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Etsy SEO vs. Amazon SEO – How To WIN

Confused about Amazon SEO? Curious about how it’s different from Google or Etsy SEO? Today on the Jam, Dalia Abdalla joins us to share five Amazon SEO tips that work every time. Stick around!

Our regular guest

Today, we have Dalia Abdalla from The Handmade Mastermind and the creator of the Mastering Amazon course, joining us! And we’ve got another fun topic today about Amazon. These are five Amazon SEO tricks that work every time. Everyone loves tricks, hacks, and tips! So give us the juice, Dalia! What do you have for us today?

Amazon SEO Trick No. 1 – Brainstorming

Dalia: SEO is obviously a big topic on your channel! So the first trick should be no stranger to your audience. It’s the first trick for a very good reason. The first trick is brainstorming. I want to break this down so people understand what that means. 

It’s not, “Oh, I sell a personalized phone case. So what do people search for? Maybe it’s ‘personalized phone case?’ Or maybe it’s the color?” That’s the simple stuff – think about how a normal person would search for your product in Amazon search. But you also need to think about how people would use your product. The features of that product that people may search for. The materials that you use. And so on!

A red flag

Red flag sticking up

I’ve heard sellers say, “Oh, I’m stuck, I can’t think of any more words.” When I hear that it’s a red flag. No offense to them, but to me, that’s never a legitimate excuse.

Even if you’re a niche product, there are ways to describe your product for a ton of different types of uses.

Back to brainstorming

Amazon SEO - brainstorming keywords

Dalia: When it comes to Amazon SEO, Brainstorming is important in helping set up the foundation for your product types. If you sell many different things (more often than not) you’re not selling one precise product. And sellers usually have multiple, varying types of products. Brainstorming is important because you need to be able to give each of those listings multiple different keywords. 

If you only had a limited amount of products and you’re applying the exact same keywords to each listing, you’re not going to broaden your reach. And if you’re doing it right, it will work. Even with niche markets, there are ways to find more keywords than you think. 

The most important step

Arguably, finding keywords is the most important step, because you can’t do the other steps without keywords. If you don’t have a bunch of keywords over here, then you can’t analyze anything over there and decide what is a good fit. You have to have something to put in the machine for something to come out. That’s how we’ve always looked at it with Etsy and Marmalead.

How important are keywords for Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO - a wall of tons of keywords

So Dalia, are you saying keywords are just as important on Amazon as they are on Etsy? 

Dalia: Absolutely. SEO is my life! I could do it when I sleep, I think about it all the time. It’s the most important step. If you haven’t gotten this from me saying it over and over yet, let me say it again: guys, it’s SO important. Do it right. I want to emphasize this again because I don’t want people to brush over it. 

You need to be absolutely bombarded with keywords. And in my course, I help you organize them and find the right ones, etc. And hopefully, you have multiple products within that market that you could mix and match. You need to have enough that you feel like “man, what am I going to do with all these keywords?” Then, you pick the best ones. This is the spot you want to be in.   

Amazon SEO Trick No. 2 – Titles

Dalia: The second trick is applying your keywords to your titles. Your Marmalead audience is no stranger to that. We apply it to the titles and tags on Etsy. On Amazon, it’s a little different. You put the most important keyword phrases in the title. You do this for a few reasons. First, through my testing, I have found that the title is more important real estate than the back end. 

The most important keyword phrases go there and having said that, you have to keep them in phrases. You’re not just putting a whole bunch of words. This is for the customer and even for search.

When I look for a phone case, I’m looking for black, I don’t want any colors. So for me, that’s important information. Of course, by the photo, I should be able to see that it’s black. But nonetheless, what people search for is going to be important. You tend to know what’s important to your customer if you don’t already because you receive convos about it. Pay attention to the messages you get. These Etsy convos will translate well on Amazon. 

What’s important to your customer and what are the most important keyword phrases that they search for? 

Amazon SEO Trick No. 3 – Style Keywords

Amazon SEO screenshot of Google 'byte counter'

Dalia: Now, number three is applying SEO to your style keywords and search charts. Again, that’s like tags. It’s the back end. So for the style keywords, you apply 249 bytes. Bytes are similar to characters, but not quite. Type in ‘byte counter’ in Google and you’ll find an easy one online. Then, you copy and paste everything in there. It’ll tell you how many bytes there are: it has to be 249 or below. 

When I say below, I don’t mean, “Oh, I can’t think of anything below and I’m going to leave it at 200.” No, I mean just a few off because you can’t put an extra word in there. Like I mentioned in the first trick, you should not be short of keywords when it comes to Amazon SEO. The backend is really important. You have a lot of real estate back there and you need to make sure you’re utilizing all of it. 

Amazon SEO Trick No. 4 – Don’t Repeat Words

Dalia: My fourth trick is don’t repeat your words. This is a hard one for people to do. Naturally, we want to put things in phrases. ‘Personalized phone case,’ ‘black phone case,’ that’s how we usually think. When it comes to your title, this is absolutely ok! In the back end though, you should not have any repeating words. Meaning if you already have it in your title (which is all the main words for this type of product) you don’t need to put it in your backend.

