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6 Tips For Finding More Daily Organization

It can be so easy to think about getting more organized, but one of the hardest things is actually doing it! Maybe finding daily organization was one of your New Year’s resolutions, but it’s fallen to the wayside because – well, life. Today we’re chatting through some easy tips to help you start down the path of more organization. If your space is clutter-free, this can really help your mind to be clutter-free as well. Which we hope leads to higher levels of productivity and ultimately to even more Etsy shop success! 

What does it mean? 

Being organized might simply mean knowing where everything is in your space. It could also mean that you’re wanting to be more minimal and get rid of some of your stuff. Or maybe it’s a desire to be more prepared with your time and how you use it. Whatever being “organized” means to you, it’s ultimately feeling like you’re in control of your environment and your day-to-day as a whole. 

This doesn’t mean you’ll feel organized constantly, because life is life and it can be pretty dang messy! Beyond this though, forming better habits and having a set routine for both working in your Etsy shop and living your life outside of work, is always a great goal. 

1. If it has a place, put it there

This is something my mom used to say to us constantly! But as an adult that was (kinda always) losing my keys/wallet, I’ve learned the value of actually putting this saying to good use! I now have a designated spot in my home where my keys and wallet go. I try and always put them back in this spot, ensuring that when I go to look for them I won’t waste time trying to track them down.

For you, this might be a spot in your entryway, or if you’re like me, you might have a key hanger right next to your door. Wherever it may be, pick a spot and make sure your keys/purse/wallet are there when you need them.

2. Check it off that list

I have A LOT of tasks I’m constantly juggling. Between design projects, blog posts, illustrations, and my everyday tasks, there’s a ton to keep track of. One way that really helps me stay organized is to have a running list of monthly, weekly, and daily things written down and in front of me. Do I always remember to write everything down? Nope. But this definitely helps me to keep track of the majority of what I need to so that if something DOES happen to fall through the cracks, it’s just one thing and not one-hundred. 

I will look at my weekly and daily lists, every day, and if I didn’t accomplish something that day, it moves to the top of my tomorrow’s list. Not only does this help me track things, it also feels REALLY good to see those things crossed off my list! So I feel organized AND productive, which just makes me want to keep going. 

3. Notepad, planner, pick one! 

For me it’s a daily planner designed by one of my favorite artists that keeps me on track! You can check out the new 2021 version of my planner here. And everything goes into this planner. Thoughts throughout my day. Ideas. To-Dos. I mean everything. I write it down and carry this planner with me wherever I’m working that day.

For me, having an old school planner that’s also really beautiful, is key. I don’t want to worry about having to charge a device to get to my important tasks! I want to have it right there and ready all the time. If you’re more into a digital version, you can definitely do this as well and I’d love to hear what you’re using in the comments below. The point is to have something with you at all times that will let you easily track those lists of things you need to get done.

4. All that money

Something else that helps me feel like I’m organized in control of my day is checking in on my bank account every morning. This may not be something that seems necessary. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught something fraudulent going on very quickly. This also helps me to stay in control of my spending and allows me to see where I’m at for the day. While it’s not something I want to obsess over, I do think it’s important to be fully aware of my finances. 

5. Prep your food

Ok I’m going to be honest and let you know right up front that I am not a meal prepper! However, I DO know many people in my life that are fully committed to this and swear it makes their week so much easier.

For Moms, I have friends who work a ton and prep freezer meals to make their family’s meals that much easier to grab out and pop in the microwave/oven during the week. My single friends also prep smaller amounts of food to easily be able to grab and continue working. I can attest to making overnight oats and yeah, it definitely makes my mornings easier! 

6. Follow a routine

Really, this seems like the most important tip, because having a set routine is going to propel you forward consistently. Have a plan of what your day holds, write it down and stick to them, whether you really don’t want to or not. There will always be things we don’t want to do but NEED to do in order to move forward. Doing something every single day will help your brain stay focused and happy, which ultimately helps form good habits. 

Final thoughts

Did you find these tips helpful? Are you already putting some of them into practice? What are some other ways that you stay organized daily? Let us know in the comments below! 

Happy organizing, everyone!


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