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Find Great Etsy Keywords with Marmalead

In the olden days

A few years ago, we wrote an article about how to find great Etsy keywords with Marmalead. Since this article was written, things on Etsy have changed a lot (as we all know). And when Etsy changes, so does Marmalead. Marmalead has evolved in order to keep Etsy sellers as informed and up-to-date as possible. Part of that evolution was to create new tools based on cutting-edge data aimed at helping you rock the Etsy keyword research process. Pretty exciting stuff!

Breakin’ out the duster

Like I said, things are different. This is why we decided it was time to dust off our keyword article to include our newest info about finding Etsy keywords. It’s important that you understand this topic in order to pave the way to Etsy shop success.

A quick rundown

Maybe you’re a new Marmalead user! Maybe you’re a seasoned pro. Either way, we want to give you a fast rundown of our tools and how they’ll help you find great Etsy keywords. Buckle up and hold on tight!

An example

This Moonstone Ring is an example of a product that could be one of your listings. The first thing you’re going to do with this item is to brainstorm the possible keywords you want to use. But, maybe you’re having a major Etsy keyword brainstorming freeze! Don’t worry, we’ve got ya covered.

Etsy Keywords with Marmalead

P.S. Our example ring was provided by Delezhen! If you love it as much as we do, you can find this ring (and more) in her awesome shop!

The Storm ToolFind Etsy Keywords with the Storm Tool Marmalead

First things first: come up with a Seed Keyword. If you’re trying to find new keywords for your “moonstone ring” listing, you could start with the Seed Keyword “moonstone ring”. Type this Seed Keyword into the search bar and hit GO. Next, Storm will generate a list of keyword suggestions. (BONUS TIP: Some of these suggestions will feel unrelated to your Seed Keyword and some will feel very related. We have more info for you on this if you want to dive deeper.) If you like a keyword suggestion from the list, click the right-facing green arrow on a word and it’ll save it over to your bucket so you can come back to it later. Basically, you’re saying you like this word and wanna hang onto it. But if you click the red X, the word will be removed from the list…cause you didn’t like it and didn’t think it applied to your Seed Keyword. Remember, Storm will just keep on giving you suggestions until your bucket is full of potential Etsy keywords!

Keep clicking either the green arrow or red X and Storm will learn from you. It will begin to understand which words apply to your Seed Keyword and which words don’t. The Storm Tool also gives you those handy Marmameters so right up front you have indicators of search volume, engagement, and competition for each potential keyword.

So you’ve done your Storm and you’ve chosen the keywords Moonstone Ring, Minimalist Ring, Moonstone, and 3rd Anniversary Gift. What now?

The Comparison Tool

comparison tool results Marmalead

So you’ve found several keywords you want to learn more about? Now you move over to your Comparison Tool. Type the keywords into the search bars at the top of each column. Click the magnifying glass and wait for your results to generate. Comparison generates real-time Marmameter results for each keyword. (Remember: Marmameter results are always long tail, search volume, engagement, and competition.) The Comparison Tool will also give you a breakdown of pricing, percent free shipping, and the top tags on listings targeting the keywords you searched. Is there anything else you should know about this? Sure! Jump over to our knowledgebase and learn more:) 

Based on your results in the Comparison tool, you decide to move ahead with Moonstone Ring, Minimalist Ring, and 3rd Anniversary Gift. But you’d like to dive a little deeper and get a really clear picture of the data for each keyword.

Keyword Search Tool

Etsy SEO 2018 Changes

Now onto search! First Storm helps you brainstorm great Etsy keywords. Then you narrow down your Storm keyword results using the Comparison tool, and then you come to Search where you take a deep dive into each of your keywords. Search offers you real-time MarmaMeter results on each keyword, a seasonality and forecasting chart, and a filter bar to help you dig deeper into your niche. It also offers you pricing information, percent free shipping, similar keyword ideas, a Pricing Chart, a Sample Listings table, the Popular Tags Table, and the Tag Cloud. You can learn more about each of these awesome tools by clicking on the above links!

Each of these tools within Marmalead is designed to help you build up Etsy keywords that you can then use for your listing. Oh, and one more Pro Tip: For higher relevancy in search, remember to match your best keywords exactly in your tags and to use as many long tail tags as possible.

Final thoughts

Something important to remember is that Marmalead is a set of tools. Think of it like this: If you go to a hardware store and buy an ax, take it home and set it down next to a pile of wood, no matter how long you wait, that ax will never chop the wood by itself. It’s an impossibility. But in a determined set of hands, the ax can chop all the wood in the pile! Marmalead’s tools are like that ax.  The tools we offer cannot magically fix all of your Etsy keywords and SEO without your hard work and determination. However, in the hands of a determined Etsy shop owner, Marmalead’s tools can help you reach your Etsy SEO and Etsy keyword goals!

This is what we strive to give you: the very BEST Etsy SEO tools that get your shop found with real shopper keywords.

Happy selling, everyone!

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I thought in another blog post it was said not to use separators such as commas or |. Has it changed since then? Are you guys still recommending using spaces as separators?

Hi Alexa, thanks for reaching out! So in terms of delimiters, you get to choose what you think is best. There was a blog post we wrote that notes you’ll potentially have a higher chance of accidental keyword matches in search if you only use spaces. But in this particular case, you get to choose what feels right for you. If you think titles with only spaces is distracting to a shopper and you determine that having a title be less distracting is more important than potential accidental keyword matches, that’s totally up to you! Hope that helps.

Hello, is there a tool to look up what people are searching related to my product? I make planners and I want to know what people are looking for so I can make more of what they want. Thank you

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