the listings on the page. Higher engagement is always better.


Measures how many listings are trying to be found in this search. The more competition there is, the more challenging it is to keep your listings at the top. In the most competitive searches, listings are being added/updated by the second. Lower competition is usually better.

Category Page

The category page is the grid of categories that show up when shoppers search for something too broad (like “gift”). The category page encourages shoppers to narrow their search before looking at specific listings. You usually want to avoid targeting keywords that result in a category page.

UPDATE: Etsy has since updated this section so the categories now appear on the left-hand side of search. That makes the categories less obtrusive to shoppers so this score is no longer very important when choosing keywords.

How it helps you get found on Etsy

Let’s take a moment to define “getting found”. It’s more than ranking. It’s ranking for keywords that have engagement. You’re not found until you’re seen.

Found = Views.

Our Marma-Meter ratings are data driven by Etsy data and scale to the size of the market. For example, when a keyword is rated with “High” Engagement, we’ve taken views per week and scaled it to fit the level of competition.

Whether you’re an analytical show-me-the-numbers-left-brain type or a creative just-tell-me-what-it-means-right-brain type, you’re going to love the Marma-Meter.

We’re doing the heavy lifting for you so you can quickly see what keywords are a good fit, and still showing the numbers you’re used to for when you want to drill down further.


Here we have a search for “silver jewelry”. You’ll notice that Engagement is actually “Low” even though it has 56 Views/Week. That’s because for the number of competing listings (Competition is “Very High”), it’s not really that impressive.



Here’s how the Marma-Meter looks in Keyword Comparison. Now you can sort out the good from the bad keywords even faster!Screenshot 08-21-2016 at 11.19.32 PM


Don’t worry, the numbers you’re used to are just below. 

Not sure where to start?

Head over to our Shop Fitness Calculator and see how you’re doing for the keywords that your shoppers are using to find you. Then jump over to Marmalead and use the new Marma-Meters to find related keywords that work even better!