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5 tips for writing Etsy product descriptions

5 tips for writing Etsy product descriptionsA couple years ago, we wrote a blog on how to write great Etsy product descriptions. It’s been a minute since we chatted about this topic, so we thought we’d bring it back out and dust it off. Why? Because great Etsy product descriptions are a fantastic way to improve your Etsy shop and elevate you above your competition!

Obviously, good photos are critical for drawing shoppers into engaging with your listings. But, once customers are in your shop, it’s up to you to sell them on your listings with your product descriptions. As always, our ultimate goal is to bring you more and more  Etsy shop success ! Follow along with the following tips to start brainstorming copy that will engage and inform your customers. 

1.) Your voice, your target audience, and authenticity 

As an Etsy seller, you have the opportunity to communicate your shop’s personality through your Etsy product descriptions. This is your chance to engage your target audience and really make them desire whatever your listing might be. When developing your voice and writing your descriptions, think about who your target audience is. If you’re primarily selling to young adults, but your Etsy product descriptions sound Shakespearian, now is the time to reevaluate how you’ve been writing your copy. It’s important to consider who your audience is and write to them, while still being uniquely you and having your voice heard.

Often I’ve seen shops whose owners adopt a voice that is absolutely a reflection of their fantastic personality. If you know your personality is crazy and fun, have this come through in your descriptions! I’ve been drawn into shops simply because the shop owner seemed similar to me and wrote in a way that spoke to my personality. Yes, you want to be sure and keep your target audience in mind, but don’t squelch who you are in the process. This is YOUR shop and buyers will connect with a seller who is being uniquely themselves and being authentic. Authenticity is underrated. Bring it back into style and just be you!

2. Place it in their hands

Once you’ve drawn your target audience in with that wonderful voice of yours, get detailed about your product. This is your opportunity to close the gap between shopping in a physical store and purchasing something online. Be sure to state very clearly what your product is without boring your dear customer to death. If you’re selling a sweater, make the buyer feel like they’re literally holding it in their hands with your copy. Describe the softness of the fabric, the gorgeous color(s), the way it feels like a gentle hug when you put it on…you get the idea;) SELL THEM! Get specific while at the same time being concise and persuasive. You want your buyer to read your product description and feel like living one more day without this amazing “sweater” would be unbearable!

Another thing to remember is it’s often hard for a buyer to picture measurements in their head. Recently I was working with a seller whom I was purchasing a custom necklace from. She had several different chain lengths for me to choose between and while I knew exactly where I wanted the pendant I was buying to fall, I had zero idea if 16”, 18”, or 20” was what I was looking for. To make this easier, the seller sent over a picture showing exactly where these chains hit on a mannequin and that made all the difference in the world! Since I am almost completely visual, I was able to confidently make my purchase, knowing I was getting exactly what I wanted. This is a fantastic idea when thinking of describing your products, especially where measurements are involved. Let’s say you’re selling jewelry, using physical terms to communicate size or providing a picture to show measurements is awesome! Do this along with including technical measurements. This can help your buyers tremendously.

3. Frequently bought together

Handmade lavender soap Marmalead

Remember that handy little scrolling list of items on Amazon? Ya know, the one that tells you because you bought THIS item you have to now have THIS item because all the cool kids are buying it too? Yeah, that’s right, they’re onto something with that trick;) Shoppers will often buy more products if you suggest other related items to go with the one they’re purchasing. Are they buying a bar of heavenly handmade lavender soap in your shop? Clearly, they’re gonna need that lovely handmade loofah to go along with it! Who wants lavender soap without a loofah anyway?! It’s easy to put hyperlinks to your other products in your Etsy product descriptions. Make sure you take advantage of this and that you suggest items that compliment each other.

4. All about that phone, ’bout that phone, and some laptops

According to Etsy, more than fifty percent of traffic to Etsy comes from mobile devices. Say what?! Basically, half of your audience is now experiencing your shop on that itty bitty screen we all spend hours looking at. And they’re probably doing this while texting, checking their email and looking at Facebook and Instagram all at the same time. So what does this mean for your Etsy product descriptions? Keep them concise. We mentioned this earlier but it’s important. Create descriptions that are memorable but to the point. Be sure and include the most important info. at the beginning of each listing. This will help to draw your readers in and make your shop friendlier for mobile shoppers.

5. Descriptions and Etsy SEO

5 tips for writing Etsy products

Guess what? Descriptions aren’t actually a part of Etsy SEO. But they’re still hugely important (why else would we write a whole blog post about them)! Speaking of SEO…with Etsy’s shift toward personalized search results, it’s now more important than ever to keep a close eye on your Shop Stats. You need to do this in order to determine what keywords people are typing in to find you on Etsy. Even though descriptions aren’t a part of Etsy SEO, incorporating your best keywords into your descriptions will give the shopper a sense of continuity and…bonus, Google DOES pay attention to the keywords in your descriptions! What does this mean? More shoppers finding your listings. Remember, keywords and search terms are constantly changing which means you have to as well. Stay on top of your shop stats and watch what’s trending. It’s all about experimenting to find what will work best for you.

What are some of your top tips when writing your Etsy product descriptions? Be sure and let us know in the comments!

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I recently opened my new Etsy shop and have very little traffic even after using Marmalead. I realize there’s a lot of competition out there for what I am selling but I simply am not getting any clicks. When I do a search I can’t even find my items and I am aware of my tags! Do you have any staff that call customers directly to see if they can help figure out what’s missing?

I paid $1 per day for Etsy to advertise. I plan to do this for 30 days & reevaluate my stats. So far the traffic has increased a lot and my sales have doubled. I too am néw.

That’s awesome, Teresa! We’re so happy to hear that and look forward to hearing how you grow! Thank you for commenting and reading🍊

Thanks for the tips! I agree with all of the above. I find that thinking like my customer really helps! I like to keep “features and benefits” in mind when writing descriptions so that customers can see why they should buy your product. I also think using bullet points when possible helps keep listings concise and visually helps the customer quickly see product features.

About that necklace: 16″ on a small, petite woman and 16″ on a large woman are.two very different things. Although I’m going to start using a mannequin, it still won’t be an accurate depiction for many people. How do you propose dealing with that?

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