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How to GET MORE SALES on Etsy FAST: LESSON 2 – SEO & Attributes

We’ve got an awesome free five-part mini-series happening over the next few days and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Our friend Dave from AddToCart and WoodlandZen has so much wisdom and helpful info when it comes to selling on Etsy and he is about to hit you with some of that awesomeness! We’ve had Dave on The Jam before and held a webinar with him about maximizing Etsy ads. So hang on, because you’re about to find even MORE Etsy shop success with Dave and the Marmalead team is stoked to be part of it!

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A. SEO, and lack of variety.

In this section, I want to challenge you to think outside the box. Because there is a whole group of people – multiple groups of people actually, that will definitely buy your product. The biggest problem is that you aren’t putting anything in front of them. So you will never know and never sell to them if you do not implement what I’d like to teach you next.

How to stimulate sales by growing your box:

Think outside the box when it comes to your SEO and branching outwards. Actually, let’s GROW your box, by creating new groups of keywords and niches you should and can sell to. If you could be selling at a craft fair, music festival, and a farmers market all at once (without going insane of course) you would right? It’s the same concept but in the digital world. Another way to think about this is the expression “you don’t know until you ask.” In this lesson, I’m showing you how to ask, but on Etsy. “Ask and you shall receive.” Right? Okay, I’m done with the analogies.

Step 1:

Identify all your best sellers. If your shop has taken a dive since it’s last glory days, then choose the old bestsellers. If your shop has never seen any glory days, use your intuition based on what you know about your products to choose the best offerings.

Step 2:

Make a few duplicates of these bestsellers, and use brand new SEO on them. This is how you are going to reach out to new audiences. If you do not yet have Marmalead, now is the time to get it! Make sure to use a new thumbnail image like we talked about in the last section to test click through rates.

Step 3:

With both your old and new test listings, go through them all and analyze the statistics! Too many people do not do this. If it is a listing doing well, take note of what keywords are bringing in the most traffic and add them to a keyword list in Marmalead, or just write them down, knowing that they can do well for you in the future.

These can be your new audiences and niches to sell to potentially, these are the keyword groups that grow your box. If it’s a listing doing poorly, then take note of all the same things, but steer clear of the keywords that brought in any traffic, if any at all. These are the keywords that may not fit in your new and growing box 🙂

B. Attributes & Categories.

This is an undervalued way to expand your audience, your box, your reach, or however you’d like to look at it. I always say that Etsy’s market place is a big river of money, and the more nets and areas you have those nets dipped in, the more money and opportunity you will have. So with nets being listings and variants of SEO on those listings, your Attributes are the areas of the river you’re choosing to dip into.

To be more literal here, the more categories that your products can be listed in, the better. I’m not talking about choosing random categories and spamming them with unrelated items, please don’t do that. I’m talking about areas of which your product could absolutely be sold in.

For example, I sold my gemstone bracelets in of course the beaded bracelet category, but whenever I combined my part A strategy of this lesson with this strategy of listing in a new category, the product sold very well. What I did in once instance was to use new SEO on a bracelet to deem it a “Meditation Bracelet”, then listed it in the Home & Living > Spirituality & Religion > MEDITATION category. This listing always outsold my “Meditation Bracelets” in the beaded bracelet categories.

Step 1: Browse through all the categories on Etsy.

Step 2: If ANY of your products could be sold in a category you’re not already listing in, combine the part A strategy of this lesson with the part B strategy here.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading! Remember if you have not already, grab the free course eBook here. Also, if you enjoy this content and would like to join the Slow Sales Solutions Program, or any of my Etsy success programs, use code MARMA40 for 40% off at any time. View Courses Here. 

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