Maximization is key

Dalia: It’s really all about maximizing the number of words that you can use on your listing. Amazon SEO is similar to Etsy SEO, but in different ways. Amazon doesn’t need the thing you’re trying to target to be an exact phrase in your backend. They can mix and match easily. Again, there is a lot more to the algorithm than I could explain in this episode, but just use a duplicate word remover because your eyes may not be able to see all the duplicate words. 

The other nice thing about doing this too is it condenses the words that you have and frees up more space for you to include a larger variety of keywords too. For every word or two or three that you’re adding, you could have gotten found that much more.

Keep this in mind

woman using laptop

This is something that Etsy sellers should keep in mind too: when you’re adding an additional keyword to your listing like that, it’s not like you’re targeting just that one additional keyword and getting the search and engagement that comes along with it. Both Etsy and Amazon are combining that keyword with the other ones on your listings. So there are hundreds of combinations that could be out there.  
And like Dalia’s chair example (in our previous Jam episode), maybe someone puts ‘small office’ as a tag, and because they did that and you searched for ‘small office chair’ or ‘small office desk’ that string now made you find that listing. Just by having that one additional little keyword on there can open up a whole world of more search terms to you that you can show up for.

Amazon SEO Trick No. 5 – Ad Campaigns

Dalia: The last Amazon trick is ad campaigns, but ad campaigns targeting those keyword phrases. So, let’s say I sell this personalized phone case and I want to target ‘personalized phone case black’. Now you’re paying to get seen and what’s great is that you can see the impressions. Obviously, the keyword phrases that are more popular, you might have to be a little bit higher to get found. For those of you who are looking at this last trick and go, “So, I will just pay to get found,” and of course a sale will snowball so eventually you’ll get found on search organically.

Starting out

Dalia: The way to start out with ads if you are like, “Oh, I’m on a budget, I don’t want to spend money carelessly,” I would recommend to people when they do this, to grab a product of theirs and make sure it has reviews already. Because when you have a product that has reviews, naturally the conversion rate will be higher. It doesn’t mean that when you are first on Amazon, you won’t sell because you have no reviews. We all started out with no reviews. If you’re going to pay for someone to click on your listing though, it better be an awesome listing that has reviews and it better be ready to convert.

Keep relevancy in mind

Amazon SEO - relevant keywords for holidays

Dalia: I like to pick products that are relevant for that certain period. For example, Mother’s Day just passed by, and so during that time of shopping for Mother’s Day, let’s say you have a Mother’s Day card that’s only specifically for Mother’s Day, right? So you could run ads for that card during that shopping time. You get a higher chance of having your products sell during these high-volume times (like during big holidays). I run ads all throughout the year.  

But if you’re trying to get your feet wet, these tips may help you, so you could be a little bit easier on your wallet when you’re spending for ad campaigns. Pick the right keyword phrases to target (again, you could actually target phrases on Amazon ads) and pick the products that have the highest chance of succeeding, meaning you get a sale.  

Our question

Dalia, you mentioned your course on our podcast before and our listeners are loving it! Is there more in-depth training that goes into doing SEO properly than we just talked about?

Saving your time and going in-depth

Dalia: To be honest, there absolutely is! I mean, you guys know that there is always more you can learn about SEO on Etsy. And just like Etsy SEO, there is always more in-depth training you can do with Amazon SEO as well. I think what I went over today will help the beginner, but if you’re listening to this and you’re like, “that’s great Dalia, but I’m gonna need this step-by-step. I need you to walk me through it. I need the whole thing in-depth,” then the course is really the right way to go. You’ll save yourself tons of time (tons of wasted time) unless you were somehow born knowing the ins and outs of SEO. It’s best that you use a tool, a guide that will help you and my course is exactly that.

It goes into much more than SEO. Just to be clear, it is an all-encompassing course. People often just want the SEO part. Don’t make that mistake. A lot of things go into having a successful Amazon shop and successful Amazon listings. 

SEO is a major piece of that, but there are other important pieces as well, just like on Etsy. It could be as simple as what we went over today, but unfortunately, you’re not the only one selling on Amazon (especially for your product type) and if you need to really step up your game, this course will help you do that. 

Final thoughts

Those are some awesome tips, Dalia! So for people who are looking for a leg up as they get into Amazon and they want some tips for how to handle their SEO over there (people that have been on Amazon for a while and they’re feeling like I could be doing better) these are five really solid tips to whet their appetite with. If you try them and like them and if they work for you or if you want more, check out Dalia’s course. She’s got even more details over there like she just ran through today.  
We also did another Jam episode with Dalia about Amazon SEO that you can check out here! If you want to find you Dalia be sure to head over to her Facebook group and you can always find her at The Handmade Mastermind as well.  
Happy selling, everyone! 

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