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6 Tips To Keep A Positive Attitude At Work

You’re an Etsy seller and you work from home. While you may not actually get up and go into an office (we don’t either) that doesn’t mean that you’re not affected by having to “go to work”. You still very much, go to work. Even if that means up the hall or working from your kitchen. Just because we work from home doesn’t mean we still don’t have days when we really don’t want to work.

We still have days when the thought of actually sitting down and opening the computer is the last thing we want to do because we don’t want to deal with that one not awesome situation or that one customer who is driving us crazy. So, keeping a  positive attitude might take some work, but it’s something well worth the effort! Keep reading to find out what tips we recommend for keeping a positive attitude while working in your Etsy shop. We all know that a positive attitude will help us find success in our personal life and will also help us find Etsy shop success!

A bad day

We’ve all had them. A day where you got more than one nasty review. Or one where you were dealing with an unhappy customer who wanted a refund even though your shop policies say you don’t offer refunds. Whatever caused it, it was a bad day. But then, the bad day became a bad attitude because you couldn’t pull yourself out of the funk. Trust us, we get it. However, a bad mood is worth getting rid of! Not only is it no fun personally, but it’s bad for our health and doesn’t help at all when it comes to productivity. 

Because you care

A quick google search will bring back loads of results on how a chronic bad attitude or mood is seriously detrimental to your health. Positivity on the other hand, boosts health and makes your productivity shoot through the roof! So what are some things that can help pull you out of the bad mood or attitude you might be experiencing because of that bad day? Read on to discover just a few:

1.) Community is everything

As an Etsy seller, it can be easy to become isolated and feel like you have no one to talk to. Whereas an office might lend itself more easily to chatting with coworkers, and otherwise engaging with them as a community…when you work from home you have to actively search for that community. Community is such an important thing for you to find so you have others to bounce ideas off of and people you can reach out to who understand when you need help getting out of the slump you may have fallen into. 

At Marmalead, we have several social media groups where we hope our users can find community and connect with one another. Another great community to join is Flourish! There you will find a true family of e-commerce sellers, who are extremely supportive of one another and will help tremendously when you’re having a bad day.

2.) Take a break

We all need time to walk away from a bad situation. Taking short breaks throughout your day to cool down and refocus on the positive is a great way to break out of a negative mindset. Get up,  get outside, take a short walk, remind yourself that there is a whole lot more going on than what might be happening on your computer screen. Grab a cup of tea or a mug of coffee and just take a few deep breaths. The situation you may be dealing with is not the end of your day, so do whatever you need to to help your brain refocus and then tackle that not awesome situation once you’ve given yourself a little time. 

3.) Be professional

Now that you’ve taken that break, come back to the situation with a professional attitude. Remember that more than likely if you’re dealing with a difficult customer, there is WAY more going on behind the scenes in that person’s life as well. While you do not want to allow yourself to be taken advantage of, you can still show kindness and grace when possible and remember that the current situation is probably not personal. 

4.) Allow yourself a small treat

Rewarding yourself for tackling a really hard situation or breaking out of a bad mood/attitude is a great idea! Whatever it may be (time away to watch a movie, a hot bath, a sweet dessert, a new book) allow yourself something that creates a sense of positivity in your life. While this may not be realistic every time something goes wrong, knowing when you deserve a pat on the back and allowing yourself a reward in those times will help you to refocus your attitude and is ultimately an important act of self-care.

5.) Go to bed!

If you’re running on little to no sleep, you will absolutely be more stressed and anxious. Trying to work on hardly any sleep will affect your performance in your day to day tasks and will throw you into a cycle of being frustrated with yourself and others because you’re simply too tired! So be a good parent and tell yourself when it’s your bedtime, then stick to it! Make it a priority to get enough sleep so you’re rested and ready to tackle whatever is happening in your Etsy shop. 

6.) Write down what you’re grateful for

We’ve said this plenty of times before but we want to remind you that it applies here as well! Write down the things you’re grateful for, especially when you’ve had a bad day! Yes, something pretty rotten may have happened to you. Are there always going to be things to be grateful despite the bad thing? YES! Always. More than bad things, we have so many good things to be grateful for. Refocusing on these will help SO much in breaking out of a negative mindset.

Final Thoughts

There are a TON of other tips that can help you stay positive and happy while you’re working! These are just a few that we like. But we would love to hear how you either refocus or avoid being in a bad mood altogether! Drop your tips below and let’s start this week off encouraging one another and being a community that brings positivity into each other’s lives.

Happy selling, everyone!

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