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How to GET MORE SALES on Etsy FAST: LESSON 5 – Clean Your Junk

We’ve got an awesome free five-part mini-series happening over the next few days and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Our friend Dave from AddToCart and WoodlandZen has so much wisdom and helpful info when it comes to selling on Etsy and he is about to hit you with some of that awesomeness! We’ve had Dave on The Jam before and held a webinar with him about maximizing Etsy ads. So hang on, because you’re about to find even MORE Etsy shop success with Dave and the Marmalead team is stoked to be part of it!

Welcome, everyone! Thank you for reading and following along in this Etsy lesson series. With this course, you can increase your Etsy sales, and grow your shop to the level of income you deserve! To follow along properly, get the free eBook/course, and receive my emails with additional helpful content on each lesson please click here. This free lesson series/course is made to go in conjunction with my Slow Sales Solutions Program, which has already helped hundreds of Etsy sellers become the best they can be! Please consider joining if you find this content helpful. 

Cleaning Out The Cobwebs

Etsy now allows you to view your shop’s overall conversion rate. This is awesome because it can give you a clear indicator that you either are doing a great job, or you need to get your stuff together! How do you think it’s calculated? Each listing’s conversion rate combined to create an average. Obviously.

The next question is who do you think will get top ranking in search results on Etsy and your whole goal is to make money? Shops with higher conversion rates. How do we raise our shop’s overall conversion rate? We clean our junk or what I love to call them, digital cobwebs.

Remove The Junk Listings

So the whole idea here is to remove the listings with no sales or slow sales in the past month or two. The biggest offenders I see in this category are shops that have been around forever, and wondering why their sales have hit the floor. Being an Etsy vet doesn’t grant you unlimited access to all the customers 24/7. If it did I wouldn’t have learned all of these strategies over these past years. So remove the junk listings!

This strategy requires careful planning and replacement. We dive in deep in my Slow Sales Solutions Program, and tackle every possible situation where you have too many digital cobwebs.

It’s More Than Just Your Shop

Another junk cleaning process I’d like you to undergo is a mental one. I see far too many sellers on Etsy destroying their mindset with negative, self-limiting beliefs. You CAN become successful on this platform. You CAN generate the income you deserve. But NO ONE EVER got rich from being negative, anti-Etsy, Debby downers. I’m sorry to break this news to you, but it’s the absolute truth. Sure, Etsy makes some changes that upset us, or force us to change our strategies, but so does life. So chances are if you have a gloomy outlook on your Etsy success, you do on life as well.

That is no way to become the best version of yourself. Write down a list of values you’d like the future you to have, then start living that life right now, today. Because your life literally depends on it. You can do it <3.


I hope you enjoyed this free course! Please consider joining my Slow Sales Solutions Program, or my Instagram Playbook Program if you want in depth instruction to become successful on Etsy and make more money quicker. Because you downloaded this course, and made it this far I’d like to congratulate you as well as offer you 40% off any or all of my programs.

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