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Etsy SEO Changes in 2022 | Listing Descriptions

Etsy recently announced some SEO changes for 2022 that are sure to affect the way your listings rank in search. Your keywords have always been important, but now the way you use them is more important than ever. Don’t freak out. Here’s what you need to know.

Big news for Etsy SEO changes in 2022?

Today we’re taking a look at a recent update to Etsy SEO in 2022. If you haven’t heard the news, your Etsy listing descriptions are now being considered by the Etsy algorithm when it comes to ranking your listings in search.

Huge news, right?

Eh, not really.

This recent Etsy SEO change isn’t as big of a deal as you might think. So let’s talk about why.

Etsy SEO becomes more like Google

Etsy SEO changes in 2022 make Etsy's algorithm more like Google's - SEO team sitting at a kitchen table.

Now in the past, your keywords have always been used in your listing tags and in your listing title. And Etsy’s algorithm never really cared if you used keywords in your listing descriptions at all.

But we know Google’s Algorithm has always cared.

So we’ve always talked about the importance of optimizing your Etsy descriptions with Google in mind. That’s because Google will crawl the first 160 characters of your item description and use it to create the meta description for your listing page in their search engine.

The “meta description” is that short paragraph you see under your SEO title in Google search results.

So when your Etsy listing is optimized with strong keywords in your titles, tags, and descriptions, there’s a chance that you could rank in Google if someone searches for your product there instead of on Etsy search.

Well, now Google isn’t the only algorithm that cares about the keywords you use in your Etsy descriptions.

It’s all changed as of May 2022.

What’s changed with Etsy SEO in 2022

So what’s new with Etsy SEO in 2022? Well, Etsy recently announced that their search now considers keywords and phrases within your listing descriptions when ranking your listings on Etsy.

In other words, the keywords you use across your listing titles, tags, categories, and attributes have all been essential when it comes to matching your listings to the right buyers. And now, the keywords you use in your descriptions are just as important.

And this is coming straight from the horse’s mouth: Etsy.

What do Etsy SEO changes in 2022 mean for you?

Women business owners taking notes about Etsy SEO changes in 2022.

So what does this mean for you?

Here’s what Etsy says:

Now that Etsy Search is looking for keywords within your listing description, the algorithm has even more to scan—allowing us to get your items in front of even more buyers.

They then go on to list some Etsy SEO tips for writing your listing descriptions. Here’s what Etsy says to do:

Aim to incorporate relevant keywords in the first few sentences of your listing descriptions.”

So those top-performing keywords that are most accurate for what you’re selling, Etsy says put those first.

Avoid copying your title verbatim or simply listing your top keywords. Instead, you want to craft a sentence or two that casually incorporates a few of your top keywords in a way that sounds human and written in your brand’s voice.

This means no keyword stuffing. Write your listing description like an actual sentence. You should be writing for humans, not robots.

Continue to include important information that will help buyers best understand your product.

So what Etsy means here is that you should keep including details that you wouldn’t otherwise include in your keywords. Like the dimensions or measurements of your product. Keep those in your descriptions just like you always have.

What else changed with Etsy?

Man turns clay pottery in art studio.

Well, that’s actually it for Etsy’s announcement. They didn’t really give much more information than that — and again this news shouldn’t come as a shocker to anyone. We’ve always shared that you should include your top-performing keywords in your listing descriptions anyways. But now, it’s a no-brainer.

But wait! What if you haven’t been including keywords in your listing descriptions? Well, here’s a workflow you should start using for your Etsy SEO right now.

The basics of Etsy SEO

So, keywords – right? That’s what we’re always talking about.

These are those descriptive words (or short phrases) that you use to tell Etsy’s algorithm what your listing is all about. And these same descriptive words (keywords) are what buyers use to type into search to find your listing.

If Etsy’s algorithm thinks your listing is the most relevant for a buyer’s search, then your listing will show up higher in search results for them, giving your product a better chance of being found by that buyer.

