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How to GET MORE SALES on Etsy FAST: LESSON 4 – Bringing in Sales from Outside

We’ve got an awesome free five-part mini-series happening over the next few days and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Our friend Dave from AddToCart and WoodlandZen has so much wisdom and helpful info when it comes to selling on Etsy and he is about to hit you with some of that awesomeness! We’ve had Dave on The Jam before and held a webinar with him about maximizing Etsy ads. So hang on, because you’re about to find even MORE Etsy shop success with Dave and the Marmalead team is stoked to be part of it!

Welcome, everyone! Thank you for reading and following along in this Etsy lesson series. With this course, you can increase your Etsy sales, and grow your shop to the level of income you deserve! To follow along properly, get the free eBook/course, and receive my emails with additional helpful content on each lesson please click here. This free lesson series/course is made to go in conjunction with my Slow Sales Solutions Program, which has already helped hundreds of Etsy sellers become the best they can be! Please consider joining if you find this content helpful. 


Ranking inside of Etsy’s airtight algorithm takes a variety of factors. One of them being sales. Although no one said you have to acquire all of these sales from inside of Etsy! Whether you are a new or an old shop, you should be driving traffic to your Etsy shop. You should be building an audience outside of Etsy for the day you decide to create a standalone, or if you already have one.

Driving sales into Etsy from outside of it helps you to rank inside of its search results. However, I personally believe a sale coming from a search inside Etsy has much more weight than a sale coming from outside it, but still has weight nonetheless.


The two platforms that have the highest organic reach right now are Pinterest and Instagram. TikTok if you are the creative type. While clickable links are not available yet inside bios, they will be eventually I’m sure. The potential reach on TikTok is an open sea right now, and it’s the next big platform.

If you don’t have all the time in the world, forget Facebook and never look back unless you already have a large and engaged following there. The days of Facebook fan pages generating 6 figures solely from their organic traffic are far and gone. That was around a decade ago when everyone was saying you don’t need a website, just have a Facebook page! How times have changed on the internet. And will continue to change.

Easiest Techniques to Bring Traffic from Social Media Platforms:

Obviously, there are the standard pieces of advice such as post every day, content is king, and so forth. But in this lesson, I want to give you a few actionable ideas to pick and choose from when you need a boost.


Work with influencers in your niche. Buy shoutouts from them in bulk and combine it with a sale. Buying shoutouts can be a lucrative tactic if you choose the right pages to work with. Choosing the right page will mean their audience is the same or extremely similar to yours. Put a great image, caption, and offer of your bestseller in front of them and watch your sales increase. I go over this tactic and many others in my Instagram Playbook program.


Try your hand at Pinterest ads. This ad platform is a beautiful combination of search result ads like Etsy Ads, mixed with the control over them like Google Ads. You can choose negative keywords, meaning keywords you DON’T want your ads to show for, as well as pick the exact search phrases you’d like to show for. Pick your cost per click’s bid amount as well!

If you don’t want to pay for Pinterest ads, try a scheduling app like Tailwind or Outfy. That way you can post plan once a week or so to save your precious time.

Either way, whether you pay for exposure or not you need to increase your activity on social media platforms to bring in sales to Etsy from outside. Furthermore, be building an email list to remarket to these customers in the future!

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading! Remember if you have not already, grab the free course eBook here. Also, if you enjoy this content and would like to join the Slow Sales Solutions Program, or any of my Etsy success programs, use code MARMA40 for 40% off at any time. View Courses Here. 

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