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How to GET MORE SALES on Etsy FAST: LESSON 3 – Upsells & Coupons

We’ve got an awesome free five-part mini-series happening over the next few days and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Our friend Dave from AddToCart and WoodlandZen has so much wisdom and helpful info when it comes to selling on Etsy and he is about to hit you with some of that awesomeness! We’ve had Dave on The Jam before and held a webinar with him about maximizing Etsy ads. So hang on, because you’re about to find even MORE Etsy shop success with Dave and the Marmalead team is stoked to be part of it!

Welcome, everyone! Thank you for reading and following along in this Etsy lesson series. With this course, you can increase your Etsy sales, and grow your shop to the level of income you deserve! To follow along properly, get the free eBook/course, and receive my emails with additional helpful content on each lesson please click here. This free lesson series/course is made to go in conjunction with my Slow Sales Solutions Program, which has already helped hundreds of Etsy sellers become the best they can be! Please consider joining if you find this content helpful. 

Upsells & Coupons

You’d be surprised how many Etsy sellers aren’t utilizing all the free remarketing functions they give us. While it’s nothing compared to having a standalone and an email list, Etsy does give you some functions here. Before they were charging .10 cents per email on some of the functions! I believe they ended that charge in an attempt to be competitive with the functionalities of other platforms. Either way, you need to have every single one of these setup.

Abandoned Cart Coupons:

Go to Marketing > Sales and Coupons to find this function. You need to have something appealing like 15 to 25% off to get those who abandoned the checkout process to come back and convert into a sale. The higher you can swing, the higher the likelihood of them finishing their purchase. With this tactic it’s not about how much money you’re squeezing out of each sale. It’s about generating a higher volume of sales overall that you would not have had otherwise.

Favorited Coupon Emails:

Again, go to Marketing > Sales and Coupons to find this function. The folks who favorite your items send your products to a big wish list. That’s all it really is. While I don’t know the real numbers here, nor is Etsy every going to reveal this to us (maybe in an investors earnings call they will), I would be willing to bet only about 5 to 10% tops of the items in users Favorites List becomes an actual sale. The reason they favorite in the first place is because they don’t want to buy it right there and then. For a plethora of reasons. So it’s your job to use the function Etsy gives to you to remarket to them and turn them into paying customers!

Thank You Coupons:

This one is an obvious one. Again, go to Marketing > Sales and Coupons to find this function. This function allows you to send a thank you coupon after their order has been placed and arrives. If you have your ducks in a row, they will like your product. If they receive an email to purchase again with a discount, some of them will. This will in turn increase your monthly income on Etsy.

Make sure that function is enabled, along with sending a thank you coupon in the package. This increases the chances of a repurchase with your shop.

Structuring Upsells on Etsy:

This strategy is not often practiced or considered period by Etsy sellers, but it’s hands down the most powerful. That is structuring each automatic discount you have in your shop to encourage multi item purchases. Here’s an easy example.

15% Off 2 or more items.
20% off 3 or more items.
25% Off orders 150+

This will generate larger orders for you in no time. The best part about this is that in the checkout process, Etsy prompts the customer towards the next discount. “Spend 20 dollars more to get 25% Off from xxx”. And so forth. Many sellers don’t think about this, but it has such a massive effect on your average order value. This is just another way of many to increase your sales on Etsy.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading! Remember if you have not already, grab the free course eBook here. Also, if you enjoy this content and would like to join the Slow Sales Solutions Program, or any of my Etsy success programs, use code MARMA40 for 40% off at any time. View Courses Here. 

9 replies on “How to GET MORE SALES on Etsy FAST: LESSON 3 – Upsells & Coupons”

I have used just about every Etsy discount named except for this “Structuring Upsells” Nowhere have i ever seen this anywhere in my Marketing “Sales and Coupons” so how do i set that up and won’t it just conflict with already active targeted campaigns?

Hey David! It’s not going to be labeled like that in Etsy’s dashboard. It’s how I am calling it 🙂 Just set up a normal 10% off, 2 or more item 15% off, then a 20% off 3 or more item sale individually. Then Etsy will prompt buyers to buy more as they get closer to each threshold within their cart at the top of the screen. This encourages upsells if they are set up in your shop like this.

Thank you!
– Dave

though I have had items favorited, almost no coupon emails are sent by Etsy to those customers. When I asked Etsy about it, they essentially indicated that there were reasons but they couldn’t tell me because of customer confidentiality. Anyone able to help me understand?

Hey Deborah! It’s likely for a few reasons. I don’t know 100% but these are my educated guesses: 1. Users are not opted in to the Etsy marketing emails, or have opted out before. 2. Etsy started to see a huge drop in open rates because of all the emails going out from them and email providers labeling them as spam. 3. They only send them out for you if you are ranking high in search, preforming well, and have a high conversion rate, essentially prioritizing what products they are sending emails for, because of the previous reason I predicted.

Hi Dave, I purchased your course about six weeks ago and am now going through it a second time. Great course! I have tried to contact you about five times via both the ‘contact’ button on the course and direct email. I have had no response. Are you available for questions for course attendees and if so, how is the best way to contact you?

One question I have is how much extra are you suppost to add on to the cost of your item in order to cover all of these discounts, never mind free shipping because someone has to pay for them.
Sales and discounts are all very well and fine for mass produced items or dropshipping where the unit cost is low and the markup high which isn’t the case for “real handmade”. There’s no point in having loads of sales if there’s no profit from them.
Even Etsy will tell you not to be offering sales and discounts if you can’t afford to be doing so, it’s in one of their help guides.

Thank you

I tried setting up the structured upsells, but unfortunately it doesn’t work as stated.

I tested out 15% on 2 or more items / 20% on 3 or more items / and 25% off $130 spend or more.

What the customer ends up seeing in the cart is something along the lines of “spend XXX to get 25% off”, I tested it again with15% off on $75 and it still showed up instead of the order quantity discount at the same percentage. It seems that order total discounts take precedence in the cart.

When I removed the order total coupon only the lower order quantity discount showed up in my cart. I could still activate the 3 or more items coupon, but Etsy never upsells it to you in the cart. Instead only congratulating you on the lower quantity discount – even though the higher quantity discount does take over and is shown below the ‘apply coupon code’ input.

I believe you can still use this tactic, but you’ll have to market it to your customers yourself using your store banner, listing images, and description for maximum coverage.

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