In the simplest of terms, that is why the keywords you use on your listing matter.

Follow this workflow to stay ahead of Etsy SEO changes in 2022

Coffee table with a notebook, phone, and daily planner.

So how do you use Etsy keywords?

Well, like we’ve been talking about — on Etsy, you used to only really use your keywords in your listing title and in your tags. But as of Etsy’s recent SEO change, you’ll need to start incorporating those keywords into your listing description.

Choosing your Etsy tags

Say, for example, you’re selling Olive Green Throw Blankets. You’d make sure that you’re using tags like “Olive Green” and “Throw Blanket.”

And then you’d probably use some tags that describe your materials, like “Wool Blanket” or “Hand Woven Throw.”

Finally, you may even use tags that describe what it’s used for, like “Housewarming Gift” or “Large Blanket.”

You could even throw “Boho” in there if you want to (and it makes sense for your listing). I mean, why not? Everyone’s doing it 😉

Writing your listing title

Once you have your tags all set up, you’d write your listing title with your top-performing keywords. Keywords that are descriptive and accurate for what you’re selling.

And yes, we’ve seen that Etsy’s algorithm crawls your entire title. So it may not necessarily be important that your best-performing keywords go first.

But you do however want to make sure your title makes sense to shoppers. And more than likely, this means putting your best-performing keywords first because that’s what you want your buyer to see first. 

Remember, Etsy wants to see your top-performing keywords at the beginning of your listing description. And since that’s also how Etsy recommends you set up your titles in the first place, it usually makes sense that your top-performing (or most accurate and descriptive keywords) go at the beginning of your title.

So in this case, your listing title could be something like:

“Olive Green Throw Blanket, Hand Woven Housewarming Gift, Home Decor Blanket for Bedroom, Couch, or Sofa. Large Blanket, Decorative Tapestry.”

It’s a mouthful, but we’re using all the title space that we can.

Pro Tip: You don’t have to use every available character to create your listing title. If you can create a short, simple title that uses your top-performing keywords – go for it. But if you have 140 characters of relevant and applicable keywords (that sounds like a human wrote it), even better.

Woman jots down keyword ideas in her Etsy SEO notebook.

Writing your listing description with Etsy SEO in mind

Alright, so now that we’ve got our tags and our title for our Etsy listing, it’s time to write our description.

And this is where Etsy’s SEO change for 2022 comes into play. 

If you’re wondering how we came up with these keywords that we’re using for our example listing – it’s simple, we’re using Marmalead. Try it out for yourself and start using the best Etsy keywords to get your listings on point.

Using Etsy’s advice from their Etsy SEO announcement, we’re going to write our example listing description:

Example listing description:

A stunning, hand-woven, olive green throw blanket, perfect as a housewarming gift for her or him. Cuddle up in this large sofa blanket and enjoy lounging around the house under the soft, natural wool fibers. Drape it over the couch or use it as a cozy bedspread. This 100% wool blanket can also be used as decorative wall art or a hanging tapestry. 

Measures 60″W x 80″L. Eco-friendly. Made with organic materials. Machine washable in cold water. Hang to dry or tumble on a delicate cycle.

And there you have it – we used our top-performing keywords in the first sentence of our listing.

  • We sprinkled in some more keywords throughout the listing description and made sure that the entire description flows naturally.
  • We made sure to write our description in a way that sorta draws a shopper in and makes them feel welcome.
  • And we included some necessary details that shoppers would be interested in knowing, but you might not necessarily include them in your title or tags.

Now all that’s left is to make sure that you’re using your best listing photos to show your blanket in all its glory.

Over to you

This recent Etsy SEO change in 2022 should come as no surprise for longtime Etsy sellers. While your listing descriptions have not always been considered by Etsy’s algorithm, including keywords in your descriptions is certainly an SEO best practice.

How do you think we did with our example listing description? What would you have done differently?

Do you think this Etsy SEO change is a good thing for sellers? Or will it turn out to be just more work on your end? Let us know down in the comments below.

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